Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning On MTV’s Rough Cut For Sundance

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning chatted on MTV’s Rough Cut and discussed their biopic film The Runaways.   They talked about the ‘kiss’, the nudity, the clothes and movie star vs. rock star.

At the end of the interviews, Kristen is asked about Breaking Dawn.  Kristen says she hasn’t seen a script, but  says it’s ’going to go’.   Kristen also says she doesn’t know when or who the director will be.  They also talk about the birthing scene and Renesmee!  LOL!

[Source: MTV. Thanks Sarah, MCNutters and Carter04!]

EDIT: All videos together on youtube and a Breaking Dawn question!

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  • TeamGrayFace

    As many as you want. but you have to wait for ten minutes inbetween each vote. It sucks. :/

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  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

    silly step-wifey, you're a day ahead of me, remember? I don't work on Sundays… LOL – it's 12:30 in the morning here, just heading off to bed… *sigh* I'll miss you, darlin'! *smooths step-wifey's hair and kisses on forehead* night-night, my love. ;)

  • kstewfan11

    omg. such a good interview!! Love it when Stewie and DF are like totally synced when they say “little kissing.” they make the same exact movement and it is so finny how in sync they r.

    Kristen is so funny. “Oh, ok, i'm just going to float in the water and look like a tool.” It is also funn about how she talkes about renesmee. Gotta luv her.

  • EternitywithEdward

    It was like “dude, they did the movie already….it'll be alright.” I think he really thought they did drugs while filming it. lol

  • nemesis_CarolinaCullenCoven!nH

    buuuuu, yeah l figured that out…..jajaj it's 2 am here and l'm still voting LOL….

  • TeamGrayFace

    :O 2am. it's 7:40 pm here in Aus. Rob keep losing votes. :/ i gotta get more Aussie/Asian reinforcements. :D

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    yeah!! that would be the best!!! l'm not sure at what time the voting is closed, but l'll try to see if it's still on when l wake up….gosh l'm such a sucker, l want Robiekins to win but l'm too tired *rubs eyes*…Good luck pal n_-

  • myjacob

    lmao! super human teeth baby :D anyone esle notice that at 4 19 kristen bites her t-shirt? lol shes so cool

  • TSO☠RespectTheMulletKittyMofo☠

    *jumps onto gutter love's lap*
    Miss you hun…
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  • TSO☠RespectTheMulletKittyMofo☠

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    I miss you so much.

  • Diana

    OF COURSE he would ask her about BD…He couldn't just let her be happy for the outside work she's done outside Twilight….He had to be noisy and try to squeeze the little information she had on it…The press is SO annoying

  • mAriE_ImUrCh-Ch-Ch-CherryBomb!

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  • Wolfi ♥(TEAM LEAH & F U MR)♥


    atleast stewy understands me!!

  • Hitchy(MBOLH)- Team Beardward

    SNOWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs across 3 or 4 provinces and tackles Snowy down into the snow. Grabs her shoulders and plants one on her* I missed you darlin'!

    Bahahahahahaha!!!!! that's exactly what I was thinking! She's so frickin' cute when she says things like that. I snickered and giggled for a good couple of minutes!

  • Hitchy(MBOLH)- Team Beardward

    Hey there TSO! Yep it's me! *puts palm to TSO's face, stares into her eyes for along moment* I missed you too…

    *snickers* LOL!

  • Twilight_In_Phx

    first of all, totally like that the MTV intros are editted out in-between each question 'cause that was annoying….second I liked this interview they both seemed relaxed in answering the questions…”I'll lay in the bathtub and look like a tool”…

    Obviously no script for BD yet, MR still trying to make it “organic”……. :P

  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

    *flips Hitchy over and smooches back* I missed you, too, darlin! ;)

    Yup, I totally snickered for that, along with my “uhuh” smirk… :D

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  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

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    I totally inked myself
    Oh my… you can't do that to me. I just melted into a puddle of goo.

  • TSO☠RespectTheMulletKittyMofo☠

    I totally inked myself
    Oh my… you can't do that to me. I just melted into a puddle of goo.

  • TSO☠RespectTheMulletKittyMofo☠

    You mean so much to me my gutter love.

    Is it sad that I think of you when I'm home alone?!

  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

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  • Hitchy(MBOLH)- Team Beardward

    I LOVE snow angels! *whispers* Can we make naughty ones? One of use can be Kristen and one can be Rob!

  • SnowyHedwig *Team Copward*

    *snickers* that sounds like fun… ;)

  • Sea chell – Team Kristen

    Yeah he seemed a little too relieved to hear that it was just bee pollen. hehe

  • Hope

    I really friggin' dislike that “journalist”/interviewer. He is the one who acts like such a tool… they HAVE to have someone better and more real to interview actors, directors,etc. He blows at this!!! Then again, MTV blows at everything….

  • Hitchy(MBOLH)- Team Beardward


    I'll be Rob!

    *lays down in snow*

    1) Shimmies up and down slowly to make a long, lanky snow angel
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    I'm facing you, your turn!

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    geez, no performance anxiety here! LOL *rubs temples* OK, I gotta do this justice…
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    *gets out of crater, kicks snow back into it*
    Yeah, OK, hafta do it this way…
    *calls 11yo over to lay down in snow* and she:
    1)shimmies up & down to make someone taller than her (but she's already up to my nose, so it's not that hard)
    2)runs fingers around head to create mullet
    3)gets up carefully, imprints chucks onto feet to give Kristen angel rightly-deserved chucks
    4)makes imprint of scarf knot to show where her t-shirt would be tied
    5)shoos daughter away, and writes “It's an effin' SNOW ANGEL, mofo!” underneath

    *looks at work and sighs* well, that's way better than if I'd used my body shape… LMAO

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