Florence & The Machine Reveal The Meaning Of Eclipse:Heavy In Your Arms Track

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Eclipse Florence and The Machine Heavy in Your Arms 280x219 Florence & The Machine Reveal The Meaning Of Eclipse:Heavy In Your Arms Track eclipse soundtrack eclipse Florence Welsh of  Florence & the Machine has spoken to PopDash about the meaning behind the their track Heavy in your Arms, featured on the Eclipse Soundtrack:

“‘Heavy In Your Arms’ I suppose is about the weight of love, and how sometimes it can be a burden between two people.”
“I felt this was a strong theme in the Twilight series – is someone being rescued or are they being condemned, and is the love you carry bringing you down?”

Discussing the recording of the song, she added: “I recorded it using a lot of strange reversed vocal samples and big hip hop piano. It’s basically inspired by 90′s hip hop and gospel choirs, like most of my songs.”

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  • http://nm.org/ aMUSEd

    Oh my love this track soooo much – shame it was tucked away at the end credits :{

  • RileysGirl_TeamHarryPotter7!!

    this chick is immensely talented… which is definitely rare in a music industry full of cr*p nowadays. plus this song was probably my favourite on the soundtrack :D

    love you florence !!

  • IndiesR

    This song is one of the few from this cd that I can tolerate listening to. Pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    I like how musicians explain the meaning behind a song. What moved them to write and perform that song.
    This is not a favorite song of mine from the soundtrack, but it’s ok!

  • http://www.coralecomics.piczo.com LegHitchThis

    Oh well I knew that. :)
    Her song pretty much summarizes the whole story. It’s really beautiful!
    It’s one of my faves on the album and it was the best day ever when I found out she would be on the album. My friends and I celebrated because we were always saying, ‘She should be on the soundtrack someday!’

  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    i loved this song im pissed that they didnt have in it in the movie itself – And I alway though this song would be awesome for a music video with the movie instead

  • 30yearoldtwifan

    Well said!!! :) This one touched me like none the rest on the CD. It was a twi fail it wasnt in the movie but only in credits!

  • SC~3rd_Wife(TeamSM)

    I loved almost every song on the Eclipse soundtrack, and this was definitely in the top 3. It’s nice that she gave the explanation of the lyrics, where most artists just leave you guessing to translate it’s meaning, but I think most TL fans, like myself, clearly understood how the song relates to Eclipse.

    Beautiful song!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, agree. It’s beautiful that it actually has a meaning. Which is your favourite song on the soundtrack, then?

  • RileysGirl_TeamHarryPotter7!!

    i was so gutted that they put it in the credits! i was waiting the whole movie, thinking ‘whens the florence song coming on, whens the florence song coming on’ and then i didnt hear it at all! i only realised it was in the credits the fourth time i saw the movie.

    i thought the music was used really well in the movie, besides that EPIC FAIL! LOL

  • Eli

    Fantastic song! But I can’t see how it relates with Twilight saga.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot pick one, I loved the whole soundtrack, just like the whole soundtrack for Twilight!

  • teamhardwick

    you put it so well:). And I can’t believe how many comments I see on youtube about this song and “what a pity it was for the c*appy Twilight movie”. If you like the song and the artist, who cares in what movies it was, whether good or bad, whether you enjoyed those movies or not…I was really happy when Flo did this song for Twilight because it made her great, fantastic music known to more people.But no, the haters have to go on and show their stupidity and smallness.
    love you Florence, with or without Twilight!!! (of course Flo+Twilight is like chocolate and cream LOL).

  • teamhardwick

    pretty good?? hon, it’s AWESOME!!!
    LOL, I’m so passionate about Flo I just can’t understand how there can be people on this planet NOT liking her music or seeing her genius!! I know, I know, I’m getting a bit carried away here…hey, you know how it is to be passionate about something (Twilight saga…).

  • http://twitter.com/AmberA1989 Amber Allen

    I love this song! I listen to this song like 200 times a day while im driving! hope she has more songs for Breaking Dawn soundtrack!

  • RileysGirl_TeamBDSetPics!

    god, dont even talk to me about all the actors/musicians ‘die-hard fans’ who are so upset that they are a part of such a ‘sh*tty’ twilight movie. it p*sses me off every single time. i think if youre really their fans, you would be happy about all the extra publicity they get from it. *rolls eyes*

  • teamhardwick

    it just shows what huge idi*ts they are, isn’t it? braindeath is a very contagious disease these days…:)

  • RileysGirl_TeamBDSetPics!

    totally agree. i was waiting the whole movie for it :(

  • E_micallef

    this is just like decode by paramore…it was like THE official twilight song…and it was in credits….

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