Life Size ‘Twilight’ Body Pillows!

Eclipse il 430xN 112032413 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen Eclipse il 430xN 112032785 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen

Your eyes have not deceived you.  It’s finally here, the Edward Cullen & perhaps is that Jacob Black?  Life-sized body pillow or ‘manllow’ as it’s being referred to -

Manllow: half man, half pillow.

For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one.

Made of soft cotton jersey, screen printed face, polyester stuffing and love.

Well, as I’m trying to contain myself and remain professional, all I have to say is…WOW and why does ‘Edward’ have a mole on his upper lip?  Bad news, if you planned on snuggling up to ‘Edward or ‘Jacob’ tonight, the ‘Manllow’  via Etsy is completely sold out! LMAO.

Check out some of the ways ‘manllow’ can be used after the break !

Eclipse il 430xN 112032485 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen Eclipse il 430xN 1120326961 Life Size Twilight Body Pillows! merchandise jacob black funny edward cullen [Source:, via Twilightish. Thanks, CJean!]

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  • hoodedrobmissesthemullet

    Shhhhh…hubby already suspects something. *pushes Rob pic back under own standard size pillow*

  • LMCullen [Awesome since Mar09]

    Sounds good to me!!!

    *jumps up and down in excitement*

  • TeamCharlie38

    Haha. I love you! This is my 2nd post…Wilfy helped me set up my account and pick out my avi pic. You like? I'm starting to get the hang of it :)

  • Kstew rocks!TeamH-Bomb

    Your screen name “The Only exception” Are you a paramore fan?

  • TJWG*Taycob_TDL

    WOW… this is just wierd O_o

  • ive seen the twilight

    these are just disgusting theres no way sm or rp or tl approved these i just cant see it.

  • AshleyAnne5

    hahahaha this reminds me of one of the recent 30 rock episodes with the pillows who are supposed to be people!

  • BBAttack_TeamBigGoldBed

    Edward looks like an angry giraffe.

    They could be used to deter burglers, No one would break in with those two specimens in the window!!

    Or as fancy, really big oven gloves?

  • JuliaPattz–team flounder


    wow. life-size manllows? these are the freakiest looking pillows i have ever seen in my life. and who would actually think to sell something that looks nothing like edward or jacob? if i woke up to that i think i would scream.
    come on now, people. thats just a liiiittle too much.

  • H2B ~Team Fun + Mutual Respect

    *claps hands*

    Oh I do like it! I'm so happy you're becoming more Twi-Sessed!

  • Name


  • Robertsgirl

    I have one word – hideous!!

    And calling them Manllows WTF??!!

  • carlisleluvr4eva

    THATS REALLY CREEPY!!! :/ thats soo weird…..

  • kelsey_loves_emmett

    I was wondering if anybody else noticed that these things had freakishly long giraffe necks.

  • TeamCharlie38

    More and more obsessed every day :)

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha, love your comment about burglars. Can't stop laughing – keep seeing them standing in the window, hahahaha…

  • hoodedrobmissesthemullet

    Well, hello there, Dr. Cullen. Great avi.

  • Gaby ( around april/ 09 )


    I used to have one body pillow while I was pregnant,…

    and name its David Beckham!

    Hubby had such a hard time with it..

    he would say something like , hun could you please remove David Beckham out of my way, LOL

    These so gonna make his day, LOL

  • VAMPLOVER CarolinaCullenCoven

    Hahahaha Hey leah, remember me telling you quite a while ago we need a life size Rob body pillow??————-Not exactly what i envisioned. LOL OMG! I'd think there should be a way to put at large picture(the real thing) lol onto a regular body pillow. If I had the money and time, I know I could get it together. You know, ANY picture of Rob standing up,which would cover the pillow*Drooling thinking about it. LOL Better yet, the picture of him in NM with no shirt. Gahh!! You know, If they do it on tees and bookbags, doggone it, there's a way to get it on a body pillow. But this was DEFINITELY NOT my vision of a Rob pillow. That'd scare the S__ out of me. hahaha
    *sigh* It would be so sweet to cuddle up to a Rob pillow with THE eyes right there. * Gads! Gotta visit LGR.

  • VAMPLOVER CarolinaCullenCoven

    hahahahahaha. That is soo funny. The head IS lika a Turkey neck and the body loks like a Twilight ET. LOL hahahaha

  • VAMPLOVER CarolinaCullenCoven

    hahaha. KT, I have one of Rob on his cell phone laughing ,so when I look at it I think it's him calling. lol -Really gone-I am. LOL

  • OhEdward (The Original)

    I try!

  • Name

    This is the single most fucked up thing I have ever seen. This looks like a life sized R-Patz voodoo doll… Congratulations Twilight, not only have you ruined vampires, but now you will haunt my nightmares with your gigantic pillows…. If I just keep staring at it, it won't kill me… If I just keep staring at it, it won't kill me… OH SHI-

  • TeamCharlie12

    There is a way to do that. About 10 years ago I was head over heals in love with Leo DiCaprio and my awesome dad bought me a body pillow with his face on it for Valentine's Day. I think a white body pillow case and your local copy shop/kinko's can do that for you for much cheaper than these UGLY pillows. You have to provide the picture in the appropriate size though

  • Eclipse

    LMAO! tHIS LOOK HILLARIOUS hahahaha If they were only the real deal

  • ami200485

    HA HA That is just too funny what will they come up with next

  • Team Seth & Alec!! (F.O.M.R.)


    You can take your f**ken HATRED and shove it!

    PFT! Ruined vampires!!??? Let me guess, you liked it better when an old guy put on a red and black cape, turned into a CGI bat, slept in the ground and screamed at the site of garlic!!??

  • Hitchy

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!! I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!!!!

    It looks like thei faces got smeared on their way out of being printed!!!


  • VAMPLOVER CarolinaCullenCoven

    Oh, thanks. I think a full size Rob would be awesome. Cuddle up to him and dream—————— Merciiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 30yearoldtwifan ♥Team Nessie♥

    Yup and all the RP and TL haters need are a few pins and poor Rob will be toast!


    Yes these things are scary! someone hold me! “preferably the real Rob”

  • 30yearoldtwifan ♥Team Nessie♥

    Baaaaaa haaaaa! BB!!!! LMFAO!

    thats all. :)

  • chicadelcaribe

    this is by far the most amazing thing I've ever seen

  • cassidyiluvwa

    i agree, these things seriously creep me out.
    but for all of you creepy perverted people, this is pretty much your own blow up doll of Edward Cullen. go party

    *shivers* this is probably there worst product for twilight they have made yet

  • TLG_theLGR's_Aro

    why are you here??


  • Daddy_C_4ME

    Ladies..this is the reason why you should not read your Tweets during meetings. I was intrigued by the title of the tweet and clicked on the link. When I saw the pictures of the manllows I couldn't help but laugh hysterical and go WTF?? My boss asked if I had something to share. Oh yeah…nice move.

  • Daddy_C_4ME

    Sorry..and gentlemen…..

  • Daddy_C_4ME


  • Daddy_C_4ME

    Max Headroom…LOL… you ARE showing your age. But then again, I guess I am too.

  • HHIMC<RMSmolderingTyler23Days!

    Oh my…
    *shakes head*
    Only in Japan…….

  • Joanne Volturi

    They look creepy :|

  • BBAttack_TeamBigGoldBed


  • BBAttack_TeamBigGoldBed

    Why don't they make an MR one?

    Punchbag anyone??

  • fabby_fezulous04/?/09Tveterans

    see even ur avi is laughing his A$$ off!…this is just too much O.O…what have they done to the gorgeoius man that is robert pattinson….and the hotness that is taylor lautner…
    *shakes head*
    first the creepy looking dolls….then the sticker on the wall(though i kinda want that one *giggles*) and now this! looks like one of those punching we would use them as pillows and the husbands as anger release?!??? 0.o WTF IS UP WITH THAT?

  • Chel*Team Vets*

    eh wow…like…. em…. ok thats some freaky sh*t!!!! I'd rather have the real thing lmao

  • fabby_fezulous04/?/09Tveterans

    oh CF i've missed readin ur crazy comments..and wow what i way to come back to this site..and seeing this…im seriously freaked out…i think that who ever created this was a serious twilight hater….cuz come on!..they're body parts should be harder *winks*
    that girl is seriously getting excited by getting her pics taking with them…
    now that i look @ it…i think this are movie stills of a bad porn
    *shakes head*
    and they say twifans are weird!

  • minkymink_TeamWhyCantIHaveBoth

    yes, you covered but!

    i did enjoy your ff, but unfortunately im only 14

    …but i am skilled in the ways of patience…

    i'll hang onto your links ^^ PS: keep writing

  • facebook-596650139

    Am I the only one wondering if the Edward manllow has a compartment for ice so that he can be icy cool and the Jacob manllow comes equipped with a heating pad so he can be all wolfy warm and toasty? I'm just saying….

  • GoddessFreyja

    No that's a thought.
    I mean if they kept you warm or cold, maybe I might wanna have them hmm…
    psst who am i kidding, there still scary * shudders*….hish

  • GoddessFreyja

    and funny as it may sound but Freyja is well my real name.
    I know she's a goddess and stuff, but thanks for the heads up I''ll check out the series.

  • Marti (The Only Exception ♥)

    Hell yes, I am.

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