Kristen Stewart Featured In Elle UK Magazine

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Eclipse 00111 560x694 Kristen Stewart Featured In Elle UK Magazine kristen stewart

We previously posted Kristen Stewart’s portrait  at the Elle Style Awards, where she won Woman of the Year.  Here are the scans of Kristen featured in the April issue of Elle UK magazine.  

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Eclipse 00310 560x673 Kristen Stewart Featured In Elle UK Magazine kristen stewart

 Eclipse 0029 280x607 Kristen Stewart Featured In Elle UK Magazine kristen stewart


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  • CF911 Team Mullet Mofo

    That is a little odd, but the chick continues to astound me. I wonder if she was just joking. LOL

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    actually he was from the “edwardian” era which consists of 1901-1914. its called edwardian cos of king edward VII from the UK. and yes, UK's fashions influence america's cos their close allies. (and wikied it that lol)

    so it'd be fashion of the 1910s instead. :)

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    :D oooh she can pull that off!

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]


  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    LOL Okay. I'm sure if you thought it was befitting for Stewy, it will be quite interesting. I trust your Stewy senses, CF!

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    Those are both amazing. I hope it's something like that or maybe with something of a 20's flair – ruby cheeks, smoky eye…….We shall find out soon enough.

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    Oh, yeah – 16 years married, 22 years together total. WITH THE SAME MAN!!!! LOL When it's time, it's nice to do something different. People remember it and it's not the same predictable ceremony and reception over and over again. You will know what you want when it's time.

  • Team Swirl RWTP

    okie dokie, i think my avi is changed now! yaaay! sorry about the sexual one earlier

  • wendilili

    I saw that movie yesterday and I remmember that dress…
    It's really pretty.

  • TwilightInMyEyes*iNeedRM*

    she makes me want a dress with pockets. but where the eff would i wear it lol…..

  • vampwannabe

    we're gonna see it tonight. was it good???

  • SureSure4Rob

    She most certainly will shock and wow them with a dress made from a curtain! Gone With The Wind part 2! (oh Scarlet O'Hara)

    She could wear a pillow case and I'd still love the girl. Can't wait! How was Alice and Wonderland by the way?

  • SureSure4Rob

    The green ones?? Yikes! To each his/her own :-)

  • aMUSEdbyTwilightMuse4Eclipse

    Oh the dress was a Pucci not Chanel – so my source was correct, anyways I <3 it the best!!!!

  • TheHoneyBear


    (if you think i'm serious… LMAO at you)

    sarcasm aside, i think she looks beautiful, fierce, stunning, gorgeous, etc. take your pick.

  • Breesmom~team Bel-Ami Rob

    No. I was refering to the beige pants she wore to the RM premiere…I thought they were cool…looked great on her.

  • LTM – CryingOverKristen

    Yeah me too. Even though I'm fashion obsessed, I'm okay with Kris just being her indifferent self!


    This is one of the dresses that I love. She looks stunning and I would love to see her dress in the 20's style. It would be amazing if she does a movie from that time.

  • leahreallyitis

    hey gang just got home from seeing Alice In Wonderland it was good:) and Kristen you look awesome as always!:)

  • leahreallyitis

    oh yeah tomorrow night!:) and I will be watching the red carpet stuff I love that part!:) just got home from seeing Alice In Wonderland and it was very good:) and Kristen looks goregous in that pic!

  • leahreallyitis

    yes it is Kristen's turn!:)

  • leahreallyitis

    I love her dress! I wish I could wear it!:) well too tall anyway LOL:)

  • leahreallyitis

    exactly it is another side of Kristen I love the 20s fashions my grandmother used to dress like that and I like the 30s fashions too when I saw the movie Victor/Victoria some of the fashions/costumes were so beautiful and the movie was so good I have the DVD of that movie

  • leahreallyitis

    yeah in my shower;)

  • leahreallyitis

    LOL:) no pants for the ladie has to be a dress but I hope that what she wears is her style and what she likes:)

  • leahreallyitis

    ha ha ha ha ha! oh god!!! I know!:)

  • BMFIlovemuse

    really, cause my sister cant wait to watch it, I*m kind of interested myself so I*m going too…

  • leahreallyitis

    you will love it I saw it today it is really good I love Johnny Depp he is so good in this movie:)

  • leahreallyitis

    I bought the greatest hits CD of The Runaways at Borders for $11.99:)

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    Hey Leah, girl! Going to see Alice tonight at 10:00. So, it was good, huh? I'm so excited. Love Tim Burton movies and I really love me some Johnny Depp! Sorry I am behind in our e-mails. I trained someone for 2 days at work and last night I fell asleep really early. Out all day with hubby today, but he will be at work tomorrow. I'll catch up with ya then.

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    I don't think I ever saw that movie. Will have to check it out on netflix.

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    He is amazing in every movie he is in. The man can do no wrong when it comes to picking roles.

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    I am a girly girl. I love fashion. But I have to say I agree regarding Stewy. It's refreshing to see a young girl not trying to impress everyone with what designer did her dress. I hope she stays true to herself and keeps wearing the edgy clothes we love her in.

  • LTM – CryingOverKristen

    Yeah, even though I'm a fashion designer, I can admit that labels are completely overrated. As long as Kristen is being herself, I'll support her no matter what's she's wearing.

  • LTM – CryingOverKristen

    Yeah. I'm really into the 20s as well. I'm surprised that Kris is though, because right now she seems very 80s… I'd love to see her in a drop-waist dress, a cloche hat, and some pearls. That'd be amazing!

  • LipBitinBabestuknOhio

    She is so freakin beautiful…it should be illegal!…damn she's hott

  • KStew>>fffingRockS

    She will look great tomorrow in whatever she wears…just love her persona.

  • wannabeEsme

    Nutty is right. Having lived through the 70's I have to say there is pretty much nothing 70's about how KS dresses. Her skinny jeans, baggy knotted t-shirts and sneakers are much more in line with the 80's.
    The mullet is kind of 70's but even that didn't take off fully until the early 80's.
    The 20's was a truly beautiful era for fashion. So unique and avant garde. For the life of me, I cant see Kristen in that style but Id like to see her give it a go!

  • maggierobsten



  • maggierobsten

    OMFGGGGGG IS TEAM SWIRL DP REAL OR JAKE AND BELLA KISSING?????????????????????????????????????????

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    Oh, I didn't know you designed. That's really cool. I love drawing up sketches, but I could never actually make something. I lack skill in the sewing department. I usually just look for something similar to what I've drawn in an actual store that someone has already actually made. LOL

  • EAD_TeamTylersButt

    That's cool you design. I love to sketch out my ideas, but I lack the actually putting it together skills you need….oh, say, like….sewing. LOL I just go to the store and buy what someone has already made that may be similar to my idea. I envy that you do that. It's amazing talent.

  • twilightcherry

    In the second pic Kristen looks so very serious. *In thinking pose. finger on lip head to the side. hummmm

  • LTM – CryingOverKristen

    Me too! I'm just itching to know.

    My money's on a LBD by Burberry or Armani Prive. Or maybe another Oscar de la Renta???

    So excited!

  • belladonna101

    Yeah she seems to prefer Burberry Prorsum

  • McVamp vs. McWolf <3 Phx04

    Just think how much HOTTER she's gonna be at 25!!! OMG, I can't wait to watch her grow and mature even more!!! Eeek…

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