David Slade Tweets an Interesting Picture of a Fan’s Legs!

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Above is a picture that Eclipse director David Slade shared with all his followers on Twitter. The picture is of a fan named Sabrina Jones. Slade took the picture during a signing yesterday while promoting the Eclipse DVD/Blu ray release.

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  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    Wow! That’s reaaally cool.. dude.. all respect to this girl. It takes time!

    Beautifully done..and Slade, ofc.. beautiful picture as always!

    Oh, waaiit.. Am I first? :D Wiiiiiiie:D

  • http://www.twitter.com/crazyjulieta crazyjulieta

    that seriously ROCKS!! think I’ll be so lame and take this girls Idea and do it too… ;) btw David Slade is a fucking artist!

  • Casey

    She must have been so excited when David Slade asked if he could take a picture of her jeans. Usually people are taking pictures of him. lol

  • TeamEC1918

    I love these, I love all these dedicated twilight fans. I would so wear these if i weren’t 29yrs old and married lol

  • Anonymous

    WOW, this is interesting and such a creative girl to do this, it’s really cool!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraleComics?feature=mhum#p/f/5/rPmW58Bv7kg LegHitchThis

    Awesome pants! Very beautiful!
    Jeeze. Why couldn’t I think of that?!?! <3

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Oooooooo OOoooo laaaaaaa laaaaaa. Lovely, sexy legs mama.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Oooooooo OOoooo laaaaaaa laaaaaa. Lovely, sexy legs mama.

  • Burrellb

    What a FAN-tastic idea!!! ♥ Love the creativity

  • I<3waterfalls

    OMG I want thoughs jeans lol – that us an awesome idea – if they sold jeans like that i would so buy them lol

  • Anonymous

    i would read her jeans over and over again!

  • Anonymous

    WOW it’s awesome! this girl is genious ;)

  • Anonymous

    yeah, his pics are brillant <3

  • http://BreakingDawnMovie.org BreakingDawnMovie.org

    Adore this photo! The tear in the pants makes it magic.

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    WOW! I love it! this show how creative and dedicated twi-fans are! i wanna have one, honestly! :)

  • amanda_cullen

    Aw man! I wanna do that to my pants! This is beautiful!!

  • Stephanielouise1994

    I love these, there awesome, I would buy some if they were in shops <3 :)

  • vampwannabe

    gahh!!! i want a pair of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! friggen brilliant!!!

  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    I bet this girl is baaaaad asssssss! I hope she is anyways. Those pants are freakin awesome.

  • Sabrina Jones

    Wow I am completely shocked about the praise I am getting about these pants. Hello all you commentators. My name is Sabrina Jones. I am the one who designed/created/mutilated these pants. I was going to my first twilight convention in Anaheim and wanted to do something special. I do not know if I will design more pants or if I may move to shirts or shoes. I was shocked when David Slade and for a picture. i had never been to a signing and this was an unbelievable first. If any of you want to contact me just reply to this comment. I would be willing to design other pants if others were interested in sending me their pants. Thank you again for your kind words. Especially the one where I am considered a bad ass. Thank you Slade. i just found out I was tweeted about. i don’t even have a twitter account. haha

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