‘Eclipse’ Worldwide Release Dates!

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Eclipse official eclipse movie poster 280x352 Eclipse Worldwide Release Dates! eclipse release dates Here are the Twilight Saga – Eclipse Worldwide release dates according to IMDB -

Argentina 30 June 2010
Belgium 30 June 2010
Brazil 30 June 2010
Canada 30 June 2010
Chile 30 June 2010
Denmark 30 June 2010
Egypt 30 June 2010
Finland 30 June 2010
Italy 30 June 2010
Kazakhstan 30 June 2010
Mexico 30 June 2010
Netherlands 30 June 2010
Norway 30 June 2010
Portugal 30 June 2010
Russia 30 June 2010

Check out the remaining release dates after the break!

South Africa 30 June 2010
South Korea 30 June 2010
Spain 30 June 2010
Sweden 30 June 2010
USA 30 June 2010
Australia 1 July 2010
Holland 1 July 2010
New Zealand 1 July 2010
Singapore 1 July 2010
Slovakia 1 July 2010
Iceland 2 July 2010
Turkey 2 July 2010
France 7 July 2010
Malaysia 8 July 2010
Lithuania 9 July 2010 (Vilnius)
Ireland 9 July 2010
UK 9 July 2010
Germany 15 July 2010
Austria 16 July 2010

Please keep on checking IMDB if you don’t see your country listed!

[Source: IMDB.com. Thanks, Vampwannab, and Diana!]


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  • MJCullen

    Honduras: 15 July 2010
    My High School got the premier!!!!!!

  • Veraroxy

    No way!Why there isn't china!It's not fair!!!!!!!!!There're so many twi-hards in china,but they are not always considering china!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twilightmexico

    sorry for the late reply I live in Querétaro

  • mayra♥Robstendrivingmeinsane♥

    dont worry.. cool.. my parents are from michoacan

  • Sasha_Fierce93

    I think this person that posted this is a complete lier lets be honest new moon was released same day and we (the UK) had a 12A.M. showing so what the fuck is the guy chattin about? – saying we are going to wait 10 extra fucking days its bullshit… look out for my next comment I'm going to check up on this madness cause i don't believe this, as well they are posting shit about the netherlands and holland (both the same bloody country) having different release dates this shit doesn't add up!?!

  • twilightmexico

    oh that's cool so I guess you don't live in Mexico right? don't answer if you don't want to.

  • http://www.alienationstation.co.uk/ Willow138

    severely hatin being english right now

  • mayra♥Robstendrivingmeinsane♥

    i dont mind answering jajaj.. nop i dont live in mexico.. i live in texas

  • GretaBella

    I'm really excited :)
    But's very sad Eclipse wouldn't come out in Lithuania on June 30th, because that day is my birtday and I wanted to celebrate it in Eclipse style :( ((
    But anyway, I'm happy about it very mutch :)

  • Elizabeth

    Why did i just read this quote in a Dr. Seuss kind of manner? LMAO
    Sounds like a nursery rhyme if you see in a way.
    But yeah i remember this quote.

  • http://www.dazzledbytwilightstore.webs.com iSparkleToo [KiowasTheSEX!]

    So… wait, Holland and the Netherlands are 2 different countries now, IMDB??


    You can say it that way *snickers*
    I'm from the Netherlands, but not from Holland!!!
    Holland is a province of the Netherlands.
    If the movie release date is differently in Holland, I can just say: It's too bad for them!!! LOL


    omg i need to know when it comes out in ecuador ughhhhhhhhhhhh i am from america but i am gunna be there when it comes out ughhhhh FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I STILL CANT WAIT

  • Anonymous

    I only think it’s fair the post reviews about it after it has been released in all the counties listed above!

  • ocelotstar_treebanger


  • ocelotstar_treebanger

    Normally I'm a patriot to my country, but at this moment in time I could not agree more!

  • ocelotstar_treebanger

    I'm off to Thorpe Park for a school trip June 30th, we WERE all gunna go off to the cinema straight after the trip… turns out we aren't :'(

  • ocelotstar_treebanger

    18th november, it was the 20th over here, WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it may take an extra 9 days, I personally don’t get it either

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it may take an extra 9 days, I personally don’t get it either

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it may take an extra 9 days, I personally don’t get it either

  • ocelotstar_treebanger

    OUCH!!! Go to Spain or somewhere in Europe that gets it June 30th, or come to the UK and get it 7 days before!

  • ocelotstar_treebanger

    Theres only one reason I can work out for the UK premier being July 9th and that is that the cast COULD be coming over here do to a big premier thing over here!

  • hollydolly31

    Aww girly well if you book tickets like now haha, before they all sell out you might be able to get advance tickets on the 3rd or 4th of July :D

    Hope you have a good trip though itl be fabb :D

  • ocelotstar_treebanger

    Thanks, Im sure it will be good, and me and a couple of mates are going to go to see it the openeing weekend!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Dreamrgal DrmrzCrzyWorld

    Ummm atleast you know for sure its 9th of july there T_T
    We dont even know when its releasing here in India T_T !!!
    They released twilight here only last december !! And new moon shortly after that. Its not fair T_T !!!!!!!

  • koolkat

    when is eclipse releasing in india….???? :-(

  • Jessica

    aaaaah i have till wait till thee 9th of August and thats just not fair grrrrrrrrrr >:(
    buhh i love them and have read thee books soit doesnt matter

  • Jalice4ever

    this is wrong? its out here in Ireland on the 2nd of July

  • http://www.facebook.com/manusic Manu Nigam

    Same for India :( …patiently waiting till now!!!!!

  • Ruta

    wen is eclipse releasing in india?????pls tell me

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1418102255 Sneha Sinroja

    when is it coming to india? Anybody any ideas?

  • Smashingankita

    hey when is dis comin out in india…????

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1130282289 Ankush Saxena

    Its gonna release on June 30, alongwith the rest of da world, so relax! :-)

  • preeti

    wen in india yr?????????

  • swati

    heahllo ppl…. cn sumbody plz tell wen is it releasing in india……!!!!

  • Darklife_gego

    hey when will it be in Egypt ?!

  • Nih

    when is the Eclipse in INDIA ????? please let me knw ….

  • Nih

    when is the Eclipse releasing in INDIA ????? please let me knw …. i am sure not releasing in July month atleast

  • hiss-a-hi-ya-ith-e-us

    when will it come to china??
    any ideas

  • Ananya

    its gonna release on 30th july in india by PVR Pictures worldwide distribution.

  • Vampiandian

    Wow…Y is it always a good month later in India…whether its Books/movies

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