Kristen Stewart In FLAUNT – Video With HQ Pictures

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We previously showed you the Kirsten Stewart FLAUNT pictures that were shown during ET Canada here.

Here is a video with the pictures in high quality!

Enjoy ladies Eclipse icon smile Kristen Stewart In FLAUNT   Video With HQ Pictures  kristen stewart

[Thanks LittleMsMarie!]


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  • MABS(TeamAshleyGreene)



  • IndiesR

    One word……”FIERCE”!!!!

  • Ell-Tee-Em.


  • I♥TD-RoblorItUpANotch SlurpsUp

    How gorgeous is she?
    & the stares she's giving…whew.
    Is it getting hot in here?
    *fans self*

  • I♥TD-RoblorItUpANotch SlurpsUp


  • FTW – TeamSpoilerFree

    Aww I was hoping the video would be similar to Interview's video.

    She's beautiful. I began my hunt and came up empty, but I've been told this will be on stands in two weeks…so I'll start again.

    I will get my hands on this.

  • MABS(TeamAshleyGreene)

    When you find it let me know. I have also been on the look out but no such luck.

  • gennyuk~team-switzsparkles

    she is amazing and looks fantastic!!!!

  • Twilight_In_Phx

    MABs, you got first!!! Congrats.

    Have to watch this later…

  • MythicalMonster

    Wow! She looks really hot!!!

  • mAriE_KissingSceneInTheTrailer

    gah!!! thank you SO much TSH!! you just made my night (my time)!! *wiggles eyebrows* hehehe

    OMK!!! SO effing GORGEOUS! totally f*ckhot! *fans self*

    i can't get enough of you baby!” — sorry.. can't help it. i was inspired! ^_^

  • MABS(TeamAshleyGreene)


  • MABS(TeamAshleyGreene)


  • mAriE_KissingSceneInTheTrailer

    yeah! you go girl! i believe in you! KStew FTW!!! ^_^

  • Robertsgirl – Team v-necks

    Wow, she looks amazing!!

    Does anyone know if you can get Flaunt in the UK?

  • 30yearoldtwifan

    Dam Kristen! I am out of words on how Gorgas.. strong… Yummy. You are. These pics are amazing!!! I want more :)

  • vampwannabe *See Remember Me!*

    im just…wow…. kristen is stunning

    (luv the shoelace bracelet reappearance…wonder if rob is wearing his *winks*)
    ok..yeah…im robstenobsessed

  • Just_Me88

    Why should you stop being robsten obsessed? ;)

  • Jaypat

    Wow!! Just watched it. My little one came up beside me and said “She pretty” LOL!

    Kristen looked awesome!! and pretty!

  • Just_Me88

    It is just unfair how stunning she is!

  • linaINsweden

    She is so beautiful. This girl is amazing in any level:D That's why we love her ;)

  • Sic – SidewaysGangstew

    Dear Flaunt magazine,

    Why must you keep this hot a$$ issue out of my reach? You dangle it in front of my face like it's a piece of candy or something… NOT FAIR. I've looked in, under and on top of every shelf in every bookstore that I know of and it's never there.

    I WILL find this bad boy one day and when I do I'm going to eat it up just like I would that yummy piece of candy. I can't promise it won't get a little messy and that's all your fault.

    P.S. – Thank you for the daily unicorns. You sure know how to deliver on one part.

    Sic, aka a devoted Kristen fan. (GO TeamGangstew)

  • Sic – SidewaysGangstew

    They still had the March issue out at my B&N. When I asked them about it the sales guy told me it was a quarterly magazine and that it wouldn't come out again until June. I hope he's wrong, he has to be.

  • FTW – TeamSpoilerFree

    *pulls hair out*

    I didn't even see the magazine at Borders. I haven't searched B&N yet, if I see the magazine I'll be okay. I'll just check every two weeks or so lol

  • FTW – TeamSpoilerFree

    Kristen: Kid-approved.

  • ~NestingUpInRobsBotheredTree~

    that very last picture of her is breath taking.
    A picture is worth a thousand words.. but a picture of KStew is worth… hell.. its priceless. She is absolutely stunning.

  • Sic – SidewaysGangstew

    I looked in a Borders too and didn't see it. Idk what's going on. We'll find it somehow.

  • Stewy's soCOOL shemakesusDROOL

    Two words – F*CK ME!

    “Girl, you really got me going, you got me so I don't know what I'm doing” hehe! =D

  • TheHoneyBear

    I don't know…
    I mean she looks really good in this photoshoot.. but i wish she would step out of the box, and do something totally different. I mean this is like… Interview 2.0

    it's the same idea; same theme; same kind of shoot.
    she needs to do something different, because tbh the whole “dark, mysterious, badass” theme is getting old… magazines need to think of something more creative.

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K

    Okay, breathe, breathe, breathe…

    Everything about this photoshoot screams 'Kristen Stewart' to me.

    I want it right meow.

  • PKB_TeamEffMeEyes_Tres

    *hands paper bag to shell* here you go buddy!!

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K

    *panicking* What am I supposed to do with this?!! *chucks it over shoulder*

  • PKB_TeamEffMeEyes_Tres

    *looks around confused, finds Kstew life size cardboard* HERE!! Run shell run!!

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K


  • PKB_TeamEffMeEyes_Tres

    I guess I was trying to help but it's not working??? *takes back cardboard and walks home*

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K

    LOL no come back!!! *holds out arms to PKB*

  • PKB_TeamEffMeEyes_Tres

    *turns around, raises eyebrows, and runs into shell's arm* LOL

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K

    *flies out the window and lands on a tree with PKB on her back*

  • PKB_TeamEffMeEyes_Tres

    *giggles* I'm your spidermonkey! *face palm*

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K

    LOL I don't know what possessed me right now. I'm feeling a little loopy!

  • PKB_TeamEffMeEyes_Tres

    LOL *puts cold wash cloth on shell's forehead* I think it's all the Kristen news my dear.

  • C shell – IWannaBeUrDog/R&K

    Thanks babe. *closes eyes*

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