Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan

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Eclipse ashley greene 090110 3 Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan ashley greene Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) stopped to sign an autograph for a young fan in Clarkston, Michigan on September 1.  

Stepping out to support her man, Ashley Greene was spotted out at a Jonas Brothers gig in Clarkston, Michigan on Wednesday evening (September 1).

The “Twilight” hottie made time to greet a few young fans as she posed for pictures while enjoying an off day from shooting “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” in Detroit.

Ashley is such a sweetie and so pretty. 

She went to another Jonas Brothers concert?  She must be in love!   Kidding!  LOL!   Or Ashley and Joe could be very good friends.   Eclipse icon smile Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan ashley greene

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Eclipse ashley greene 090110 4 100x100 Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan ashley greene
Eclipse ashley greene 090110 3 100x100 Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan ashley greene
Eclipse ashley greene 090110 1 100x100 Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan ashley greene
Eclipse ashley greene 090110 2 100x100 Ashley Greene With A Fan In Michigan ashley greene

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  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    Fan.. stalker.. potato.. potato..

    That doesn’t translate very well to type.. you get the idea though! ;)

  • Anonymous

    You’ve been to 3 JoBro concerts?! I hate you! LOL And yep, younger Joe is cute. Now..don’t like his style much.

  • Anonymous

    Agree 100%!

  • Anonymous

    If she is dating Joe, at least she’s dating a guy who really do care about his relationship, as evidenced in his cry when he broke up with Camille (ignoring the whole TS thing here). Good on her, and yep, we should just step away. There’s a lot more weirder stuff out there than this *cough* Justin Bieber *cough*

  • Lynn

    Hardly a stalker. More like an…aquaintance you could say. And a big Twilight fan. The point is that none of you know anything about either of them for real. You have an opinion, yeah, you know what they say about those, don’t you? They’re like assholes, everybody has one. But since you know nothing about them, why must your opinion be negative? Every heard of innocent until proven guilty? Ashley knows Joe the PERSON, all you know is the Joe the gossip sites report on. So why criticize her for choosing him when he’s obviously very different than you think he is.

  • Lynn

    I think they’re done in Michigan. I heard something about a wrap party late last week, but Ashley didn’t go because she flew down to Virginia Beach to be with Joe. She’s been with him ever since, and they’re in Toronto now. I think they have a couple more locations to film in though before LOL is done.

  • Lynn

    This sucks. Here you all are, dissing Ashley for dating Joe, and his fans are all dissing Joe for dating Ashley. Of course, those are jealous fangirls who want Joe for themselves. But many of them say the same things…she’s using Joe, he’s too good for her, she will break his heart, she’s too old for him (I don’t get that one. They’re only 2 years apart), and she wants his money. Clearly, these two fandoms don’t seem to want to get along. I’m just glad that neither Ashley nor Joe give a crap what the fans think. They seem to be very happy together. I’ve heard that they’re getting pretty serious. Joe has always done better with woman a little older than him. You may all think he’s immature because you can’t get the Disney affiation out of your minds, but he’s really very mature in real life. They both have similar reputations as heart-breakers, when they are so different than that. They’re the same as everyone else…just looking for the right person. Maybe they’ve found it in each other, maybe not. But fans should be supportive and realize that the things you say can and do hurt people. Joe is used to having his girlfriends criticized and torn apart, but I doubt Ashley is used to that kind of ridicule. Neither of them deserve it.

  • newborneyes

    ashley honey please be carefull !!!! I´m afraid you are living his life instead of yours remember you have all the potencial to be ashley green not just the girl who dates a jonas you have a life don´t forget that????
    sorry just saying she has been doing a lot about him and not so much about her latetly

  • newborneyes

    oh that´s it!!!
    she wants to expand her fandom with the kids now so when they grow up they love twilight too hahhhahhahh

  • newborneyes

    you know i love your comment ´cause different from others you totally get what this site is for express your opinion defend them and not ofend anyone you go girl!! if you you like the JB its great as much as if i don´t is great we love twilight thats what matters!!!

  • SiempreCrepusculo

    On another note, I love seeing her with fans! She’s the best. :)

  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    That’s all fine and dandy if you’re an acquaintence of theirs, but if you want to stick up for them and anything negative said, then boy do you have to hound a lot of magazines, websites, and television shows. I don’t quite understand your logic about opinions. Yeah we all have them.. when did it become so wrong for us to express them? That’s the whole point of an opinion, and especially when it’s on a fansite, we should be able to say whatever we please. And I’m sure no one here is 3 years old, so the expression “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” doesn’t apply. At least not to me anyways. I’m 24 years old and I have a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sacramento. And I’m old enough to know that I can come on here and read the opinions of many diverse people, and form my own opinion without getting mad or defensive. Again, you can say whatever you want about them, that’s fine with me.. but I’m going to say whatever I want about them as well. I’m leaving this alone now, I don’t do internet arguments or bicker with people I don’t know. Just realize everyone has opinions, much like yourself, and people come on here to express them. From what I’ve seen so far the people on this site are amazing. I hope they keep on saying how they feel, because that’s what I’m going to do.

  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    Hahah that comment was amazing!

  • aq♥ec~Rob is sooo……UNF!

    Aww thanks your sweet!

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