‘Eclipse’ Sanson Ice Cream Promo Photo Untagged!

Eclipse eclipse poster Eclipse Sanson Ice Cream Promo Photo Untagged! must see jacob black fan art edward cullen eclipse promotional pictures bella swan

We previously posted the new Eclipse promotional picture found via Sanson Ice Cream. One of our awesome EclipseMovie.org readers removed the tags and sent us her edited version!

Sofa King Awesome!!

Is it just me .. or do Edward’s eyes look RED in that picture? Creeptastic!!!

[Thank you sooo much Team_Taylor630 for editing this picture and sharing it with us!! You rock!]

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  • IloveyouEdward


  • Casizzle


  • RobSten~Team Stripper Stew

    Bella is FIERCE. And Edward is HOT. <333333333333333

  • MABS(TeamAshleyGreene)

    Why are Edward's eyes red??

  • OhEdward-TheOriginal

    So what I want to know is – do the ice creams look just like them except they have a popsicle stick shoved up their butts?

    I hope the likenesses are better than the dolls……………..


  • OhEdward-TheOriginal

    It's retro Edward – He's a newborn~


  • Sparkles [Rob is like Tequila]

    Ok Summit pay attention this is what the poster should have looked like, not the crap you gave out. Take notes.

  • MABS(TeamAshleyGreene)

    Jacob's eyes are red also. I just noticed that. Hmmmm It's called red eye reduction.

  • clc_utterlyrobsessed

    This should have been the official poster… It's much more INTENSE and different than the past ones!!

  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    HOLY @#&$*(@#)$^&*)@#(^$*&#@($&(#@*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ummm……WHY is this not the official movie poster?!?!?!?!?!

  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    A to the MEN!!!

  • clc_utterlyrobsessed

    I know, RIGHT!!!

  • CherBear87_TeamBella!

    Arg is it June yet??

    Okay, the more I see of it the better the Bella wig looks. Those first behind-the-scene shots it looked terrible but it looks great in these promo shots. Wish I had Bella hair!! Or Kristen hair… either way…

  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    Momma found her a new desktop background!!!!!!!!!

  • clc_utterlyrobsessed

    Here's hoping BD will be different!

  • http://www.newmoonmovie.org/ LMCullen [Awesome since Mar09]

    *dances around*


  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    Because Summit is against things that make sense!

  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    They charged extra for golden yellow…


  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*


    And Jake looks like he could rip out your vocal cords and feed them to his pack!!!!


  • CC; Team Treebanger!

    Scr*w the icecream. I want the real thing!

    Give me the man on the right!

  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    *Toasts clc*

    *giggles* Ummm…ya….I just kind of threaten Condon on the other page…lol…I should add “No SUCK posters” to the list!!!

  • Chanterz~TeamRobPout-tinson

    I wish the ice cream was Rob flavored….:(

  • Sparkles [Rob is like Tequila]

    What you speak is VERY true.

  • clc_utterlyrobsessed

    Well he has to know he just got himself a bunch of threats coming….
    And if he doesn't deliver… PITCHFORKS :D

  • ScarletI *Team Pea Coat!!!*

    I know….sad…but very true.

  • clc_utterlyrobsessed

    my words EXACTLY!!!!
    and a few less buttoned buttons ;)

  • CC; Team Treebanger!

    How about just shirtless?!

  • clc_utterlyrobsessed

    lol! how bout completely naked?

  • CC; Team Treebanger!

    I'll probably have a heart attack…. but I'll take it!

  • vanessainpinks

    i thought the exact same thing when i saw this!!!!

    its sooo much better as the Offical Movie Poster!

  • C Shell – IWannaBeUrDog

    But I liked it tagged. It said gusti on Bella's crotch!

  • http://twitter.com/iHeartTayDaniel I♥TD-ANGRY JAKE It Up A Notch

    The VEINS! :D

    he looks so f*ckable in this one…*sigh* oh Jake.

  • TeamBurnTheWigs!

    Taycob's cleft chin <3 *sighs* Oh, God, PLEASSSSEEEE lemme win that sweepstakes to the premiere! :D Im a good person I deserve it!!

  • team_taylor630

    woohoo!! thanks EM.org! =)

    eclipseee <3

  • saracullenedwardbella

    thats cool

  • saracullenedwardbella

    thats cool

  • http://dressupgirl.net liberty allen

    i love the twilight saga!!!!

  • http://dressupgirl.net liberty allen

    i love the twilight saga!!!!


    it looks like Bella is about to fight, and they are just behind her….lol..

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