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  • JaspersAngel

    Is that Rob's table? LOL

  • TeamIdDoRPatz

    LOL a table of his own…haha….can't say i'm surprised

  • myguiltypleasure

    Dang how do they stay so skinny with all that junk food just given to them all the time?! haha

  • Carson_gose56


  • teamEC1918

    I can answer that! would you have any time or interest to eat with Rob around? lol i know i wouldn't



  • YummyRobwardowski

    Soooo Kristen's still under 21, right?? D'ya think they hand her a coke or does Rob grab a beer for her? I just always wonder what they can get away with at these kinds of parties! LOL!! :)

  • Avril_19902002

    <33333333 rob he is hot
    if rob dose not have atable of his own then who has

  • ya

    team necklace

  • MrsKiGordonMeraz

    omgosh look at all those sweets!

  • MrsKiGordonMeraz

    i think everyone got their own table..or maybe just Rob, Kris and Tay.

  • MrsKiGordonMeraz

    MURDER!! lol no, i don't think they could get away with THAT! I've seen Kris smoke AND drink on sets/photo shoots and around adults and no one seems to care what she does. She's not even 21 yet and she's been doing this for years. Idk, it just always get's under my skin when i see that, i mean i'm not straight laced. I'v had a drink or 2 and i'm not legal yet(come on December!) but one of those times i was in London so…whatev. Just my lil pet peeve.

  • MrsKiGordonMeraz

    Do NOT zoom in on the table, lol. That's all i'm gonna say…they had sliders too? I'm so hungry right now!

  • nomnomnom_rob

    LOL!!! Rob has an entire table of food all to himself!!!!!! And a lot of alcohol. hahaha That food looks delicious, and rather fattening. I imagine Rob is saying “What are you doing touching my food?! Get lost!” oh goodness…that just reminded me of Robert Is Bothered. Every time he throws blow-up Bella out of the tree he says “Get lost!” hahahahahaha

  • totally robssessed

    looks like rob is checking out the “goods” if you know what I mean hehehehe….

  • YummyRobwardowski

    Ya, I guess I should've known she got away with that kind of stuff (not murder! lol!) But I guess I should give her the benefit of the doubt as I only saw her with a bottle of water in any of these party pics. :) There's just so much booze on that table!! LMAO!! That's why it had Rob's name on it maybe?? LOL. It is sad to me when I see her smoking, though (all of 'em actually)

  • Julie Craft

    It is Hollywood! That is just how it is….

  • TeamEdwardAntiJacob

    maybe he has a table because the table's small for 3 people to fit.

  • callmeblond897_TeamRobsten=P

    BWAHAHAHA! That was a spectacularly hilarious image you set up!!! Gosh UI can picture that so clearly lmbo!!

  • Alyciawhyte

    was she drunk right there are what

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