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  • KP1010

    lmao! Edwards trousers!

  • JadeeLovesEdward

    I don't mind Edward's sweat's really, there the kind you get in England.
    Baggy & chavy, but cute on Edward

  • MrsKiGordonMeraz

    Ooh sexy Rob! i like the pants, yall trippin!

  • http://twitter.com/golden_grahams Tiera Graham

    i like Edward's baggy sweats. i noticed this in the movie… looks like he should be on the couch on a saturday night eating ice cream and watching golden girl reruns.

  • kerbear585

    love rob in sweats <3

  • YummyRobwardowski

    ROTFLMAO!!! I had no idea Edward was into Golden Girls!! LOL! :D

    You'd think after 100+ years he could find something better to watch. hahahaha!! :D Hence the tortured look. Got it. :D

  • KP1010

    Yeah i agree he can definitely get away with them!

  • Twifan7136

    i like rosalies hair much better in this film compared to new moon.

  • Alex07

    did anyone ever notice that the cullens just wear blue clothe?
    we never had see them in vivid colors like red, yellow..etc

  • http://twitter.com/golden_grahams Tiera Graham

    golden girls is awesome. Edward knows where it's at. :)

  • dirtyCrime^_^<Kwop kilawtley>

    totally agree.IDK why you guys don't like Rose's pants.They ROCK,and they are stylish.What do you want?A dress?High heels???

  • MrsKiGordonMeraz

    He looks extra sexy! Especially in that tight shirt. I was checkin him out today at the movies ; ) lol

  • kerbear585

    i know right. yummmm!

  • chloe25

    I totally agree with you!! Her pants are so awesome! I want a pair myself and they look so comfortable.

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