Elizabeth Reaser Interview On The Red Carpet At The MTV Movie Awards!

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Elizabeth Reaser (aka Esme Cullen) was interviewed on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards with Project Runway’s Christian Siriano for MTV!

Wow!  Elizabeth was breathtaking!!  Hot Mama Cullen!! 

[source: MTV}

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  • alter eggo ♥ ♫Sia "My Love"♫


  • Team Jacksper

    Why can't I view this video when I came watch all the others? I hate how MTV restrict their viewers to those who live in America. So unfair.

    I can see the screencap though. ER Is so beautiful.. I just love her hair!

  • Katy [team spoiler free!]

    Where do you live? I'm in Germany and I can watch most of the MTV videos. Maybe you can watch it if you go on the original MTV website at first, that is what I did.

  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    I love yoe Elizabeth/Mama Cullen and i actually love Christian was rotting for him in PR lol

  • Team Jacksper

    I live in England, and I tried to go onto the main site yet it wouldn't load. I went onto the UK MTV and I didn't know where to start looking!

  • patchoulisky

    I like how she talks, it sounds so nice :D

  • iWant2beAmonster2

    Is she wearing the same nail polish as Kristen? :-)

  • CC; Treebanger's Paramourski


    Momma E is smokin'.

  • http://ingerasultau7.weblog.ro/ Diana

    She really looked GORGEOUS

  • teamhardwick

    classy and elegant, A+!

  • Katy [team spoiler free!]

    Okay the MTV websites are weird. I didn't find the red carpet interviews on the UK website but they are on MTV Germany. The problem is, I can't open them. If you want to try, here's the link: http://movies.mtv.de/videos?start=48 . I guess it will be the original vid with german subtitle.

  • Katy [team spoiler free!]

    It seems so^^

  • HHIMC<RememberMeTyler15Days!

    She is a stunner.
    Look at that body!
    Unbelievably sexy, hot woman.
    Look at her:

  • HHIMC<RememberMeTyler15Days!

    luv your name ;)

    So that's what you dream about? Becoming a monster?

  • iWant2beAmonster2

    hihi thanks :-)

    It's actually one of quotes that made me smile from Eclipse, first Chapter:
    - Bella: “I want to be a monster, too”
    - Edward: “Monsters are not a joke, Bella”
    Edward getting all 'you're really immature' *rolling eyes*, crackes me up when I imagine the scene. I hope that quote makes it in the movie!!

  • HHIMC<RememberMeTyler12Days!

    Aw, that's an awesome quote! Gotta love Eclipse. Edward forever~~~~ :)

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