• Randidoll~The Runways<3

    Mhm! Especially in a novel where it is being told in someones voice… not just a passive narrate.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Exactly. By the way, how are you doing? *hugs*

  • Randidoll~The Runways<3

    Awe, thanks. I'm doing pretty good. her funeral is monday, so monday will be brutal, but otherwise pretty good. I'm trying to focus on the good :) But thank you for making sure I'm okay *gives Ead big emmett-sized hug*

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Still thinking of you….

  • Randidoll~The Runways<3

    I appreciate it very, very muchly

  • twilightlovarr

    Dang Paul is looking hot!

  • hothot

    The ALL look Awesome!!!

  • Team-Seth

    Where is booboo stewart!? I need some seth!!! I havent seen any pictures of him, where is he!?!

  • Lamonta Swarn

    Yeah it could be better people! REALLY

  • twi_love2010 (de)

    the pics are amazing. but emmett doesnt look right with his new hair. i like Rosalies hair in this one bettr then new moon. and the new victoria's face is too sweet. i think. i hope she does a good job as victoria, but i still miss Rachelle

  • Excited for Eclipse

    Where is a pic of Seth Clearwater like the ones above? And it would be great to have one of Billy Black, and Bella's parents also. And Carlisle's pic is not a good one there has to be a more faltering pic of him. And Emett looks like Spock from Star Trek. And as far as Victoria 2/really miss Rachelle :(

  • Annie

    so how do I get these images to my computer to use for editing…..when I save the picture it ends up being the original pictures with the black backgrounds! help!

  • Annie

    were you able to save these pics and get them with the white background? When I save it, it gives me the black background still…so frustrating!

  • Excited for Eclipse

    Hay Annie, All I do is right click on the image, chick save image as, and hit save when the box pops up. It always works fine for me.

  • Excited for Eclipse

    Sorry Annie I tried to hit reply on your post but it wouldn't work.

  • Rosalieluver

    I agree. Jane is priceless. Rosalie is even more beautiful than b4! There is only one, JASPER! His hair made me wanna cry.

  • you make my heart melt

    ONLY Jane looks the same as NM…. as they all should . they are vampires. and if she can look the same, why cant all other vampires??? Bella almost looks like a vamp if the yellow eyes were there. the human ness is gone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003549540480 Gerryade Sykes Lutz Merrygold

    love them i am team emmett and rose xxx

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