More Photos Of Kellan Lutz For Calvin Klein!

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Eclipse gallery enlarged kellan lutz calvin klein underwear 2 photos 02032010 5 More Photos Of Kellan Lutz For Calvin Klein!   kellan lutz Eclipse gallery enlarged kellan lutz calvin klein underwear 2 photos 02032010 3 More Photos Of Kellan Lutz For Calvin Klein!   kellan lutz

More photos have surfaced of Kellan Lutz for the Calvin Klein underwear ad!  And it color!  These photos look like they’re behind-the-scenes.  I really hope there are more photos of Kellan in his underwear!!

I’m waiting for the 3D ads!  I still have my 3D glasses.   Kellan in CK underwear IN 3D!

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  • Hollywood2Brooklyn ~ S.S. 4/09

    We mods can not read all of the comments made. There is a page in disqus that shows us comments that have been flagged. We sometimes address the comment there and not on the post.

    The reply to CF was between she & I that also included personal communications made away from the site. You did not see all that was disgust over several friendly communications between she & I. You saw a small piece of a large puzzle and based your opinion without knowing the full story. Please speak to CF for the other side of the story. I told her this morning that I was fine with her sharing our personal conversations if it will help bring peace. I've extended my friendship to her.

  • NTJB – Lost in LGR w/ Copward

    Also, you may not realize this but what the two mods and certain members of the board posted yesterday were just as painful to various members of the site. Several comments were indeed disrespectful and I would hope that those moderators understand how painful it was to read these comments and that they, and everyone on and, should be mindful of all fans from now on. I've said a lot of things in the past that have hurt a lot of people but I've curbed my opinions for the benefit of those who do not agree. I hope that those mods and other individuals who've made those comments do the same.

    Now, I do not frequent the site as often these days, due to a hectic work schedule, amongst other projects I am in the process of completing. So yesterday's events will not occur again.

    Finally, I want to thank you for expressing yourself to me. I feel that communication was lacking on this site and that is why such a fissure has been dug between certain groups of fans. I hope we can keep it open.

    I apologize if I've offended you.

  • LWNV (CHASKE felt my A$$!!)

    (Puffing on pipe)

    Some day I hope to understand what it means. I love that you have a personal name! My avi is personal. It's my tattoo. Had for about 5 years now…
    Which wolf-guy is your favorite?

  • PVSNH_Furbol_(Team Alcide)

    Wow! That's impressive! In color too, that must've hurt like hell! (You didn't hear these words unworthy of a true wolf-girl *checks around*)
    Are we talking about fictional guys or the actors playing them? ;) As fiction goes I love Jacob, Quil and Alcide Herveaux( from Sookie Stackhouse novels, though I was a bit disappointed in him later in the books), but Alex Meraz would definitely be my first choice! I have to admit I have a soft spot for Alex Skarsgard aka Eric Northman, a vampire *double-checks around*
    So now that I've revealed my shameful little secrets, you have to tell me who's you're favorite :)

  • LWNV (CHASKE felt my A$$!!)

    I designed it with a tattoo artist. It is like a 4″ – 6″ square on my ankle.

    Hmm dirty little secrets… Characters I like in the series are Jasper and Carlisle for Vamps because of the trials they go through and how good they truly are.
    Fave wolves… Sam and Leah (and Emily) because of how the imprint through a wrench into their happy lives and how they must fight to find happiness…
    Actors – Hugh Jackman no holds barred no 1 fav! Followed by Chaske (no surprise there), Kellan, and Jackson. Alex Meraz is quickly climbing the ranks.

    Sci Fi is my favorite movie category and Romance novels are the best (No 1 is Pride n Prejudice)… can't seem to get into the Sookie series no matter how hard I try.

    LOVE Buffy the Vamp Slayer and Criminal Minds!

  • mAriE_Edward is My Love

    Marie wants to DO her…. so .. LOL” — bahahahahaha! u’re spreading this one huh? nice.. hehehehe ^_^

  • mAriE_Edward is My Love

    Marie wants to DO her…. so .. LOL” — bahahahahaha! u’re spreading this one huh? nice.. hehehehe ^_^

  • PVSNH_Furbol_(Team Alcide)

    That's a ot of personal information! You definitely have a thing for the all-redeeming love!
    *humming “love don't come easy”*
    Oh, yeah, Hugh is THE best! That's funny cause I was just watching “Swordfish” when you posted your reply :) This man can pull off anything- from Leopold to Wolverine!!! He's one of my all-time-favorites too :)
    And apparently we have the same taste in litterature (it was obvious with Twilight)), I sorta inherited it from my dad, who has an amazing sci-fi library at home, and my mom made me read “Pride and Prejudice” when I was 12, I love it but I have to admit Jane Austen isn't the easiest reading.
    After I read Twilight for the 3rd time in 2 months, I had to find something else, so I watched “True blood”, and as I love Eric and the 2nd season suggested we'll see more of him in the 3rd one, I bought the 3rd novel. Then as I was still Twi-addicted but could quote any of the 4 books, I kept reading Sookie Stackhouse series just to keep my mind of things. But I can understand why you can't get into it- it's completely immoral and even shocking and I believe you haven't yet read all the books…it's such a contrast with pure Twilight relationships.
    I loved Buffy when I was younger ( I recently realised as a kid I liked all the movies with strong leading female characters- Buffy, Xena, Nikita, Alias, Mulan :) then I skipped to Angel, I think I've seen it one time too many. I liked X-Files too. Right now, aside from Desperate Housewives and Bones, I watch Mentalist, Medium, Warehouse13 and Fringe! And it doesn't help my studies :)

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  • Kellans Nutz… I mean Lutz…

    I thought they put bread in their undies to give it a “smoother look” so bits and showing – but these behind the scenes pics… oh my… they really dont leave much to the imagination anymore…

  • Trine_schartau

    He is so fucking hot!!!! Love him
    the best from Twillight♥♥

  • iluvkellenlutz

    what package he has

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