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  • Susi XOXO

    er, seriously joeeeeeeeeeeeeee, do something with your arms, they look dead to me…….probably better if it was jackson there, he’d know what to do with his arms!

  • AlteredbyaVampire

    Wow,why are the all important kissing pics always blurry……..

    but ewww Ash what’re ya doin…….”Jo Jo”…..

  • Monique Manitta

    This a crap!!! She needs to be with jackson! or anyone else but a “joe bro” :( im sad. but i know you need to support them. :(

  • vamped_in_manila

    I thought joe jonas is with demi levato?!!

  • Deeplydazzledx3

    I know !
    Or if his dad does it for him :/

  • Hemma87

    OMG u got over Demi Lovato in such a short amount of time..u jerk! U change girlfriends more often than u change clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Why this guys have to kiss every single girl in hollywood???????????? I mean, they aren’t that handsomes!… just why?? :-)

  • Samah_thelove

    no no way .. noway ..way .. noway .. way !

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