Marc Malkin Tweets A Picture Of The MTV Movie Awards Seating Arrangements!

Eclipse mtv seating 560x418 Marc Malkin Tweets A Picture Of The MTV Movie Awards Seating Arrangements! taylor lautner robert pattinson mtv movie awards kristen stewart featured eclipse

Marc Malkin has just tweeted out a picture of the MTV Movie Awards seating arrangements!

Are y’all getting excited?


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  • mlj (Team Pea Coat)

    Can’t wait to see the Holy Trinity, can’t wait to see what they are wearing, can’t wait to see what Rob and Kristen do when they win best kiss!

  • EdwardsNana

    Well at least they got the seating right.  Robert & Kristen.  

  • Anonymous

    So now that we see the Trio together, does this mean the others have back section seats with the fans?
    We all know Robsten will be next to each other like last year. Sooo excited, I can’t sleep, I keep dreaming about this night and wishing I was right next to them…lol

  • Anonymous

    EN, they know better!!! The cameras will be on them two like flees on a dogs tail….lol

  • Anonymous

    Me too!!!

  • EdwardsNana

    True Twilight_a_drug2_me.  I just hope Robert & Kristen just chill out and be themselves………who cares what they catch on camera.  Robert doesn’t care.  Lets face it, if they are getting best kiss three years in a row.  Just let your hair down and go with the flow.  People love this couple.  It’s not like the paparazzi are there invading their privacy.  This is for the fans who voted countless times for them.  We can’t help it if we love this young couple and wish them only the best.  Whether they be just dear friends or a loving couple.

  • Anonymous

    I hope so too! I went back and watched them last year and they were laughing and having fun, playing around and I hope to see that again.

  • EdwardsNana

    Well twilight_a_drug_2_me, by Sunday night we will know.  I just can’t wait……but I know I have to….

  • iSparkleToo

    I find it amusing that they’ve left space for plus ones next to Rob and Kristen. Because yeah, that’s going to happen…. lol

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