New Fan Picture Of Kristen Stewart In Montreal!

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Eclipse agUcwY 560x420 New Fan Picture Of Kristen Stewart In Montreal! kristen stewart

Above is a new picture of Kristen Stewart posting with a lucky fan in Montreal!

Update: check out another fan pic after the break!

Eclipse FanPhoto 560x418 New Fan Picture Of Kristen Stewart In Montreal! kristen stewart

[Source via KristenOwnsMe]

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  • Anonymous

    i love rob to death and i would be ecstatic if i got to take a picture with him but i would probably be sooooo much more excited to take a picture with Kristen :D
    I’ve followed her career since ‘speak’, so it’d be mind blowing to meet her <3

  • Anonymous

    I like the first fan’s shirt! does anyone know where I would find one at?

  • Team_KristenDancingLEGSMcStew

    hello my grill loving friend how are you? hahaha I noticed too ;) oooofff course we did lol this week has been amazingly EPIC!!!! I miss you honey bunch hope all is well

  • Team_KristenDancingLEGSMcStew

    God she’s perfect. she can be anywhere wearing anything at any time of the day and she looks freaking beautiful *full on kristen swoons*

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    ahww. that is so cute! Rob at the back? bring him on the front and its a picture perfect. :)

  • Miilaa100

    She looks so … tired. I don’t blame her at all! The work must be exausting!
    Still … she looks absolutely perfect and gorgeous! *wink winK*

  • Anonymous

    Not sure… must be VERY good friends with our Stewy!

  • Team KristenLegsMcStew’s Grill

    OMYGOSH HI!!!!!!! I’ve missed you! How are you? Sorry I didn’t reply to your FB message, I’ve been super busy.

    And seriously, how freaking amazing has all of this Rob and Kristen stuff been?! I’ve been dying of happiness. :D And EPIC is obviously the perfect way to describe it. :)

  • Team_KristenDancingLEGSMcStew

    I’ve missed you too honey :) that’s fine I figured you were busy, I have been too don’t you worry. Some very EPIC R/K stuff this week that’s for sure!!! I really didn’t think we’d ever see THOSE shots ya know? It’s good knowing they’re so happy and more relaxed together. But I feel really bad about the paps at the same time. I’m torn because it makes me happy to see but at the same time it’s so hard to see their private lives all over the internet :( and all the hate that it’s brought with it :(

  • Team KristenLegsMcStew’s Grill

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m so irritated to know that someone’s making bank on R/K’s personal lives, but at the same time, I can’t help but be happy for them. I mean, they really deserve to be in a happy, loving relationship. And it’s just nice to know that they’re getting what they deserve because she deserves someone as sweet as him, and he deserves someone as all-around wonderful as her. But it still bothers me that this wasn’t revealed on their terms. It’s not fair that someone can snap a picture of someone and sell it for money, and suffer no consequences for what that may do to someone’s life. R/K should have had the opportunity to confirm their relationship if that was something they ever chose they wanted to do. But thanks to this d*ckhead, they don’t have that choice anymore. So I can’t help but feel really happy that they have each other and are happy being together (though some of that excitement may just be from new Stew pics), but I would have been perfectly content to not see those pictures, and still know that they were obviously together.

  • accv_LiKEOMG*RobLorElica!*<3

    Oooo… KStew’s face is looking more mature now. Purrrrtyyyy. ;)

  • Team_KristenDancingLEGSMcStew

    Girl it’s like you read my mind I have nothing to add to that I totally agree!!! I mean shit imagine if you were trying to keep just one freaking thing to yourself and then in a moment where they are happy and manage to relax some perve in the bushes takes a photo. It’s nice to see them happy so so nice :) buuut I hate that they were taken and published throughout the world without a choice.

  • Team KristenLegsMcStew’s Grill

    Exactly. Awww we’re totally in sync. :)
    But I’m just going to focus on all the happy and hope that the jerk gets what’s coming to him. :)
    Have you been keeping up with the KStewIsBetterThanU blog lately? My comment got mentioned in this week’s update. :D
    *sigh* I miss having you around so often buddy. But I hope that everything’s going super well for you. :)
    My step-mom’s water broke today! :) So I should be having a new baby brother soon. :)

  • Brizette Aguilar

    ahhh i frkn love them!
    I hope this relationship is real. It’s like a wish come true lol

  • Team_KristenDancingLEGSMcStew

    Hey baby how are you? You got your new baby brother all healthy and happy? Congratulations!!! Dude I have been keeping up with it, I just didn’t put two and two together hahaha EPIC comment!!! I don’t know why I didn’t notice that before haha :) nice I know I’ve been staying away from all the drama everywhere really. I’ve been really lazy too can’t seem to get into the swing of things just yet!! Hope alls well with you honey xoxo

  • Team KristenLegsMcStew’s Grill

    Yep, he’s finally here, and he’s doing well. :)
    Drama? What kind of drama? :(
    Don’t worry. Yesterday, I was so lazy I had to bake cupcakes just so my lazy a$$ could eat cupcakes. Which I know doesn’t make sense. lol
    I haven’t been commenting much lately either. Everything just seems kind of boring lately, and I’m not very quick-witted and cute lately. I’ve been reading this great fic, The Workshop, and it’s written by the same girl who wrote Under the Apple Tree. Speaking of which, UTAT’s last chapter was posted last night. :( I had to wait to read it because I wasn’t ready for it to end, but oh my gosh it was so good.
    Any way, I hope you’re doing well and feeling happy. <3

  • Asheikha

    be thankful for what you have!! some people wish they have a normal skin(skin cancer pateint)

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