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Eclipse 00817 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard

Bryce Dallas Howard (aka Victoria) was interviewed by LIFE recently. 

‘ECLIPSE’ EXCLUSIVE: Geting to Know Bryce Dallas Howard

Don’t let her serene energy and stunning looks fool you — Bryce Dallas Howard knows how to go for the jugular. “I had to get in touch with my animal instincts,” says the 29-year-old actress about taking over the pivotal role of Victoria, the villainous vampire out for heroine Bella’s blood in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. “At one point, I was actually working out in my head, ‘How would you physically suck blood from someone’s neck? Would you take a breath first? Would you open up your throat to drink?’” Before heading to the theater on June 30 to see exactly how Victoria goes about hunting her prey this time, get to know the actress who brings her to life. Here, Howard — photographed exclusively for LIFE by editor-at-large Jeff Vespa — opens up about stepping into the high-profile franchise, branching out into other aspects of Hollywood (just like her famous dad, Ron), and becoming very good at playing bad.

A Fan of the Books

Replacing actress Rachelle Lefevre, who had portrayed Victoria in the first movie and in its 2009 sequel, New Moon, but was let go over scheduling conflicts, Howard had just one week to prepare before filming on Eclipse began. So it’s a good thing she was already quite familiar with the Stephenie Meyer novels that sparked the phenomenon. Reading the Twilight books before the first film, Howard tells LIFE, “I felt as if I had discovered an incredible world of characters that felt so personal and so real to me…. But I have to say, the experience of going from being a true fan of a series and reading all the books to actually getting to be a part of it has been pretty wild.” And how have the notoriously passionate Twilight devotees — so ardent they call themselves “Twihards” — adjusted to the casting switch? “The fans that I have met have all been lovely, welcoming, and supportive. They have held the same passion for this series as I do,” says Howard, whorecently encountered a screaming mass of them at Eclipse‘s Los Angeles premiere.

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I thought Bryce was wonderful as Victoria in Eclipse.  Beautiful photos of Bryce.

[Source: LIFE]


Eclipse 00817 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00913 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00231 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00336 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00146 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00425 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00724 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard
Eclipse 00617 100x100 Bryce Dallas Howard Interview In LIFE bryce dallas howard



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  • jasperismydestiny

    First? Screwed up Victoria.

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    Definitely wasn't keen on Bryce as victoria, but the girl is gorgeous and I really like these photos esp the last ones. I'm loving her hair in the first ones too.

  • CF Meadow Me, Rob

    I loved Bryce as Victoria.

    *runs away* LOL

    The wig sucked and I do miss Rachelle, but Bryce did it justice.

  • TATIANA_OME – Team Charlie

    I can't really pin it down and put my finger on it but something was definitely off with the way Bryce portrayed Victoria. I'm not saying it was bad, I'm just saying it was off the mark and not what I was looking for. Seems like a nice girl though.

  • teamCharlieB=)

    Like i've already said so many times i feel its becoming redundant…I loved Bryce in Eclipse. Actually preferred her acting to Rachelle's. And she is sooo pretty. Lovely photos =)

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    THANK YOU! I loved Bryce. She had the baby voice that was described in the books, which I loved. Rachelle barely had two lines in the entire two movies she was in. This would have been her chance… Oh, well. Shiz happens.


    I loved her as VIctoria!!!….She had the porceline baby doll skin that I pictured VIctoria to have!!…oh and that baby voice too!!!

  • TD-Twihards4FierceEdward

    She's so lovely. I admit I was very disappointed when Rachelle was let go, but I think Bryce did an excellent job! She was quite ferocious (wig notwithstanding). I liked her portrayal and I thought the voice was much closer to what I had imagined in my head. She scared me….even with the wig…..or maybe moreso because of it. ;-)

  • EOTBh-As it should be

    I still havent seen Eclipse because of the switch. I am a part of 10000+ boycott of the film for the first ten days. I have heard many things like she isnt in it much and when she is its mostly negative reviews. She changed the voice which I heard is suppose to be like the book but she missed the mark its more of a whispering softness effect not shrilling childlike and some said its close to what Rachelle did in Twilight therefore no change to them. They all said she was out of place, bad acting and mannerisms and one of my friends even said she had to remind herself it was Victoria and she was completely forgettable unlike Rachelle who capture attention. I have heard mixed things about the rest of the movie…better acting, better CGI but story plot was off pacing and choppness was awful. I am on the fence about seeing it in theatres I may wait til the DVD.

  • Foxbite2

    I really didn't want to like Bryce as Victoria… but she did an awesome job!

  • tribecca

    I appreciate the fact that Bryce knew she had huge shoes to fill when she replaced Rachelle and I'm sure that she is a lovely person. However, she totally missed the mark as Victoria. It was the one factor that brought an otherwise excellent “Eclipse” down. IMHO – almost ruined the movie for me. Rachelle is the epitome of the character “Victoria”. I REALLY missed her. Summit, you really screwed up on this one.

  • TATIANA_OME – Team Robsten

    Why would there a boycott fo the film for the first 10 days?? Sounds silly…

    Hop off the fence onto our side and you'll be glad you caught it in the theatres…there's alot of talk out there (both + and – ) but all it is is talk, check it out and form your own opinion

  • "MY LOVE"-Robert/Edward

    She's very pretty woman.But i didn't like her as Victoria.
    She keeps saying that she's twihard,she likes Twilight books.But it's interesting for me why she didn't accepted the role of Victoria when she was offered in Twilight.I read in IMDB(trivia) that she turned it down because she found the role too small.So what happened now?

  • Christoval12

    she didnt accept the role in twilight cause she just gave birth to a baby

  • NO 3D for BD :)Rileward<3

    she is so gawjus ! :) love her and her hair color ! <3

  • Em

    yes, she is pretty, and good actress but for me – she is so not Victoria…And that awful pudel wig did not helped at all. Any way – I like Eclipse movie.

  • leahreallyitis

    LOL! seriously tho' I did'nt like her performance as Victoria she did not do it for me idk why she was not fierce enough and I give her performance a D+*runs and hides under a rock* now as for our STEWY and Filppy and Taydog they all did an amazing I loved Taylors performance in the sence where Bella tells him she will be turned after graduation and he just went balistic that was an amazing performance :-)

  • leahreallyitis

    well as I have said I did'nt like it she was'nt fierce enough *ducks undercover from rock throwing*she did try so thats good but not good enough oh well sue me LOL!!!

  • leahreallyitis

    yeah she is pretty

  • leahreallyitis

    yeah I agree I did not like her performance either I have said in my earlier that she just was not fierce enough now in NM when Rachelle did Victoria OH MY GOD so fierce!! even though she did'nt have any lines(well only in the deleted sences) but she did an AMAZING job!! I love her!!

  • NO 3D for BD :)Rileward<3

    no doubt !

  • EOTBh-As it should be

    Rachelle was cut because of the first ten days. We 10k plus are well informed by several reliable sources including fmr retired studio executive and a entertainment lawyer. I dont know if I want to see it or not to form an opinion honestly I am kinda of…well thats say I lost my passion for the movies. I love the books but the movies I have no desire anymore. It started last July and by November I was hanging on by a thread then by March/April —–flatline——. I always thought Twilight would be above nepotism but I guess I was wrong. Rachelle was wronged.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    No worries, hon. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. I was just upset when people were putting her down BEFORE seeing it.

  • EOTBh-As it should be

    She had a baby in early 2007. Twilight filmed in March 2008. She delined Twilight because the role was “too small” even though it was expanded from the book(a fan of the books would know this fact especially since Eclipse was just released in late 2007 the role is minor but important til Eclipse). Bryce accepted two replacement roles one in late Feb/early March AND one in May. Kinda sad when people can find that PR stories dont add up or were taken from someone else like Bryce's Note-it story- thats from an fan on CNN, FOX, andother networks back in 2008/2009.

  • leahreallyitis

    oh good! LOL and I think she is a good actress but she is was not right for Eclipse

  • leahreallyitis

    she was just not right for the part she was not fierce enough now when Rachelle did Victoria in NM she did'nt have any lines(except in the deleted sences)she was fierce and SO amazing! BDH gets a D+ and Rachelle gets a A+++++++++++++!!

  • leahreallyitis

    oh yeah! :-D

  • PhotoPrincess17

    “She had the baby voice that was described in the books, which I loved.”

    That's exactly what I said after watching the movie! I was reading the Eclipse Movie Companion and Stephenie said she had always pictured Bryce as Victoria. Bryce had to turn down when the role as Victoria, back when they casted for Twilight because she had just had a baby.

    However, I did love Rachelle and will always be curious as to what she may have put on the screen, had she been given the chance!

  • "MY LOVE"-Robert/Edward

    yeah Rachelle was perfect Victoria. As if SM portrayed Rachelle as Victoria in the books.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    I am so glad to hear from someone that gave Bryce a chance and liked her version. I love Rachelle, as well. She had the look down, but she never had the chance to speak that much and so I didn't really miss her while I was watching Eclipse. I am sure she would have been great, but it's over and done now. Victoria is “nothing” as Edward said. LOL

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Too late now, Leah… Victoria is dead. Over and out… LOL

  • Little A !! – SmileyStewy&Rob!


    I'm ROFL

  • Roxanne

    Bryce was perfect. She is a great actress and even her voice fit the character of Victoria better.

  • drunkster

    Bryce is really beautiful

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Well… it's true. LOL

  • Krys

    did anyone else notice the typo whorecently? Totally out of context, seeing as I actually like her, but with a dash between the e and the c, that could be something not so nice. :(

  • static22

    Great photo.
    Didn't convince me as Victoria.

  • static22

    Yeah.And why didn't they use her natural hair and had to put this awful wig on her??
    In Twilight Victoria had strawberry blonde hair,much different than NM's,so?
    Rachelle doesn't need lines or greet her teeth to show fierceness.
    Just her stare is deadly and terrifying and sexy and she just has it.She IS Victoria.

  • Sibella

    Ugh, Bryce was horrible as Victoria! I haven't seen her in anything before, so I can't comment on her acting skills as a whole, but in Eclipse she certainly did not convince me she has any skills.
    Rachelle was perfect as Victoria, very animalisitc, angry, fierce. Bryce did the character no justice, she had a nervous energy about her, seemed more timid than fierce – she just did not pull it off. I loved Eclipse the most, but the parts with Bryce pulled the movie down. Thankfully, she won't be back for the last movie.

    If replacing Rachelle was a necessity – I don't know the story as to why they did so – fine, but they could have replaced her with someone who could actually act!

  • Tqolad1

    I actually loved her as victoria. i would have liked to have seen rachelle's spin on the character in these scenes but then again i would have liked to have seen bryce's spin in the other two films. i adored the scene between her and riley when “rolling in on a burning tire” was playing- so hot!!! it made me laugh though when she was killed i know its sick but the way she looked on the floor just made me tickle! it annoyed me a bit how the vampires were actual stones and were like pottery when they were killed. the stone thing was meant to be a metaphor.

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