Awesome Eclipse Movie Graduation Card From Hallmark!

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I was browsing my local Hallmark store over the weekend for a Father’s Day card.  I stumbled across an Eclipse movie Graduation card!  Thought I would take a picture and share it with our readers as I’m sure we have some High School, College, University, etc, Graduates coming up in the fandom!

I graduate from College on Wednesday …hopefully I get this card! LOL

Category: Eclipse Cast, Featured, Merchandise

  • Gretchen Vaughn

    Do you still have the card?  What’s the info on the back?  If you have the Hallmark catalog number people can get their Hallmark store to special order it.

  • -TeAm SeXy SmIrK-

    I graduated college in sunday and I got this card! it was exciting lol

  • I<3Headboards

    why the wolf pack?? lol i was just wonder – i guess i get it from the text but still lit weird lol

  • Anonymous

    This is cool!! Go wolves


    doesen the wolf pack have a girl? like a real member of the pack… just saying

  • MackenzeeMerritt

    team jacob and team edward! “im switzerland” <3

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