Melissa Rosenberg Talks Eclipse with Reelz Channel

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Naibe Reynoso for Reelz Channel interviewed screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently about the Twilight Saga and what scenes we’ll see in this summer’s Eclipse……the tent scene!!   Intense!

[Source: ReelzChannel.  Thanks Kristin @ Reelz Channel!]


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  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)

    *gulp* I hope we won't have to!

  • Chel* all i want 4 xmas is RP*

    *drops to knees* PLEASE SCUMMIT don't make us angry, please tell us you have parted ways with the nasty MR!!!

    Maybe that might work……..maybe :(

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)

    I do =]

    How should I give you my info?

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)

    if Summit decided to get rid of MR I'll tattoo their logo across my chest!

  • Chel* all i want 4 xmas is RP*

    LOL i'm gonna hold you to that but they won't they're to chicken to do it!! Stupid scared Scummit!!!

  • TSO☠MarriedPopperLina&Marie☠
  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)


    I'll do it for them if they are too scared!

    It's easy.

    Lina: Hey Melissa, I'm kicking your a$$ to the curb. Pack your s^^t and get the Hale out of here.

    MR: ok Lina, you're right. I do passionately suck at these screenwrites. I'll leave now. Good luck with that tattoo.

    See? Simple as that!

  • Chel* all i want 4 xmas is RP*

    Woohoo i'll stand beside you with the baseball bat jsut incase she doesn't go quietly!!

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)

    haha!! & super massive black hole could be playing in the background! lol

  • medical school twi-guy

    melissa rosenburg, you dont take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster at all. You miss the emotions totally. You might write in the main moments, but you miss all the little bits that take the fans on an emotional ride when we read the book. She just doesn't understand the main concepts of these books. The triangle is cool and all, but please stop making it like thats what eclipse is about. The main point of eclipse is still the strength of edward and bellas love. Jake does become a very big problem and he does become an obstacle for edward and bellas love b/c he does have some kind of human connection with bella, but bella easily throws aside the idea of her picking jake. Eclipse is 629 pages and the whole love triangle moving to a climax really doesnt happen to chapter 22 of 26…there is so much more than tent scene, love triangle, and fight scene.

    I know all those scenes are big ones in the book, but there is so much more that defines the book and i wish she would touch on the little moments. And i wish she would voice the main point of the book. Its not about the love triangle, its not about bellas choice, its about the strength of bella and edwards love and how nothing can conquer their love.

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)

    done annnnddd done my love

  • Chel* all i want 4 xmas is RP*

    Oh heck yeah!!! I can just hear the opening bar of the song now!!!

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward)


    Then you hit her a “home run” *wink wink*

    She's going, she's going, she's outta herrrrreeee!

  • Chel* all i want 4 xmas is RP*

    *Hears crack in the distance* Ooh sounds like she hit a tree that gotta hurt bahahahahaha serves her right
    *highfives Lina* Nice Work!!!

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)


    *highfives Chel*

    Buh-bye MR!

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)

    I think it's you I just sent the request to on FB

    It's the only Jenny Olivardia in Miami, FL sooo..I went with it lol

  • Chel* all i want 4 xmas is RP*


  • TSO☠MarriedPopperLina&Marie☠

    Yes! it's me.
    *runs to FB*

  • TSO☠MarriedPopperLina&Marie☠

    Just accepted you!
    You truly are an exotic beauty. How could you have kept this a secret from me?! My Jordanian Princess is quite a site!!

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)


    OME TSO you are gorgeous! Literally beautiful!
    Why does Miami have to be so far from LA??

  • TSO☠MarriedPopperLina&Marie☠

    Lucky you!

  • Gypsy0531

    yes and if she does write breaking dawn and it's made into 2 parts, you re going to need 2 books to whack her with. one for messing up part1 and the other for up messing part 2. maybe you can hold one in each hand and whack her non-stop.

  • mary83

    Aww, I kinda thought the loca's were cute…


  • mary83

    Hilarious! I wish I could click “like” a thousand times!

  • SquareBanana

    Aww well… we need to keep in touch!

    This is how we should do it.

    hopefully the link works.. please don't take it down…]



  • Team Jacksper (AKA: Rachael)

    Whoo! Yay for Georgia girls!! :)

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamUpNotherNotch)

    lol don't duck!
    i think it is's funny but cute. haha

  • Cjean>Leader of Team Leg Hitch

    I put this on LTCB's blog, but I'll copy/paste it here:

    I'm reading Eclipse now..and I think it has the most romantic scenes of the entire saga. Leg-hitch, proposal, later in the meadow at the end of the book…other little things here and there that Edward does now that he is back (ex. leaving a note for B when he leaves for hunting: Take care of my heart, I left it with you).

    The end of Eclipse and some moments scattered apart are very dark. But There are many romantic and even funny moments in Eclipse.
    There is the sex talk with Charlie, when J kisses B and she punches him, the entire tent scene, etc.

    Anyway, sorry to rant, I just hope the don't forget the other aspects and more important ones for sake of having more “action” in the film. :/

  • DM_KissMeEdward

    Can Summit please fire this woman? I mean we already know that there is the tent scene.

    What we want to know is if the most important scenes are there, meaning the E/B scenes!! And I agree with all who said that Eclipse is not even really a love triangle, because there was never any doubt in Bella's mind about Edward and her love for him. She never wavered and she always knew that Edward was the only one she wanted.

    It's enough that MR took out some of the best E/B parts in NM, I really hope that the same doesn't happen in Eclipse. If the E/B scenes suffer because they're adding that stupid Riley/Victoria back-story, or because they're wasting time on fight sequences (there is only one fight scene in the book, and it is towards the end! They had better not be adding other fight scenes!), or because they're focusing on this so called “love triangle” instead of E/B…

    I really am convinced that this woman doesn't have a romantic bone in her body. She had better not downplay the E/B relationship and their love story!

    I really can't endure another movie where they cut us short on E/B! Please don't ruin Eclipse! (I hope that the director might have salvaged what this screen writer probably ruined)

  • uinen

    For everybody's sake, just sack her already, before she kills what's left of twilight saga.

  • Flowers_and_Cookies (Patzy)

    LMAO! That was….erm…well, weird is what it was…

  • uinen

    I agree with my heart and soul

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)

    I am, I am!

    Where the stars live lol.

  • uinen

    If CW gets to do BD, it will end up in disaster. He could not save new moon, I doubt he can manage breaking dawn

  • uinen

    Exactly, sure, sure is like an icon, it's almost a signature to jacob. And yes, sack melissa. I think we should put a bic petition on web to sack her

  • FTW – Bring on Remember Me!

    *trying to keep from fangirling*

    Are you positive?! I remember details about the very last scene they filmed..and we all assumed it was either the leg hitch or the proposal…but it sounded more like the proposal to me. I don't know why I'm freaking out so much about the leg hitch but I NEED to see that on the big screen :(

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamUpNotherNotch)

    *looks to the heavens* finally someone agrees with me!!!

  • SquareBanana

    haha. I know. I just like that it is called “banana phone”

    banana phone… dum du dum…

    banana phone….. lol

    :D you can always count on me to find strange videos on
    youtube :D

    On Wed, 02 Dec 2009 23:10:02 -0000

  • tua_cantante

    I'm cracking up about this. Riley!!! Who cares? If I never hear the name Riley again, I'll die a happy woman.

  • Paula

    can someone tell me that i'm just having a nightmare and this criature is not about to distroy my favorite book?????

    I really need to see the tent scene too! Eclipse is all about how their love is stronger than anything. Let's pray and hope that someone remembers it

  • My_brand_of_Leg_Hitch

    LOL! “Epic Whack!!!”

    Breaking News:

    Breaking News:

    Twi-fans upsat with MR for making a mess of their saga have put her in the hospital by “Breaking Face”.


  • FTW – Bring on Remember Me!

    I need that Fire & Ice chapter word for word. I'm pretty sure we won't get our way that far, but it better be pretty darn close! It's my favorite chapter! SM's too!

  • mary83

    *puts head back up* Ok, my fault. I thought you meant you didn't like that part.

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamUpNotherNotch)

    no!! i think several people up here can tell you, i say that line alot maybe too much i'm trying to tone it down lol.
    but i still want my “sure,sure.” line!

  • mary83

    I loved Jake's “sure,sure's” too. I guess that just proves how little I post, and how much I lurk!! But I'm getting braver :)

  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamUpNotherNotch)

    yeah you should. it's fun actually..some of us are really funny!
    *waves at mary83* Come on out!!
    we won't bite! well i wont. haha some of these people are..

  • uinen hey sign this and pass the link around

  • TSO☠MarriedPopperLina&Marie☠

    Lucky, lucky you! I'm so glad we are married now. So if you randomly spot a celebrity and you snap a pic, you can send it to me through FB. I love you my lovely Princess!

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)

    Breaking Face


    Yes, financial pain hurts so much longer than physical pain lol. I'd rather get broken than be broke lol.

  • lina_cullen (i♥edward&TSO)

    Oh TSO my love!

    I so enjoy waking up at 4 in the morning to your comments!
    Yes, of course I will send it to you! You'd be first! That's part of the benefit of marriage ;)

    I hear you have a new song ready to go? I'm trying to prepare my heart to fall in even more love with you!

    But everytime I try I *thud*

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