Melissa Rosenberg Talks Eclipse with Reelz Channel

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Naibe Reynoso for Reelz Channel interviewed screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently about the Twilight Saga and what scenes we’ll see in this summer’s Eclipse……the tent scene!!   Intense!

[Source: ReelzChannel.  Thanks Kristin @ Reelz Channel!]


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  • TSO☠MarriedPopperLina&Marie☠

    LMAO!! This one is all about hating on MR. So lets see how it goes.

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)

    Can't wait!! =D

  • mary83

    Hahaha, when you said crazy, I imagined that in a singing spongebob voice! I'm weird =P

    Oh believe me, within minutes of coming here, my sides are usually splitting with laughter!

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamUpNotherNotch)

    lmao i guess i kind of do sound like spongebob when i say it!
    lol b/c i do say it in a falsetto voice. does that make me weird too?

  • mary83

    Nah, I love Spongebob, and that is coming from a 26 year old. That's probably why I felt weird!

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamUpNotherNotch)

    lmao well this 18yr old loves some spongebob!!

  • DM_KissMeEdward

    I would have signed it, if it didn't include getting CW for BD. I'm sorry but I didn't like his work in NM, I thought the editing was terrible. And yes I know that we can blame a lot of that on the script, but still the movie was too choppy and flat (no heart or soul). Where CW did well was the look of the picture and the colors, but that's it as far as I am concerned. And I don't want him to direct BD.

    So while I would have loved to sign this petition, because I want MR fired, I can't because of the CW bit.

  • Lisa Pierce

    I agree, get rid of MR, she's useless. 2nd thing, stop trying to make the movies suitable for “tweens” to watch. The books aren't aimed at such a young audience so stop “dumbing down” the movies so they can watch it. They have Hannah Montana, let us have the Twilight saga as true to the books as possible.

  • iLoveTaycob_x3

    wow. i must say that i AM a little scared of what she's done to Eclipse. :[

  • Challenge_This

    And then I used my fat bonus check and had my entire face re-done!

  • Challenge_This

    And then I used my fat bonus check and had my entire face re-done!

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