New Interview: AnnaLynne McCord Says Kellan Lutz Is A “Wild Child”

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Eclipse kellan lutz annalynne mccord 280x420 New Interview: AnnaLynne McCord Says Kellan Lutz Is A Wild Child kellan lutz 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord recently spoke to Ryan Seacrest about her boyfriend (and Eclipse Vampire) Kellan Lutz.

When asked about Kellan, here is what she had to say -

Kellan Lutz is “a wild child,” says his “90210” girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord.

Though the couple for a while dodged the question of whether or not they were dating, McCord told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show today that she’s “very with” the Twilight star.

And while she wouldn’t elaborate, McCord did spill that Lutz is “crazy in a different way” than she is. She said, “He’s just a wild child.”

Despite Seacrest’s efforts to get her to say she wears the pants in their relationship, McCord only offered that they “share the control.”

The actress also noted that her man is currently relaxing in Israel. McCord half-joked, “Before the 75th Twilight comes out, he has five minutes of a break.”

I’d rather that Kellan not wear his the pants Eclipse icon wink New Interview: AnnaLynne McCord Says Kellan Lutz Is A Wild Child kellan lutz

Whoops …


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  • C_D_G

    I don’t know why but i always think she comes off as a bitch. i don’t really know who she is and never saw any of her work but still she annoys me in interviews

  • Anonymous

    Wild Child= Wild in bed? :P

  • sima

    omg X_ X i hate her soooo much!!!!!

  • kerbear585

    i think they are wild together, lol. she strikes me as the type that knows how to be crazy and have a fun time. if he is like that then i bet she holds her own with him :)

  • tpec1991

    don’t know why, but I don’t like her either… I don’t know, something in her expression….

  • KatHale *Team Young Major*

    “Before the 75th Twilight comes out…”
    Yeah,like you haven’t seen them ten times…
    Ignore me,I’m in a bad mood!

  • Anonymous

    Agree with a big A!!

  • LegHitchThis

    “75th Twilight..”
    What’s her problem?
    I think i have to use the Jacob Black line in this one… “I’m done. I’m so done.” Lol

  • Anonymous

    HE’S IN ISRAEL?????????????????????
    WOW, never thought I’ll even have the chance of crossing one of them on the streets!

  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    Hahaha I agree! Her sarcasm about the “75th Twilight” ain’t that funny.

  • touchmeimcold_forEC

    Ugh. She kinda has a horse face. And she comes off as a bitch. 75th Twilight? No no, you’re just mistaking how many times you’ve seen it with what number movie it is girrrrrrrrl.

    Bleh. No likey.

  • jezie b :)

    does anyone know where the picture is from please :) ?

  • Anonymous

    I think they make a cute couple!

  • Richia

    Ughhh Annalynne McCord! No thank you! He could no so much better….hmmm,,,maybe somebidy like Nikki Reed! I’m such a Nellan shipper,it’s not even fuuny!

  • DrmrzCrzyWorld

    Hmmmm if he’s too much of a ‘wild child’ for you to handle, you can always hand him over to some other wild child ( Ashley ? ) ;D
    I know I should be happy for them if they’re happy together, but somehow, my gut tells me otherwise :P I dont like her sarcasm directed at twilight -__-
    What’s s she so bothered about? That she wasnt chosen as part of the cast?

  • KL☼ Ami♥W4E♣BD1♂BD2♀Cptvs↑

    75th Twilight??? Wow, the girl really sucks at math!!! Must be better at sucki…..nevermind!!! ☺

  • twilighted128

    And a total D-Lister joke….along with someone who often seems to have a cold…sniffsniffsniff….

  • cosmogirl21 <3 my Twisters

    AnnaLynne McCord is a SNOT. 75th Twilight? Really? Did you really just say that?

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS GIRL…. she’s such a snob and comes off as a bitch. has anyone noticed that she wouldnt confirm their relationship until the last cpl of weeks? just when its becoming quite clear how big a star and how popular and famous, kellan is becoming? she’s not an actress’s ass worth. she only has the new (and rather lame) 90210 to her name. So now she has decided to jump on kellan’s starwagon. I really hope kellan gets a clue and kicks her lame ass off his starwagon ASAP!!

  • tribecca

    @angeleyes24 – I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think Kellan’s mom better have a long talk with him about his poor taste in women. Annalynne is an opportunistic skank. I think she really showed her true colors when she was involved in the accident with that guy last week. Getting her sister to call him later and curse him out for contacting her insurance company. What a coward. Lame!!!

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