Jason Sudeikis Encourages Robert Pattinson To Host SNL!

Now Rob has no excuse! Jason will even take care of him. In his own words “hold on to me buddy, I’ll walk you through the forest of SNL”. LolLol


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  • I<3Headboards

    Rob has to do this – really Kristen too — it was so funny with Taylor

  • Kittypurr

    lol the forest of SNL

  • EdwardsNana

    I for one…….understand that Robert is not comfortable with hosting SNL.  But I wonder if he would be ok doing it with Kristen.  Neither one of them is really comfortable with this stuff………but together????   We have all seen how dynamic Robert & Kristen are together.  They should go for it if they want to.  Robert actually doesn’t think he is funny.  Well he should see it from our view.  He is always funny in interviews.  He has a great sense of humor and good timing.  But who cares, we would all watch him and love every moment no matter what…….

  • Britt

    Yeah I don’t think that he’s comfortable enough to do it.. even though he’s such a funny guy. He would be an amazing host! However I’m not sure Kristen would do it with him due to the amount of attention that would get. Robsten hosting SNL would be cute though haha :)  

  • Anonymous

    They have my vote!!! I would love for Rob and/or Kristen to do it and maybe they will after the saga is done.
    Keep praying it happens!!

  • EdwardsNana

    I agree with you Britt.  But Robert & Kristen seem to draw strength from each other.  Now’s the time, while the iron is hot.  I think it would be the best SNL.

  • Britt

    It would be the best SNL haha, it would be supper cute. Rob is very funny even without trying, and Kristen seems at ease with him. They wold be the best host but sadly I don’t think it will happen, not anytime soon..  

  • CTruesdell50

    It would be funny to do a SNL spoof on Twilight…now that would add to the enjoyment of him hosting (or even better both of them).  I love it when actors make fun of themselves.  Both are probably okay when they have lines and are acting as some one else…that would be a great show!  I hope it come to pass. 

  • EdwardsNana

     I agree with you on both counts Britt.  It would be awesome to have Robert & Kristen host SNL/and It probably won’t happen. : (

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Hi nana. I bet ur really excited about tomm award show. but let me just tell u that i have some mix feelings about it. Im excited bc i cant wait to see the trailer but on the other hand im a little concerned bc of the way its been hyped and how people want to see robstein kiss on stage just to induce some ratings, and how there will be thise dumb old parodies and wisecracks from the host. it just seems a little worrisome on how these media award shows are sort of using twilight as an excuse for ratings and hype and all the pressurre on robstein thatfollows them. I dont think that people truly completely respect them for who thhey are. They think they are just a hot hollywood couple and i think they r so much more than that. I come in defense bc of how those two impacted ur life and made u alot happier, and f it weren’t for them everything would still be he same in its boring way. so i dont know if i should be careful about my excitement for tomm nights award or should i just roll with it? What do u think? I can’t help it if im a caring fan and i become concerned about how these award shows treat them with any ounce of providence. what would u do?

  • Anonymous

    I think Rob is charming, but I don’t think sketch comedy would work for him. He’s best at dramatic roles and serious roles. Not that it couldn’t be done, I’m just saying I’m not sure he’s someone who should put himself in the position to look foolish..

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