Life Size ‘Twilight’ Body Pillows!

Eclipse il 430xN 112032413 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen Eclipse il 430xN 112032785 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen

Your eyes have not deceived you.  It’s finally here, the Edward Cullen & perhaps is that Jacob Black?  Life-sized body pillow or ‘manllow’ as it’s being referred to -

Manllow: half man, half pillow.

For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one.

Made of soft cotton jersey, screen printed face, polyester stuffing and love.

Well, as I’m trying to contain myself and remain professional, all I have to say is…WOW and why does ‘Edward’ have a mole on his upper lip?  Bad news, if you planned on snuggling up to ‘Edward or ‘Jacob’ tonight, the ‘Manllow’  via Etsy is completely sold out! LMAO.

Check out some of the ways ‘manllow’ can be used after the break !

Eclipse il 430xN 112032485 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen Eclipse il 430xN 1120326961 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen [Source:, via Twilightish. Thanks, CJean!]

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  • mAriE_since 06/09 ^_^

    the girl has got some serious twifan problems. just saying… ^_^

  • ImThinkinSparklinHottie

    Haha…I know…if they actually looked like Edward or Jacob, I might want one but those things are creepy.

  • Enuf4Forever

    Oookaay….that is a little scary. *shudders*
    I'm all for things twi-related, but this doesn't exactly look like Edward or Jacob. If it actually looked like Edward…I would totally get one, except I would probably have the same situation as Bookobssessed!

  • edwardfeen

    so whos gonna buy one?

  • alliana0x

    Omg. That has to be one of the scariest things I've ever seen. I think it goes somewhere between the Edward shower curtain and the Edward wall sticker. O_O *hides*

  • jenbojenbojeno

    These are creepy!! I'm going to have nightmares D:

  • Gaby ( around april/ 09 )

    That poor girl!! ( in the pic )

    How terrified she must have felt..

    It's probbably a Shocker for her !! LMAO!

    You gonna be in a picture with Rob and Taylor!!! ooh !! ………

    WTF?? this!?!@#$%$$@*&

  • GGSophie


  • carlisleluvr4eva

    Thanks! :D I would say the same but I cant see what it is lol

  • Kstew rocks!TeamH-Bomb

    YEAH BOY!!! Did you like the music video for it? I thought it was amazing!

  • Marti (The Only Exception ♥)

    Of course, I did!
    Yeah, it's amazing!
    Hayley looks so adorable, guys really handsome and the conception is just fantastic! Plus TOE is a beautiful song.

    Who's your fav guy in the band? :D


    THOSE ARE FUGLY!!!!!! Nooooooooo….
    If I woke up and saw those staring at me…I'd scream in bed like Bella!!!!

  • Kstew rocks!TeamH-Bomb

    The video was breathtaking. I loved the part where she is with her dad and takes the picture. That was my favorite part.

    :D Josh easily, then it would go Jeremy, Taylor, and Zach.

    It's to bad that Josh is getting married! But I'm way happy for him.

  • Marti (Stewy Rocks The World!)

    Hahah for me it's definitely Jeremy. :)
    But Taylor is awesome too.

    Yeah, good for Josh! It'll be a great wedding, for sure. :)

  • edwardaddict17

    wow sold out!
    just think there are probably hundreds of girls across the country following this schedule:
    12:00 pm- Edward pillow arrives
    12:01 pm- squeals like Alice on cocaine until 12:10
    12:11 pm- places pillow in refrigerator
    10:00 pm- grabs Edward, runs to bed, and snuggles with their own personal cold vampire all night

    is it sad that I feel it is perfectly normal to be insanely jealous? haha

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    These are awful! I can't believe they are sold out. lol

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    LMAO! Poor Hubby. :(

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    They're Twilight giraffes! lol

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    Love ya too!!! :)

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    Haha!!! The neck is messed up! way, way too long! lol

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink* No problem! lol

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    Nightmares is right! I want to dream about Edward, not nasty turkey-neck. ROTF!

  • Cjean loves Bel Ami Rob

    They are so funny! :)

  • MrsEdward_Cullen

    what? Im not understanding..what happened and how is this old ass post tied
    to our convo now? HELPPPPPPPP lol i havent been..was i hacked? *runs and
    hides behind LMC*

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