Kirsten Prout Cast as ‘Lucy’ in Eclipse!

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Eclipse Prout sd2 280x417 Kirsten Prout Cast as Lucy in Eclipse! lucy kirsten prout jasper hale casting According to BD Horror News Canadian actress Kirsten Prout has been cast to play the  role of Lucy in the Twilight Saga – Eclipse. Kirsten is best known as Amanda Bloom in Kyle XY.

For those who do not recall who Lucy was, she served Maria (along with Nettie) helping her seek  vengeance during the southern Vampire wars. Lucy and Nettie turned on Maria and were in return killed for doing so. Maria was Jasper’s maker, and this is told during Jasper’s back story (when explaining his story to Bella). Jasper describes Lucy as having “lovely and delicate voice” with “fair hair, and her skin was snow white.”

What do you think of their choice for Lucy?

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Category: Casting, Jasper Hale, Kirsten Prout, Lucy

  • static22-Chris Weitz for BD :)

    Not a natural blonde either…For Lucy,ok,but for Rosalie Sara Paxton would be the perfect Rosalie-at least for me.

  • PeaceLoveSeth (Team Seboo!)


    *looks at more wine sitting next to her*

    i only have about 1cm left at the bottem of my parents bottles, is that acceptable?

    It's Reserve, Burlwood, Californian, Cabernet Sauvignon…. 12.5% Volume

  • MoonLover

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She's soooooooooo pretty!!!!!

  • E_G

    I think she is very beautiful. I actually think she would make a good Tanya… wonder who will get that part for the B.D. movie.

  • static22 – Bring on BD! :)

    Funny that,I can’t find my comment or your reply at the post.Anyway,Nikki Reed is Rosalie.Case closed.And Kirsten Prout as Lucy is great casting by the way.


    eww bit your tongue she looks creepy thank God Catherine picked Nikki

  • IsabellasLoveRob

    I saw a girl in the supermarket a few days ago that looked just like her..
    Random.. :P

  • RobertsEllen

    She would fit perfectly if she wasent such a bad actress : /

  • zoinksscoob

    Which school did you go to?

  • FallenRomanze

    I'm so happy she's joined the gang! I loved Kyle Xy.

  • cutesweetiezzz

    She looks really pretty, but I'm not sure if she can act. However, she doesn't have that big of a part in the movie, so maybe it doesn't matter that much.

  • MG_RP

    collingwood, vancouver

  • zoinksscoob

    Thanks! Much appreciated!

  • MG_RP

    wow creepy much?

  • MG_RP

    wow creepy much?

  • Alyson

    So happy I loved her in Kyle X-Y and its great that even after the show was canceled the cast are still doing well like Matt Dallas(Kyle) just a movie on ABC Family on Beauty and the breifcase with Hilary Duff. And now kristen on eclipse! I think she'll do an amazing job!

  • TeamEdward_CH

    Yees, I didn't know Kirsten is acting in Eclipse, what a great surprise ! I'm a big Kyle XY Swiss fan for just one month (better late than never) and a Twilight Saga fan for just 9 months !!! :) )

  • kaite

    i love her for the part!

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