Eclipse Star Kristen Stewart Spotted at Rob Zombie Concert with Runaways Movie Co-Star Scout Compton

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Eclipse kristen stewart rob zombie concert Eclipse Star Kristen Stewart Spotted at Rob Zombie Concert with Runaways Movie Co Star Scout Compton the runaways kristen stewart
Eclipse runaways dvd Eclipse Star Kristen Stewart Spotted at Rob Zombie Concert with Runaways Movie Co Star Scout Compton the runaways kristen stewart

Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan was just spotted backstage at the Rob Zombie concert last night in Columbus, OH.

Runaways Movie co-star Scout Compton was with Kristen for the road trip, and tweeted this pic out for fans.

In case you missed The Runaways in the theater or it didn’t play near where you live, it’s coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray soon!

[Thanks, TheRunaway!]

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  • Alice Whitlock 111

    THE RUNAWAYS is out in theaters where I live!! =D I will watch it if I can… well skrew that, I probably can't cause I'm always so damn busy with stupid school <<<<

  • KAY

    Okay, first of all I can't believe I'm wasting my life on this, but here it goes:

    This whole comment thread started cuz you took a comment I made about being envious of Kristen's fun life and turned it into a bad thing. NO one else reacted to my comment that way, only you. I was actually really surprised that it harbored that reaction. My comment about her being yound and rich is like me saying I wish I could have that and be able to travel to other places like that. I don't know what you see bad about that.

    Second: I'm not really the biggest Kristen fan, I think she is okay, but I”m really more of a Rob fan. I guess I didn't know you have to love everyone and everything having to do with the Twilight universe to comment on this site. I guess this site doesn't appreciate people's opinions or allowance of other views. I would think that as a moderator you would be more impartial and not so judgemental of the posts you have to moderate.

    And even though Kristen may act for the art of it, I'm sure she does appreciate the money she gets from the job she does. Who wouldn't? And although she may not flaunt her money, it obviously allows her certain things or a certain lifestyle that the rest of us can't imagine having. But good for her cuz she earned it. And there is nothing I said on this board that was bad about Kristen, maybe to crazy defensive types like you that have nothing better to do with your time but moderate Twilight boards and go nuts on other people when they have an opinion different than your own.

    I'm glad I'm a fan, but I'm also glad it has not consumed my life to the point of distraction. I can love Rob, but still not consume myself with everything having to do with him.

  • KAY

    Also, being a Rob fan doesn't mean I have to defend him against anyone that doesn't like him or says negative things about him. Everyone has a right to their opinion and just because some people may not like him like I do doesn't mean it's gonna change my opinion of him. When I am on other boards and people say negative things about him I never feel the need to hit the reply button and go ape shit on them cuz it's not my job to be his great defender. I just scan over the post, shrug my shoulders, and keep reading on. I don't care if there are people that don't like him, cuz I do and that's all that matters. It's not my job to make everyone a Rob fan or put down the ones that are not. I like him and his movies and music and if others don't then “oh, well” it's their loss.

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