Eclipse Official Score by Howard Shore is Now Available, Reviews & Feedback

Eclipse eclipse official score cover 560x557 Eclipse Official Score by Howard Shore is Now Available, Reviews & Feedback howard shore eclipse soundtrack eclipse score

The Official Score for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is now available! Have you listened to it yet?

To my ears, the Eclipse Score sounds more dynamic and mature than the scores for the previous movies in the Twilight Saga. There are some very lovely pieces such as “Bella’s Theme” and “First Kiss” alongside positively menacing tracks like “They’re Coming Here” and “The Battle”. It holds up well alongside Howard Shore’s other masterful works for movies like The Lord of the Rings and Eastern Promises. The Barnes & Noble review notes that

Most of the score is powerful, even muscular, suggesting that a lot more than broken hearts might be at stake in this film. Shore signals danger through echoing guitars and galloping drums, most strikingly on “Riley” and “Victoria” with the drama and dread befitting a vampire on the warpath…..The most restrained yet majestic Twilight music yet, Shore’s Eclipse score brings a surprising amount of dignity to this pop culture phenomenon.

If you’ve bought the Official Score, what are your thoughts? Does it meet your expectations? How do you think Shore’s work compares to the previous scores for Twilight by Carter Burwell and New Moon by Alexandre Desplat?

You can now listen to samples of each track at iTunes, who are offering a Bonus Track version for $11.99. Amazon also has the CD for $12.99 or the MP3 version for $8.99 without the Bonus Track.

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  • teamhardwick

    yep, JEEBUS is the word! *wink wink*

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    So many other words…. but I would be modded in a second, of course.

  • Bluebella22

    I dunno if you got my reply because sometimes my PC is freaking out but I was saying; Rob has got the magical force to make girls freak out and I can only say one thing.. Rob may the force be with you LMAO

  • Bluebella22

    Where is the Burger King when you need one LOL ;-)

  • teamhardwick

    can't reply to your last reply (no reply button, why? huh?) about Rob and the magical force, so I'll do it here: all I have to say in reply to that is “amen sister”. totally agree, I was not so crazy over johnny Depp or Leo as I am about Rob. That's sure saying something.

  • Bluebella22

    Yeah dunno what's up with that button, but however Rob is amazing, and the fact that he's british makes him even more amazing.. that accents is soo cute, I just love Britis men LMAO

  • 364ll

    you will love it !

  • 364ll

    I know me too :(

    hopefully Bryce will live up to Rachelle's standards and do the movie justice :)

  • TeamEdwardbutwolfgirl

    sooooo jelaous right now!! how did you watched it earlier?? and I have to wait until next friday!!! 9 of july come here NOW!!!
    tell me if I am right…jacob's theme was played when he was injury after the fight, when bella went to see him???
    when I heard that song thats what came to my mind

  • jia225

    You know that twilight thing seeing how big of a twi-hard you are? well if you analyze your facebook profile, the higher percentage of whether your team jacob or team edward adds up. I got 100% somehow and when i went to downloads they were all unlocked. so i download them and i got all the score songs, a bunch of posters, and behind the scene pics. should i send them here so everyone can see?

  • Jennifer

    The score is awesome!! Got it on Tuesday. I love the last piece, “Wedding Plans” So pretty. I can't wait to see the movie this weekend!!

  • Carrie Raines

    I've seen Eclipse twice so far, and the first time I watched it the score kept reminding me of music I'd heard before and I couldn't figure it out. The second time I went to see it I realized what it reminded me of. A couple of times it was reminiscent of the instrumental ending of Hate Me by Blue October. I haven't bought the score but I'm definitely considering it now.

  • NO 3D for BD :)Rileward<3

    wedding plans ! the name itself makes my heart shake ! bella in a dress being so beautiful and edward…. dayum in a suit ! gonna love it ! woo hoo ! :) <3 new moon will always be my most fav score ! :)

  • Sarmozo

    He didn't. I am very dissappointment ith score. Heck, he gave some themes for Jacob but forgot about the main character Edward!

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