Life Size ‘Twilight’ Body Pillows!

Eclipse il 430xN 112032413 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen Eclipse il 430xN 112032785 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen

Your eyes have not deceived you.  It’s finally here, the Edward Cullen & perhaps is that Jacob Black?  Life-sized body pillow or ‘manllow’ as it’s being referred to -

Manllow: half man, half pillow.

For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one.

Made of soft cotton jersey, screen printed face, polyester stuffing and love.

Well, as I’m trying to contain myself and remain professional, all I have to say is…WOW and why does ‘Edward’ have a mole on his upper lip?  Bad news, if you planned on snuggling up to ‘Edward or ‘Jacob’ tonight, the ‘Manllow’  via Etsy is completely sold out! LMAO.

Check out some of the ways ‘manllow’ can be used after the break !

Eclipse il 430xN 112032485 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen Eclipse il 430xN 1120326961 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen [Source:, via Twilightish. Thanks, CJean!]

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  • CherBear87

    Oh my gosh… These are kinda… Sorry to say, but silly. Kinda odd. All well. Makes money cuz I'm sure people will love them! LOL

    I think the “mole” is that indentment above the lip because of the way he's kind of pursing his lips. Since the faces are screens of pictures, it probably picks up on that because of how pronounced it is. I dunno. Just my opinion…

  • GoddessFreyja

    thanks for the welcome and avt.
    And for the love of all that's holy, those pillows are hideous *shudders*
    picture this, if you woke up from a nightmare, youll'd get a heart attack seeing those pillows, right next to you.
    I wouldn't mind having rpatz and taylor as my pillows LOL

  • bookobsessed

    “Gone with the Twilight”….LMAO!!!!..That is brilliant!!!

  • Marti (The Only Exception ♥)

    Haha and this is one of many reasons why we all love her. Her facial expression is amazing.

  • leahreallyitis

    ha ha ha ha ha haha!!!! I amm so hard right now! oh that was good! I love it! you are so funny! that just made my day! I have blow my nose now and wipe my eyes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • theCullenBunch..theCullenBunch

    I had Victoria because one she looks so pissed in the pic and two she is Rachelle…..and yeah scummit. damn them. they ruined twilight. with bad commericalism and a horrible marketing/pr and terrible writer. they have killed twilight. I like to brady brunch reruns and I saw this while surfin' and went for it. chocolate makes me happy and scummit makes pissy. i love to rant. let it out let it go.

  • laj_tmbmhb CarolinaCullenCoven

    ummm no thanks i think id have nightmares w these pillows,plus my hubby agreed to my new moon calender anything else would prob send him over the edge but they r not good pillows dont even look like em

  • AngeT77

    Sad so very sad… LOL

  • leahreallyitis

    WRONG ALL COUNTS!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha! he looks like something unexplainable! ha ha ha ha ha I love you Rob but not this pillow! ha ha ha ha

  • bookobsessed

    *hands Leah a tissue* I had to do it. Especially after the wall sticker incident. :)

  • sagrario

    Wellcome, feel free to talk with all of us…and beautiful avie!!!!

  • leahreallyitis

    you all are killing me here! ha ha ha ha ha! i need go to clean my face! if I got something like that I would be commited my family would do it too they are aready think I'm crazy!

  • leahreallyitis

    sad and wrong! ha ha ha ha:)


    The girl in the picture bought them all…

  • leahreallyitis

    wrong is just undestatement what person in their right would want to buy that?! that is creepy and insane eeeeeewww.

  • bookobsessed

    Welcome Freyja. I have to ask are you a Kresley Cole fan? Isn't that name from the Immortals After Dark Series?….I love her books.

  • bettingonalicexo

    yes we all feel the same way haha :D

  • leahreallyitis

    ha haha haa probably I would'nt past her LOL:)

  • H2B ~Team Fun + Mutual Respect

    I would use the picture where Rob & I shared our special moment together. I would use a manip where Edward is kissing Bella (ME!) on the bed from the Eclipse leaked stills. That way I can put the pillows hand on my **** to reenact the groping scene!


  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    CJ, IFLY!!! :-)

  • H2B ~Team Fun + Mutual Respect


    Welcome home!!!!


    dude that is creepy

  • bookobsessed

    hmmm very creative H2B…..perhaps you should add a pocket in the pillow to hold an electric Eddie….you know in case of emergencies….LMAO!!!!!


    Well, she certainly looks like she's going to wear them out.. they'll be droopy in no time! :)

  • leahreallyitis

    he looks like an alien! ha ha ha ha! I'm sorry but he does:)

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    can i have a link too?

    k i'll admit i was a bad girl and read your other ff even though im not 18… but my opinion of it stands as this: EPIC

  • leahreallyitis

    oh that's a good one! ha ha ha ha

  • PhoenixMP3 ~ Mrs. Cudmore

    *shining sheriff star* :D

    you might but considering the language useed so far you might just make it …..


  • MrsEdward_Cullen

    Holy smokes!!! *hugs*

  • leahreallyitis


  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    …i honestly can't think of a possible way to comment on this…

  • Mrs Edward Cullen

    LMAO Snowyyyy

  • LMCullen [Awesome since Mar09]


    NO!! No dumping!! He can help me!! Best ref. ever .. who wants to peeve off the hungry vampire?!?! NO ON!! LOL

  • Mrs Edward Cullen

    ^^^ wrong acct lol oops

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    lol i just noticed that in the 2nd pic jacob is giving that girl the death stare

    ….probably cuz she turned him into a effin pillow for god's sake!!

  • LMCullen [Awesome since Mar09]

    Dear lord … which profile do you use to comment?!?!?!? LOL

  • TeamSwitzcob (TRotation/Meg)

    Seriously… they look deranged and not like the Jacob and Edward we love. I think I'd be frightened if I woke up and saw these. LOL.

    Funny, though, I have been thinking lately about a new body pillow.. mine's a bit lumpy and worn. ;)

  • H2B ~Team Fun + Mutual Respect

    *takes notepad & pencil out again*

    No SM Alice & no Cullens. Write an unrelated FF with Captain Jasper & Miss Lisa in Gone with the Twilight.

    GOT IT!!! I'll update DBD tonight then I'll start on yours. Is a SS ok with you? Maybe 10 chapters or less? I can hammer that out quickly for you & um the others who seem to be interested in my writings. Whod-a-thunk I'd have people enjoy my writings.

  • TeamSwitzcob (TRotation/Meg)

    Jacob's just waiting his turn… face down. LOL Wow, that sounded raunchy. haha.

  • ratherbeinISLEesme

    creep-tacular. seriously it's just weird.

  • H2B ~Team Fun + Mutual Respect

    My…my…my writing was EPIC?

    *turns ten shades of red*

    I, in good conscious, can not condone sharing my mature writings with someone who isn't of age. Are you at least 16 in Europe? I can look past the age thingy if you meet the latter? If not, then I beg of you to not click on my name which takes you to my FF author page where it shows all of my writings. Where Gone with the Twilight will be posted by the end of the week.

    Um, I think I covered my butt on this one, right? LOL

  • Team Robert&Taylor

    hahahhaha omfg! I just peed my pants! (not really) but your comment made me laugh so hard hahaha

  • GoddessFreyja

    hey the girl is not giving the twilight fans a bad name…. she just made herself look ridiculous

  • Team Robert&Taylor

    These are just creepy! The don't even really look like them…. I won't be getting these, I'll have nightmares about them killing me during the night, if I did haha

  • hoodedrobmissesthemullet


  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    I've missed it! Nice and cozy here :)

  • hoodedrobmissesthemullet

    *screams at top of lungs* Sorry. Love the avi. Yummikins.

  • leahreallyitis

    oh thank you bookobsessed:) you crack me up! haha ha I know the wallsticker incident oh god that was funny! it is very a good thing that i am not drinking anything right now:) and the Jacob pillow oh. my.god. :)

  • Twilight_In_Phx

    They are slightly scary looking. Don't know if I could even pretend to want to lay on them – even if they are Jacob and/or Edward!

  • leahreallyitis

    ha ha h ha ha ha no kidding! ha ha ha ha:)

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