First Look At Jodelle Ferland As ‘Bree Tanner’

Eclipse Jodellel Ferland First Look At Jodelle Ferland As Bree Tanner must see eclipse promotional pictures bree

Check out the awesome first look of Bree Tanner as Eclipse Vampire Bree Tanner!

Awesome!! Jodelle looks amazing as Bree! Can’t wait to see her in action!

Remember — Stephenie Meyer has written a novella about the character Bree Tanner called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It is available on June 5th. You can pre-order a copy here!

[Source: Thanks, 5ctBauble, and BellasLoveFlippy!]

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  • SmallTownCullenGirlSpoilerFree

    That's right, I was thinking Claire, but knew that was not correct

  • my_monkey_man

    Instead of writing a novella about an obscure character wouldn't Stephanie Meyer's time be much better spent finishing Midnight Sun that fans have been so desperately waiting for? I'm just saying….

  • NicoleHelena

    She doesn't fit with the picture which I had in my head. At all. She doesn't even looks like the discription!

  • k.sue

    This picture of Bree makes her look like an eery younger version of Bella: the facial expression and hair. That will add to the emotional impact of Bella's comparison.

  • 30yearoldtwifan

    I agree, prob to amp up the action, keep it going, also they better practice now before BD, thats the one that will need the most action added especially at the end. LOL

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    Mine jump all over the place.
    I'll type something new, then all of the sudden I'm in the middle of the pack of comments…lol…it's freaky!

    (P.S. you are totally special…♥)

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    She's so cute, how could she possibly eat anybody!!! ☺

    I wanna pick her up and put in my pocket, but she'd probaby take a bite out of me if I did…then Edward would have to suck the venom out of — hey, wait!

    *runs after Bree* “Bite me! Please!…”

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    My guess is that there's so much emotional conflict in Bella's head over E & J in the book, that when it came time to write the movie (if you took out all the melodrama) they actually had time to add more goodies…Jasper's story, Rosalie's story, Bree's story, Riley's story. And, to be honest…I kinda like it. But 1st and foremost, I'm glad we'll get more of Edward♥ & Jacob♥ together – Yummy growl!! ☺

  • twilight_addict / Twister Love

    Thank you, MMM! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *clicks “like” a million times over*
    Midnight Sun is my favorite novel (well, semi-novel) of the entire series! It was the first Twi-related material I ever read, and I fell head over heels in-love with Edward's “voice” (and every other part of his anatomy) within the first two lines:
    “This was the time of day when I wished I were able to sleep. High School. Or was purgatory the right word?” That was it! I was gone!
    When I reached page 264, I cried for an hour! I could not believe that SM had the heart to stop writing in such a wonderful voice, from the perspective of the most compelling and complex of all the characters of her creation! It is tragic! It will be a betrayal against her fans and herself if SM does not finish Midnight Sun!
    *sniff* Please, SM, finish it, pleaaaaaaase!!!

  • Alex Alvarado

    Wow. She so cute…lol i would like to get a loook at the other newborns. That would be awesommeeee…..

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    I'm all giggly right now..
    Something I sent actually got posted! *giggles*

  • ilust4edward

    I read that she actually wrote it long ago while writing eclipse as a character development exercise and never had any intention of publishing it. She passed it out to DS, etc. when he wanted to know what was going on in Seattle with the newborns. They wanted to put it in the movie companion book, but it was too long.

  • ilust4edward

    but I think its cool that she looks a little like a young bella (as someone mentioned earlier). It really brings the message home as bella starts to imagine herslef as a newborn and identifies with bree

  • ilust4edward

    they are also going to give us more of a view of what was going on with the newborns in Seattle…we don't read about it, but i think its great that the movies are not just from Bella's pov

  • my_monkey_man

    Well guess we can cut her slack there but sadly she still needs to get off the pitty pot and finish Midnight Sun it has been long enough. Yes it was a crappy thing that happened to her and who ever did it was truly a crappy person/friend but get over it already. Move forward don't punish the fans simply because something someone else has done. We all have been burned by a friend before we learn from it and move forward. Heck I got a tattoo in kanji that is the symbols for the act of betrayal to remind me to keep my true friends closer to me and to remind me who I can trust but I wouldn't punish people that didn't screw me over because of someone that did. Especially when they have put food on my table, a roof over my head, and made my life a complete luxury.

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    Very perspective about Bree – I totally agree with you. Her time is definitely short lived, but she plays a significant role at the end and Bella even has haunting memories of her at the start of BD. The novella makes sense because it shows what happened in Seattle. I think a lot of people are upset that we are only getting a 'small' character's story, when everyone is craving MS. I understand that SM always writes in first persond and she just uses Bree to tell the Seattle story, and I'm thrilled to have something new from SM at all.

    As for Riley, his ONLY line was “Victoria!” just before Seth ripped his head off – LMAO!

  • twilightcherry

    Her eyes are soooo red.

  • ilust4edward

    lol! I agree with you there, I would do anything to have Midnight Sun completed!

  • bambi +)SacreBleu.FrenchToast!

    what I don't understand here is how they can put so much make-up on Rob that he looks like a “powdered doughnut” but then she doesn't appear to be pale at all! If I hadn't seen that bit of red in her eyes I would've thought that this was her post-vamp self.

  • Team Seth & Edward (Go Riley)

    This is exactly how I pictured Bree!

    Except a bit more pale and shouldnt her eyes be like GLOWING red!!??

    For some reason I pictured her in rags….LOL

    Idk why…

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    Hahahaha @ “powdered doughnut”! Classic…

    It's weird, Edward and Carlisle seem to be the one's who always show up super white and powdery…exactly!!

    This picture looks like a normal person to me, not a vamp ☺


    i cant wait to red the 2nd life of bree tanner ! ;D woo hooo jodelle looks like a sweetheart but here she looks like an evil angel ! :D WHOO HOO ! :D and seth and edward and riley forrrherr sure ! also … DEMETRI ! :D charlie bewley is hott !

    omgomgomg i cant wait for eclipse ! ;D JUNE 30 TH !


    i cant wait to red the 2nd life of bree tanner ! ;D woo hooo jodelle looks like a sweetheart but here she looks like an evil angel ! :D WHOO HOO ! :D and seth and edward and riley forrrherr sure ! also … DEMETRI ! :D charlie bewley is hott !

    omgomgomg i cant wait for eclipse ! ;D JUNE 30 TH !

  • McVampy

    looking good. thought her eyes should be a little redder, considering she is a newborn. but maybe this is her when she was a human.

    june 30 !

  • More_than_My_Own_Life

    LMAO!!!! That sounds like a great idea . . .
    *runs to catch up with you* “Me too Bree, me too!!”

  • immortalbeloved01

    And in the book, she was 5 or six. In the movie, she was 11. Picture that! Your mind grows up but your body doesn't? Definition: Hell!

  • immortalbeloved01

    I think this is just a case of a finished product versus a product that was leaked before it was finished. Even though she never intended for the Bree story to be published, it just happened to work out that will be published. It will be okay! I'm hopeful that ther will be other novellas of other characters! They each have their own individual, special story! ; )

  • immortalbeloved01

    I think she fits the character better than DK as Jane. I pictured AnnaSophia Robb as Jane (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory). They should have shortened her hair like in the book! : D

  • leahreallyitis

    she was in the movie Silent Hill when she was nine year old that movie was so good

  • leahreallyitis

    well said that is what I say I figure if she does finsh MS(or re-write it) thats great but if she does'nt that's fine too I am going to focus on future stuff that she will write so BD is definitly it

  • leahreallyitis

    I love your screename thats cool :D and your avi :-)

  • leahreallyitis

    yeah Jackson will be hot no matter what we are vamp girls after all thru and thru one for all and all for one LOL!

  • More_than_My_Own_Life

    Jane is like the queen of hearts . . . “Off with her head!!”

  • More_than_My_Own_Life

    “And no second chances!” :)

  • leahreallyitis

    oh I love Anne Rices books of the Vampire series it was good my favorite is Interview With The Vampire I loved the movie however I did'nt love Tom Cruise O_O I did like Brad PItt as Louie and Kristen Duntz as Claudia I wish they got Johnny Depp to play Le'stat instead of that MORON TC O_O

  • leahreallyitis

    have you seen the movie Silent Hill Jodelle Ferland was in it you should rent it it was so good and also The Omen oh this kid in the Omen is SCARY

  • leahreallyitis

    oh the Grudge is really good I loved it I have both 1 and 2 on DVD I also like the movie The Others

  • leahreallyitis

    well try watching Paranormal Activity that movie scared the shiz out of me I was IDIOT for seeing it but noo I could handle it I have seen hundereds of horror movies wrong on all counts I wanted to walk out but I was so into this movie and after I got home I was really phased by it I could not sleep that night NEVER again will I do that now The Blair Witch Project was EPIC I loved it that night I slept like a baby LOL!

  • leahreallyitis

    she should have been apart of the Cullen family:( she deserved a chance I wish she lived:(

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    Yes, I agree,leah. That bothered me.

  • leahreallyitis

    yeah she does she reminds me of the charater(age wise) Claudia in An Interview With A Vampire Claudia was I think 11 or 12 I thought in the book she was younger like nine or something like that I forget

  • VAMPLOVER ccc <3 my Twisters

    hahaha I saw that one on a DVD my daughter rented. It was scary as hale. My grand daughter had a hard time sleeping for a couple of nights she said. It was really a HORROR movie.

  • TeAmJaKesPaCk


    She does have that i-am-uber-creepy-but-innocent look going. However, and I'm sure a lot of other people share the same thought, that as much as I love Dakota Fanning…Jodelle will ALWAYS be my PERFECT Jane…small, angellike but DEADLY!!!

  • CF Team Kristen Stewart

    Silent Hill was really good too. Scared the ish outta me. She was scary in that one too.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    It had to be done….. the volturi “don't give second chances” to those who disobey the law! SM had to show us they were still in charge!

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    I did not dig Tom Cruise, either. He was ok. Brad and Kirsten nailed it. I didn't even see the second one..with Stewart Townsend. Looked really bad.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Except for Edward and Bella, of course. Aro wants them..they are special. Yes, they are.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    My mom is a Rob woman..all the way, but she was gushing over Jackson in the trailer. I was like, “See, mom. There are other cast members in this movie” LOL

  • Alice Whitlock 111

    Oh em geeee, Jodelle I love you! ^^ She looks great, I can't wait to see her as Bree! I imagined Bree as a young teen, and to me she's always been a (kind of) innocent character. So this child-teen version is somewhat close to what I imagined. ^^

  • hohelle

    It's hard to imagine that the girl above (imaginably speaking, of course) is more dangerous than any weapon Man can possess (speaking from the point that she has extreme speed and strength).

    Bree is one of my favourite characters and I am so glad we're getting to see more of her side of things in the book Stephanie is bringing out. I hope we get to see a lot of her in the movie — after all, she plays a pivotal role.

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