Eclipse Countown Calendar Wallpaper Desktop Background for June to Print Out

Eclipse eclipse calendar 560x416 Eclipse Countown Calendar Wallpaper Desktop Background for June to Print Out wallpaper eclipse poster eclipse calendar Here’s a wonderful free Eclipse desktop wallpaper background calendar for June you can download [1680px by 1250px], print out or change your desktop image, hang it on the fridge, and count down the days till Eclipse is officially released.

At the least, you can use it till you can get you hands on one of the official calendars!

Check out TwilightersAnonymous for various other screen resolutions!

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  • Nina

    Beautiful <3 I want to see more

  • teamhardwick

    Meh, this would make me too conscious of the amount of days that I still have to wait. I prefer counting them here with you guys, it's much more fun.

  • Fifty Stuffed Beavers (Patzy)

    I love it…
    All the Twi-lites are coming out buzzing around my desk counting down to Eclipse…Puhleeze! Unless you are camped out for midnight show while watching Twilight and New Moon on your phone then I have nothing to say to you! (lol)

  • mAriE_kiss Stewy's @ss haters!

    ooooh… COOL! me likey! i would SO hang this in my room! thanks Will! ^_^

  • Randidoll~The Runways<3

    I already have the 30th all guzzied up to mark the date on my twilight calender…

  • Tatiana_OME

    I totally agree!!! If I had that to look at, I would just sit at work and sigh alot :)

  • mayra♥Robstendrivingmeinsane♥

    omog thanks./.. this is so cool.. what a great idea.. i'm so printing this and putting it on my roon or fridge jajajjaa

  • I'm Addicted. Get Over It.

    hmm.. that would be quite a bit of ink… LOL but I may print it anyways!

    For now, it will just be my background on my computer. hehe

    Thanks for posting this!

  • teamhardwick

    LOL…me too…and I'm kinda doing that a lot already…at work and at home!

  • vampwannabe *Team E&B*

    love it! printed it out and taped it on my wall! wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can you believe what month we are in!?????!!!

    THANKS WILL, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • IndiesR

    Yeah!!! It's my new desktop…now, trying to set as wallpaper on itouch. :D

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Wowza……. You are strict. LOL

  • Immortal–HungryFor EB&J

    I'm putting this everywhere! Room, kitchen, bathroom, mailbox! Lol my family is going to hate me even more for shoving Twilight in their faces! I cant help it I'm OBSESSED!!!

  • ashleyisagoddess

    This is beautiful. Whoever made this – Excellent!

  • ashleyisagoddess

    This is beautiful. Whoever made this – Excellent!

  • Twilighters Anonymous

    You can refresh the link again since we just added installation instructions on how to do it for blackberry, android, Ipod, and Iphones


  • LT~LeppyTento ;)

    “Helping addicts since 2006…….because we dont want a cure”


  • The Fan-pire

    I took the picture ,putted it in PAINT and everyday i will mark with an x so i can see how closer im gettin`to June 30th :D

  • Viktorija

    LOVE This!! :) Thanks whoever made this u did a beautiful job! Cant wait till Eclipse woo so excited!!!

  • Fifty Stuffed Beavers (Patzy)

    Just don't raise the twi-hard flag 2 weeks before the movie comes out. Doesn't count.

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    DUDE, we are in THE month!!

  • DDB_DazzledByRob TeamElevator

    Beee! *twirls B around*
    Can you believe it?! The marathon is impending! *squeeee* I ordered my Team Edward hoodie an hour ago. I'm all set. LOL

  • BLACKEYES :) Rileward<3

    omg ! this is exactly wut i need ! ahah i meade one for new moon and this eclipse one is gonna be soo amazing ! ;) YAY !

  • Diana

    This is a goldmine…Thank u soooooooooooo much…Already on my desktop

  • sahow

    What is Capt. Jack Sparrow doing in the background?

  • newborneyes

    I'm putting this on my cell phone to watch it every time i want even at midnight when i wake up to check if it is time to get up

  • Twilight~Today~Tomorrow~4ever

    That's a cool idea…smart thinkin'!!

  • Twilight~Today~Tomorrow~4ever

    I just read what you did and I printed and stuck on my corkboard over my desk!

    It's JUNE, I can't believe it either! I can still remember going into the theater on Nov. 20th to see NW. It's F'IN' BANANAS!

    Our Twilight Baby is growing up so fast…*teary eyed*

  • Twilight~Today~Tomorrow~4ever

    Did anyone else notice that Esme's eyes are shut? I didn't think Vamp's slept?? LOL

  • othersescape

    Is it just me, or does Edward's face and head look funny? Like they mirror image flipped it or something….it just doesn't look right….

  • vshort


  • LoveMeSomeVamps

    I totally just put this on my work computer. Love it! :-)

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    AAAAHHH! It's so soon I can almost taste it!
    Seriously, I have a mega craving for movie-theater pop corn right now hehe

    Are you on FB? :) I have a HOT MOVIE GUY ALARM. LMAO ;)

  • DDB_DazzledByRob TeamElevator

    I know! Eeeeek! I seriously can't wait! The impending premiere..tam tam taaaamm…LOL It'll be beyond awesome! Ok why did you have to go and mention popcorn to me?! You know I always get hungry around midnight..¬¬ But now that you've broached popcorn…I haven't had it in so long! Once I get that carton of popcorn in my hands…it'll dissipate, that's how much I crave it. LMAO
    Nope I'm not on fb, mayby I'll come online in a little bit. But I can't go to bed too late since I have to get up early, and I need to clean up my room. It needs to be immaculate so I won't have to clean it for a while. LOL I'm lazy like that:P

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    Because I went to the cinema today and I found it major blasphemy that there just wasn't popcorn! I went to see Sex and the City 2, by the way. I almost started screaming during the movie. In the middle of a scene, Carrie picks up a stack of magazines and then guess which one is the second one in the pile? ROB AND KRISTEN'S HARPERS BAZAAR COVER MAGAZINE!
    I think we both are capable of eating an entire popcorn carton all by our selves.. LOL
    Well, have fun tomorrow! :D I'm going to get some ZzZz.. I went to bed at 2 yesterday.. LOL
    Hmmm.. That never actually works for me.. The next day my room is already a mess again, I have this annoying quality that I throw stuff on the floor.. LOL

  • DDB_DazzledByRob TeamElevator

    Aw I really want to go see Sex and the City 2 as well. *pouts*
    NO F*CKING WAY! Now I need to see it ASAP. LOL But I'm not sure if I can sit through the movie if Carrie chooses Aiden :(
    Really? I have the uncanny tendency to throw stuff on my chair. LOL

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    It's really cool. It's different from the first one though :)
    YES, F*CKING WAY! I had to keep myself from screaming in that theater.. LOL
    When you came, I had spent the entire morning cleaning up. So all my “chair-clothes” were stuffed in my closet.. LOL

    Change of avi? I LOVE IT! :D

  • Pebblez2sexy

    i think this is a good idea.

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