Hallmark’s 2011 ‘Bella, Edward & Jacob’ Keepsake Ornament

Eclipse IMG 0089 560x420 Hallmarks 2011 Bella, Edward & Jacob Keepsake Ornament jacob black featured edward cullen eclipse bella swan

Eclipse keepsake ornament Hallmarks 2011 Bella, Edward & Jacob Keepsake Ornament jacob black featured edward cullen eclipse bella swan Check out Hallmark’s 2011 Bella, Edward and Jacob Keepsake Ornament from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

Twilighters Dream has a closer look at the Bella, Edward and Jacob ornament!

Bella, Edward and Jacob Keepsake Ornament is now available at your nearest Hallmark store!

OK, I know it doesn’t look like them, but I really love how Bella and Edward are holding hands!

[Source: Twilighters Dream via Team Twilight]

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  • http://twitter.com/RobstenSparks Rosalinda

    Ooo..looks like I’m going to Hallmark today. <3

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Awww! It’s so cute how they have Bella and Edward holding hands xD Other than that there is zero resemblance between this ornament and the real actors…

  • Mastequilla 13

    looks like bella got camel toe

  • -TeAm SeXy SmIrK-

    wow for such an iconic trio u wud think theyd put more effort into the making of the figurine

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    Edward looks like Kristen’s bodyguard.

  • D. Martin

    Let us know how it looks.

  • D. Martin

    Meyer just keeps raking in the bucks huh?   She really should write the companions to the whole series.  Midnight Sun, the companion to New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.   All from Edward’s POV.   * sigh *  Santa if you’re out there…

  • newborneyes

    I know she should it is my dream too that she ever writes and publish the whole saga from Edwards POV 

  • newborneyes


  • newborneyes

    I love twilight I love them but I hate when they do such ugly things and pretend to be twilight related I would buy it if it really ressemblance them but it´s not the case 

  • http://www.breakingdawnmovie.org/ Jaypat


    Best comment!!

  • http://www.breakingdawnmovie.org/ Jaypat

    Zero. Zilch.

  • I<3Headboards

    omg lmao!!

  • I<3Headboards

    really?? ppl??… with all the money their making off this series, they couldnt make it a little better?? (even though i do like that E & B are holding hands)

    I love that Meyer’s got time to do this **** ((cuz she has to look at it and approve..(they are her characters)).. But cant finish Midnight Sun?? really?? lol

  • Anonymous

    The Twilight Hallmark ones looked a lot better.. the only issue with those was.. they weren’t holding hands.. makes me a bit sad… poor lil figurines will be frozen forever.. unable to touch..               This one.. is… um… well.. let’s say.. disappointing ..

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    I agree 100% lol!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha….that looks horrible, Bellas face looks like Micheal Meyers from the Halloween movies!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but that is just CREEPY to me . LOL

  • Anonymous

    It’s as cute as Bella and Edward have been holding hands xD If there is no similarity between the decoration and real players.

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  • tnh225

    Love Twilight and Bryce Dallas Howard aka Victoria? Well, check out this cool site:


  • HmR <3 flying ninja Rob

    I don’t know about these… in the top photo, Edward looks like he’s gonna cry.

    But I agree.. the hand holding is very sweet. :-)

  • Anonymous

    two words FAN FAIL it does not even look like them(the ornament) at all I’m sorry but its not good at all

  • Anonymous

    I agree.. but will she ever do it nope she won’t or if she does at all we will all be in a (nursing) home by the time we do see MS *_-

  • 143_twilight

    She won’t do it because she isn’t that good of a writer. Most likely she wouldn’t be able to think of what to write.

  • D. Martin

    Umm…o-kay.   Everyone is entitled to their opinion but without Meyer’s stories there would be no Twilight and this site would not exist.  Which makes me wonder why you are here if you think its bad.

    I happen to think she’s very good.   I don’t listen to critics.   I judge whether a book or writer is good or bad based on if I enjoyed what they are telling me (the story).   I thoroughly enjoyed all the Twilight books.  I’m especially excited about BD 1 & 2 BECAUSE Meyer is producing and we’ll likely see MORE of her story in the movie.   I loved the other movies but if they could have included more from the books they would have been even better.

  • D. Martin

    Hmm…welllllll.   I suppose it would look better if they could have captured the actors more but I like it.   I may try and get one for my tree.   Actually some of the best Twilight artwork at Deviantart.com are depictions where the artists do not go for the actors likenesses but how they are described in the books.   I kind of liked this one…

  • newborneyes

    hi leah nice to see you you are so right I had think about that but as long as I can read MS before I died I will be happy it is my last will…..

  • newborneyes

    yeah you are right but in this ornament they were or at leat they think they were trying to make edward and bella like kirsten ansd rob but they fail I love creations based on their descriptions but this is not the case but any way the good thing is that you can have some twilight in your tree 

  • D. Martin

    Now THERE’S a topic!  If you wanted to have a Twilight themed Christmas tree what would you include on it?   This ornament for one but what else?   Does anyone know where we can find little Bella trucks or a little silver Volvo?  Little cards that say ‘Be Safe’.   Hmm… I wonder what else you could get…

  • Laven

    And are they ever going to update this page?  Please Eclipsemovie.com don’t be so lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

  • newborneyes

    that´s a great idea I don´t think we could find many things but we could made them with pictures and we can include:
    silver volvo
    bellas truck
    the eclipse bracelet
    the ring
    an appple
    and the list go on

  • D. Martin

    Oh my gosh!  Those are great!   You can buy little apple ornaments.  I don’t know if my family would allow it this year but if you get a Twilight themed tree then I want photos!!!

  • D. Martin

    Well, I went and bought the ornament today.   The interesting thing is the description on the side of the box calling Jacob a “shape-shifter” instead of “werewolf”.   I know that it is revealed in Breaking Dawn that they are shape-shifters instead of “children of the moon” – the term Edward used to describe true werewolves that Caius almost hunted into extinction.  The side of the box reads:

    “Bella’s close relationships with both the vampire Edward and shape-shifter Jacob create one of the most intense romantic rivalries in contemporary film and literature.  Fans squared off as Jacob or Edward devotees, but Bella’s heart will always belong to Edward, her first love.  Together the three unlikely heroes face peril and intrigue in every turn.”

    Does it look EXACTLY like the actors — no.  It’s an ornament and it would be difficult to get an exact likeness on something like that but its a really good ornament.  I like it.   And, most likely, it will be a collector type piece.

    Still, I often wonder how the actors feel seeing themselves in dolls, cards (birthday and graduation stuff), drawings and now ornaments.   It’s gotta be a real different feeling.

  • http://www.breakingdawnmovie.org/ Jaypat


    I know, I know, but we’re posting all the current news on BreakingDawnMovie.org!  :D 

  • Anson2203

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  • WeedingsBride

    I didn’t even notice in the first moment that the holding hands. Nice detail

  • http://twitter.com/momarazzimedia momarazzimedia

    I love how they made Bella’s decision clear, she is between them, but holding Edwards hand!

  • Anonymous

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  • ARayOfSunshine(Nida)

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