Another New Photo Of Kristen Stewart In ‘The Runaways’!

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Here’s a new photo of Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett in her new film The Runaways which opens nationwide in theaters today April 9th!!  Again, Happy Birthday to Kristen today!!

[Source: TheRunawaysMovieFB. Thanks Marie!]

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  • Snowy 05/09 Remember Rob!

    Awesome. I've seen really good reviews, and I couldn't be happier for her and Dakota!

  • callmeblond897_TeamRobsten

    Why thank you!!!!!

  • mAriE_Happy20thBdayKristen!!!

    Jaypat!!! thank you SO much for posting this! =')

    although i won't be able to see The Runaways *sniff* i'm pretty sure tons of people would see it and make tons of money and that's good enough for me because it'll be for Kristen's birthday. ^_^

    i really would if i could but til then…

    happy 20th effing birthday to my cherry bomb, Kristen Stewart!!! ^_^

  • immortalbeloved01

    I went saw it the first weekend in limited release. Totally awsome movie!! It's definitely a gety all your girlfriends together and go see a totally kick-ass movie with raunchy, SEX, DRUGS & ROCK-N-ROLL BABY!!!!

  • KT~TeamJawPorn~KristenforQueen

    Oh my Holy Kristen!! Just got home from seeing The Runaways, it was AMAZING!! Freaking AWESOME!! Kristen kicked ace!! And Dakota was just absolutely phenomenal! I was dancin and singin in my seat the whole time. It was fabulous!! I'm so glad it actually came to Wichita! Good job girls! You were both incredible!! =) =) =)

  • KT~TeamJawPorn~KristenforQueen

    I just now got back from it. It was awesome! I agree, it's not something you can recommend to just anyone. People would probably take offense to alot of stuff, but that made it all the more real and bad ace!! It was totally amazing!!

  • KT~TeamJawPorn~KristenforQueen

    Ugh! That kiss!! Totally not what I was expecting from the interviews with the girls. It was SMOKING HOT!!! My friend I went with kept looking at her boyfriend and whispering to me cause he was gawking at the screen but so was I!! =)

  • KT~TeamJawPorn~KristenforQueen

    I want to make a “The Runaways” t-shirt now, like her Sex Pistols one!! =)

  • The_Violet_Tiaras

    YEs, I just came back from seeing it too! *clicks like* (lol w/e that means)
    The movie was kinda boring to be honest, the only scenes that got my attention was Stewy in the bath tub… *sweat dripping down my face* WOW! Movie was flat with a Lot of awkward moments… BUT! Dakota totally owned Kristen in this one my friends!

    On another note, if Kristen really is in budapest (wherever that is!) than I am indeed Jealous! Lucky mountain man Rob :(

  • Riss<3Twilight

    I just about died because of this fcukhot woman.

  • lady danag (go see TR)

    dang kristen.

    ..i need to sleep now. been celebrating all day all night.

  • Hollywood2Brooklyn

    *claps hands*

    Happy to see you home

  • DarkBella'sBFF

    Wow, what a mullet. I could wear it better.

  • Sic – Stewy's20th:)

    No one wears the mullet better than StewJett.

  • jasperismydestiny

    OMG, found similar bracelets to those in Forever21!! Yay!!

  • Sic – StrawberryJam

    Aw, you didn't like it?

    It held my attention throughout the whole movie. And awkward moments, you mean editing wise or in the story line?

  • Sic – StrawberryJam

    She has that effect on me too.

  • C shell – Happy Bday Kristen!

    Just got back from seeing it again. UNFFFFFFF.

  • GottaLoveRob

    So cool how she made that freakin Sex Shirt in Runaways.. She made the spray paint look hot. Flesh and Sex. KStew up to no good. *Stares down Cherie at the local joint*

  • GottaLoveRob

    I found it hilarious!! I could not stop rolling over on my side on Dakota doing the Cherie of Bowie at the Talent Show. *chuckling still* I loved the scene when she goes into the Vintage shop looking for some gear. Then she pours out her plastic baggy and say I want what he has on. EPIC!!

    *sighs* If KStew is getting some over in that Budapest, she is dang lucky. I would love to hit me up on some of that delicious Rob. The Bel Ami photos is still in my mind. Lips. Plaid. Lips. Beanie. Lips. Buttonfly. LIPPPS.

  • CF Jettstew, Mofo's!


  • Team 99% Edward 1% Jacob :P

    Hahahah..I was wondering what she was liking lol

  • CC; Team Rob's Freckled Back

    I want her to beat my *ss :P

  • The_Violet_Tiaras

    If you notice closely, the scene where stewy is in the bath tub trying to come up with a song… The 1st thing she does is look straight into the camera, lol

    Her acting is good in the movie, I mean, we see a different side of her besides boring Bella, BUT we only skimmed the surface with her character while Dakota took us IN and made us FEEL because of her character's state of mind… Dakota is very talented whereas Kristen still needs to challenge herself-which is something you learn as an actor and something that takes many years of challenging roles. There were certain scenes when you felt like they were just “acting” (i.e. when Cherie' quits the band)

    Overall, I agree that the movie was funny at some points and it made me happy to see Kristen playing a more aggressive role.

    Didn't you get the impression that the movie had a very flat tone?

  • Sic – StrawberryJam

    I liked her looking into the camera in the tub, it's like she was looking into her soul for insperatoin while looking into ours.

    LOL, boring Bella… I don't see why people think she's boring. I personally think she is very complex and has a lot of sh*t on her plate to deal with. Kristen IS Bella while filming just like she WAS Joan during thoes few months. I agree that Dakota is a great actress and that both her and Kristen still have plenty of room to grow, however Kristen could not have been any better in this movie. If you didn't like her performance, or fell that it was 110% then that because of editing or because of Joans personality. She's one of thoes people who ever fully let you in.

    I guess we have very different views on this movie, I loved the scene where Cherie left. Not my favorite Dakota scene, but Kristen and Michael sure brought it.

    Flat? No, not ever. Very drug induced yet empowering, yes.

  • The_Violet_Tiaras

    Yes, we do have different opinions but all the more to love my friend :) I'm always watching movies from a filmmaker's point of view since I am an aspiring filmmaker myself, always analyzing all aspects of film (editing,direction,cinematography,acting, etc…)
    In the case of TR, The acting was good and true to each character's essence, the editing was mediocre, the screenplay failed to provide good dialogue between the actors-thus making it feel dull and 'too flat'. The wardrobe was spot on, the directing was good but I get the impression that the movie was very predictable, so if you like predictability then I'm sure you enjoyed this movie/story. I hope that Kristen (whom I love so much) really does look into her soul for inspiration because there is an inherent intensity that will one day blow me away and leave me wanting more… She's got the look, but I want more, I want to feel her in my gut, and stare into my soul, like you say :) This is only the beginning, we will see so much more from these very beautiful young actresses-you'll see!

  • SicLovesPlayingWithFire

    This is only the beginning, now that we can agree on :)

  • cosmogirl21 <3 my Twisters

    So I just saw The Runaways a couple hours ago… and I must say, WOW. It was amazing. Drugs, sex, and rock n roll! The way it was meant to be back then. LOVED it! Kristen was a goddess and it was an amazing performance. Dakota rocked it out. Just, wow. that's all I can say. It kicked a$$

  • belladonna101

    Is she really in Budapest right now? When did you here that? Were there any pictures?

  • belladonna101

    I effing loved the movie to. I saw it Monday scored some advance screening tickets. I loved everything you said and I thought Floria did a damn good job for it being her first movie as a filmmaker. Micheal Shannon did a great job as Kim course I loved him in Revolutionary Road. I was so proud of the girls but especially Kristen. she respected Joan enough to make it the best damn movie she could bring out which made me proud. I have been listening to The Runaways and Joan Jett since the late '70's and I have been waiting for yrs for this to come out. Some people think Kristen would have been a better Cherie cause she looks like her in the face but I don't think so. Kristen has that Rock and Roll attitude that came to life in this film and I think Dakota did a great job playing Cherie. She didn't have nearly the strength n toughness onstage as Cherie did/does but considering I think she did a good job. That kiss was so awesome. It was longer than I anticipated it to be and I loved how Kristen shotgunned her. I loved Scout for playing Lita. Even thought the real Lita didn't sale her rights(the crazy bitch) so she could be a bigger part she portrayed the bitchiness of Lita superbly. Well excuse me while I put on my smokey eyes and leather I'm goin out to rock this joint.

  • SicLovesPlayingWithFire

    I honestly loved every second of it. Everyone in the cast blew me away.

    I'm going to try to see it again tomorrow. I hope the numbers are better this time around although there were only a few people in the show I went to.

  • belladonna101

    Its not going to be a blockbuster movie. Although I wish it could be cause that would please Joan Jett and Cherie to no end but alot of people live in towns where theaters don't service it and that's going to be a problem. I also think that the mothers won't send their tweeney kids to see a movie like this either and that is a major part of the fanbase. Even I live in a stupid town that won't service it. I had to trek to Nashville the other day to see it.

  • Kez_MLIT

    ahhh sorry this is late!
    urrrm Ive read lots of things saying the end of next month?
    bascs I know its coming out but there isnt a specific date yet :)

  • DDB_DazzledByRob TeamElevator

    Someone told me that CF had said that Kristen was in Budapest. And I trust And since I am a Robsten believer, I don't doubt for a second that she is there right now, or that she was there for her bday.

  • belladonna101

    interesting!! I tend to believe that they are together to. Either they are boyfriend/girlfriend or f-buddies, but seeing how Kristen's a reltionship kinda girl I believe they are dating.

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