Melissa Rosenberg Talks New Moon, Eclipse Proposal, and Breaking Dawn!

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Eclipse melissarosenberg 1 Melissa Rosenberg Talks New Moon, Eclipse Proposal, and Breaking Dawn! must see melissa rosenberg has an exclusive interview with the Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

In the interview Melissa talks about the proposal at the end of New Moon, the actual proposal in Eclipse, and briefly talks about  Breaking Dawn -

In your script for Twilight, you wrote in a number of direct quotes from Stephenie Meyer’s book. Can we expect the same in New Moon and Eclipse?

There are definitely some quotes sprinkled throughout. In some cases I’m paraphrasing, but I do try to include as many as I can. It’s very important. It brings the flavor of the book into the movie, so I definitely try to.

Fans want to know: Did the proposal scene make it into New Moon?

The proposal comes into the end of New Moon, and that is the first proposal. Absolutely in Eclipse, the proposal when they’re on the bed, yes — to me, that was a quintessential scene from the book. When Edward gets on his knees, with his mother’s ring, and she says yes — that was one of the most romantic scenes that Stephenie wrote in all four books.

Wyck Godfrey specifically said that if Breaking Dawn was made, it would absolutely be a PG-13 film, so it seems that staying true to that story’s specific events while making it suitable for younger audiences would be challenging.

Well yes, you have to know your audience. And… there’s no reason for it not to be. It could be PG-13.

The thought of Edward down on is knees asking Bella to marry him with is mothers ring = LMC crying. OME.

Melissa Rosenberg also talks about some of the added scenes in New Mooncheck it out here!

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  • agava [PeaceLove&Twilight]

    I hope she wrote that proposal well… she'd better have!

    All I care about now is the official confirmation that they WILL be making BD into a movie. I hope they announce it after NM is released.

    I don't know what Summit is waiting for, but I have never understood their policy…

  • edwardcullen_luvr

    I know, it is killing me. Their secrecy about BD is stupid. Why do they think they need to wait??

  • *Team*ThePlayButtonIsEvil*

    Well Happy Birthday to us!!!! I had the same weekend last year when Twilight came out. Isn't it wonderful!

  • nomesters

    Sry I didn't get back to you sooner, I went to sleep.

    I am SO GLAD she wasn't hired to work for Whedon too, I loved Buffy so much as well.

    Maybe I was being too harsh on her, I didn't like what she did with Twilight, but I will wait to see New Moon. I just hated this interview, she seemed to not understand the concept of answering questions….

  • Gypsy0531

    If you can read Breaking Dawn then you shouldn't have any problems seeing it in the theatre


  • edwardcullen_luvr

    There will be hale to pay if there are no feathers….

  • Gypsy0531

    She did invent this. He never gave her a Dream Catcher. The only thing I do remember jacob giving her was a box of conversation hearts on valentine`s day

  • Chel*Team NMS*

    SERIOUSLY she wrote the screenplay for Step Up???
    Thats a really really good sign i think i may be giving MR the benefit of the doubt for the time being

  • Chel*Team NMS*

    Wow you're so Lucky i'm so freaking jealous right now!!!

  • Chel*Team NMS*

    I know if theres no feathers i'll hop on the first flight from ire i can get and i'll hunt MR down and make her pay!!!!!

  • I<3VegetarianVamps

    LOL yeah I watched it not long ago and caught her name on the credits. Then I googled it just to make sure I wasn't seeing things lol!

  • OCullenD

    Oh Thank God, you quoted that! I mean, I LOVE Isle Esme.. god, who wouldnt with the feathers, headboard, ripped lingerie, sexy banter…

    BUT, i am ALL ABOUT the COTTAGE FLOOR! Wild abandon!! AAAAHH!

    And now that you wrote the quote i am off to read it again in full…

  • Chel*Team NMS*

    I'm so gonna have to pull it off the shelf and watch it again to check that out LOL

  • OCullenD

    I am a little slow on some of these articles because i spent the day yesterday staring and obsessing over the Harper's Robsten photoshoot! I forgot the world existed outside of that!

    Okay, YAY… the proposal! I appreciate that MR indicated it was one of the most romantic scenes in the saga with Edward on one knee, slipping on his Mother's ring!! I get teary just thinking about this playing out on screen. But, isnt that a silly question, is it in the movie? I mean, helloooo, that is a DEFINING scene and could not be cut. This also makes me happy because i can picture the “compromise” scene! aaaahhh! Unbuttoning Edward's shirt.. twice! Him giving in for a while.. finally, before stopping. Their cute banter! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! I love, love, love that scene! Hot, sweet, full of love..!!!

    Now, as for BD… we all KNOW they are going to make it. They can not NOT make it, that would be ridiculous! I have to give MR credit that she says she doesn't write for the “age group” she writes it for herself and all ages! Well, good, i hope she is as obsessed with the steamy, sensuous scenes as me because, well… BD better bring the heat!! Helloo Isle Esme, with the ocean, the feathers, the headboards, the ripped French lingerie and the sexy as all hell banter between the two of them! And my personal favorite, Cottage Floor!! We couldn't make it to the bed!! MR.. please, do right by us in that scene. Thanks.

    As for the blood and gore, i dont think it needs to be done all gross and gory. It can be done PG-13 and be completely appropriate and get the story across!!

    I am so excited for NM, Eclipse and the confirmation that BD is being made! Bring it on!!!

  • rpattzgirl

    The proposal is in New Moon according to Chris W as well-although it wasn't in the script…he did say he added it, but it's different than the book…

    Thank GOD the actual one was kept in line with the book!

  • laj_teambreakmyheadboard

    im 30 and proud too! its nice to know we r not alone and i agree they should keep us happy i want what i envisioned in my head when i read the book to be on the big screen

  • HeyheyEdday

    I also will have a birthday two days before it comes it! You guys are November Eighteenths, right?

  • *Team*ThePlayButtonIsEvil*

    Yup thats mine, November 18th =) Go Scorpios!!!!

  • cullenist09

    34 and proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 kids,including one as obsessed as myself……I definatlet agree on a deleted mscene for the mature fans!

  • littlemistwilight

    im kind of confused is the proposal scene supposed to be in new moon? i thought that was eclipse?

  • one25centpeice


    You sound like pinocchio!
    He's a real boy!

  • Whitneee (aka Charlie's Angel)

    HAHA I do!

    I'm just so stunned that there are actually guy fans of twilight!!!

    I've never met one before…LOL

  • patzywatzy(teamSparklyStalker)

    Thanks! *sings* I have a twiguy friend I have a twiguy friend!

  • helenamuse

    Breaking Dawn has to be made! Soon!!!

    Finally, sexual tension comes to its conclusion – readers had to read through 4 books of angst to get there – downplaying it for teens is just crude. Teens may be the loudest crowd, but certainly not the biggest. If that can be fathomed.

    I am 28, the person who recommended it to me is 37, and last week at an office party I discovered that in the group I was in, most women had read it – and were looking forward to the movies – ages 21, 23, 27, 42, 44, and 53, and one guy, age 56 – our boss, who picked up his daughters copy. His daughter is in her twenties too.

    The sexual development here is so important, and so healthy: love and sex can go hand in hand, and women can express desire without it being reprehensible, or taboo. Downplaying it to serve teens and tweens is just a waste. These kids can grow up and watch it, we can't regress.

  • helenamuse

    Just to add support to posts above for two words (and hopefully scenes): head post & cottage floor.

    The vampire mythology is all about drawing parallels between dying and sexual pleasure – the “lust” for blood, the seduction, etc. After all, “petit morte” – “little death”, has been the subtle term used for orgasm for centuries – a little bit like dying. There is a reason for the associations, and ignoring them is draining much of the appreciation of the love story.

  • CullenLuvr

    I don't know what all the fuss about attaining a PG13 rating is. Seriously, have you seen an R movie lately?? I'm embarrassed to let my parents borrow my Watchmen dvd. Almost every PG13 movie has sexual content – obviously not nudity or graphic – but you get the idea.

    Here's how BD needs to go:

    Isle Esme:
    Bella looks out in the ocean at Edward's naked back, she hangs her towel on a branch and joins him… Camera cuts to them embracing under the moon – you know they are naked, but it doesn't show nudity – PG13.

    In the morning Bella wakes up with flashbacks of the previous evening – they are kissing, embracing, rolling in the sheets on the white bed – flash back to morning – Edward is upset, she's covered in feathers, and notices her bruises – PG13.

    A week later, Bella is sleeping in the blue room, moaning in her sleep, she wakes up and is comforted by Edward, he gives in, they continue where the dream left off – more kissing and caressing – camera flashes to smiling Bella and broken headboard – PG13

    WOW! I'm getting myself excited here *giggles*

    Even with the birth scene – it's not difficult to keep it true and PG13

    The fountain of blood would be cool, even though I'd be ok without it – I don't think it's out of line for PG13. In the book Jacob sees Bella naked as she her belly is being cut open – but we don't have to see that – just a close up of the belly as Rosalie cuts it open with the scalpel – that has to be there so we can see Rose lose control when the blood spills out. Then we see Edwards face near her belly, but not necessarily his teeth ripping open her womb, and Renesme is pulled out – PG13

    So, shut up you big movie producers – and give the fans what we want!!!

    ok – getting very late here and I'm still thinking of Isle Esme – I'm going to bed now!

  • blackbeauty (TeamAngryTaycob)

    Being a Jake fan (duh) I'm not sure I like the added dream catcher scene. I mean I love Tay and want him in as much of the movie as possible but come one…MR said he “shopped” around for awhile for it???? Geesh! At least let him have made it like this bracelet in Eclipse. This woman is a frickin clueless wench! Just shows she doesn't know the character(s) at all.

  • CullenLuvr

    After the vote Edward asks Bella what she wants more than anything else (besides him, which she already has). She says she would love for him to change her and not Carlisle. Edward says “…If you want me to be the one- then you'll just have to meet one condition… Marry me first” That is technically the first proposal, although Bella doesn't agree to this one.

  • spiritwolfJRS

    I am 26 and married. My BFF is 26 also and is the one that introduced me to the Twilight saga this summer.

    I really hope Isle Esme, birth scene, and the cottage are there. I think one of my favorite scenes in the book is Bella and Emmett's arm wrestling match, then Bella destroying the boulder. That cracks me up everytime

  • lina_cullen

    Ok seriously I am so sick of people saying that fans are the teen girls barely starting puberty & have no idea what sex is and therefore breaking dawn should be pg-13!!!

    Uhm hellooooo. If you let your child read the damn book & leave it to imagination to picture the scenes then you should have no problem letting them watch the movie that depicts the scenes ACCURATELY AND HONESTLY. If you buy them the books then you should buy them the tickets to an R-rated movie!!

    I don't want a watered-down version of the book. I want the ACTUAL book on screen. I am 20 years old!! I think I can handle some steamy scenes!! When Eclipse comes out I'll be 21. And I'll probably be 22 when Breaking Dawn comes out!!

    For the love of God, could someone please explain to Summit and effin Rosenberg that there are grown adults who read the books and watch the moviess!! We are the ones with the income & the majority of the money!! We aren't minors with allowances!!

    Ok…I think I've vented enough. And I don't mean to offend anyone. It's just the way I see things.

  • lina_cullen

    Seriouslyyyyy!! She better not make this an epic failure!! She better make up for Twilight!!

  • lina_cullen

    yaaayy!! im 20 too!! ill be 21 when eclipse comes out!! ill be a law student when BD comes out lol. no shame lol. no shame.

  • TeamEdwardFTW

    woot woot! haha it comes out 6 days after my 21st so it'll be a belated bday present :)

  • neev

    You said it girl, she better!

  • lina_cullen

    haha thats like the perfect gift!!! lol yeah it comes out like 45 days after mine soooo..SUPER BELATED present lol

  • tigger310

    Wel dam am i the yungest 1 here wel i am 15 and freakin proud of it yea tru story its so fun being a teenager lol!!!!!!!!!=P

  • Nay (Mr. and Mrs. Cullen)

    Now I'm for that make a R rated for the adults. I guarantee you that would be the best seller.

  • TSO☠Rob+VF=ShamantieSales☠

    WOW! So you went to bed with this perfect image of Isle Esme! Lucky you!
    LMAO! This is really good actually… It's pretty much what I pictured reading the book anyway. I really really hope they give it to us just like this. Great post Santa. Sorry… I did it again. What should I call you? 3rd Wife? SC? SC3W? Let me know…. or I could keep calling you Santa (I like it, it make me feel like you are going to give me presents) *giggles*

  • TSO☠Rob+VF=ShamantieSales☠

    WOW! So you went to bed with this perfect image of Isle Esme! Lucky you!
    LMAO! This is really good actually… It's pretty much what I pictured reading the book anyway. I really really hope they give it to us just like this. Great post Santa. Sorry… I did it again. What should I call you? 3rd Wife? SC? SC3W? Let me know…. or I could keep calling you Santa (I like it, it make me feel like you are going to give me presents) *giggles*

  • SC~3rd_Wife

    SC is probably easier – my name is Shannon. I need to leave for work in 15 minutes & I'm not dressed yet!!! I'll reply more later. bye!

  • TSO☠Rob+VF=ShamantieSales☠

    LOL. Ok SC it is. TTYS.

  • edwardcullen_luvr

    Ok, TSO, what is Rob's closet? I subscribe to you and it looks like all of your posts are over there!

  • TSO☠Rob+VF=ShamantieSales☠

    Oh my… You must check it out! AAE and a bunch of the girls are in there. Come join us. It's the mature say what you really feel site for us cougars!

  • edwardcullen_luvr

    It is blocked at work. Probably too many swear words!! I will try to check it out from home this weekend.

  • TSO☠Rob+VF=ShamantieSales☠

    Oh! Yeah! When I said mature… i meant mature audience not like we act grown up. LMAO!! Safer to check it out at home. Don't drink coffee when you browse that page. Some stuff will kill you. Some is funny some is mean some is just plain epic. You will love the site.

  • edwardcullen_luvr

    Sounds like a perfect place to hang out, I could probably fit in very well there. Note to self – NO COFFEE!!

  • TSO☠Rob+VF=ShamantieSales☠

    Awesome! I'll see you there at some point.

  • Chel*Team NMS*

    Awesome!!!! you should do the screenplay instead of MR!!!!

    I'm loving the way we don't get to see edward ripping open Bella's womb i think that might just be a bit too much!!!!
    *claps for SC* oh i meant to ask can i call you SC????

  • edwardcullen_luvr

    *starts chanting*
    SC for BD screenplay!! Down with MR!
    SC for BD screenplay!! Down with MR!

  • edwardcullen_luvr

    Would you say that it is bad that I am totally turned out just for reading your description of Isle Esme? It sounds like perfection on screen…

    Oh and I have said it before, but it is worth repeating – Summit will have HALE to pay of there are no freaking feathers.

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