NEW Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Dakota Fanning & Kellan Lutz Interviews On The Set Of The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Here are interviews with  Nikki Reed (aka Rosalie Hale), Elizabeth Reaser (aka Esme Cullen), Dakota Fanning (aka Jane) and Kellan Lutz (aka Emmett Cullen) on the set of The Twilight Saga Eclipse!

Yay!  More interviews!!

[Source: TrailerAddict]

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  • punkchica321-Team Rosalie!

    More Nikki please! :P Seriously she gets Rosalie so well. Maybe she's not exactly the right role look wise for Rosalie but she gets her and is an amazing actress.

  • TD-Twihards4FierceEdward

    Best Night Ever! Thank you Jaypat. I knew my night-owl tendencies were gonna pay off at some point.

  • Luvin'ThatCullen :)Rileward<3

    eclipse is gonna be the best movie ever ! i am shaking with pure joy rite now ! OMG OMG ! EDWARD ! hahaha YAY !

  • RileysGirl_TeamSladeBrigade

    its awesome to see how well the cast know their characters.
    team BADA$$ esme!!

  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    how can anyone not love elizabeth she is the best Esme i think – i love the whole cast – nikki looks great – i love how rose looks in eclipse – icant wait for this moive 18 more days ahhh!

  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    how can anyone not love elizabeth she is the best Esme i think – i love the whole cast – nikki looks great – i love how rose looks in eclipse – icant wait for this moive 18 more days ahhh!

  • TheHoneyBear

    they need to stop asking serious questions. my gawwdd
    it's BORING
    no one cares

  • TeAmJaKesPaCk

    I'm completely SOLD on Nikki as Rosalie in this film. DS has finally captured the supernaturally eerie beauty of Rosalie which is AWESOME!! Kudos to DS once again…

  • alwaysyourflightlessbird

    - I love how Elizabeth calls Esme bada$$.
    - Dakota's read eyes are mesmerizing and frightening
    - I would love to hang out with Kellan, he looks like he would be so chill!

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    Nikki Reed looks awesome as Rosalie here. Definitely the best out of the 3 hands down.

  • RainyDayGirl ♥ switchbladeStew

    I will never understand the Nikki hate! She's awesome and seems to have such a lovely personality. I'd love to hand out with her and Kristen.

    Man I really love the main cast. There don't seem to be any egos and everyone seems to have different personalities that are down-to-earth enough to get along.

    And I'm eager to see some Fierce Esme!

  • Bella

    I don't like Elizabeth either. They could have found someone better.
    But Nikki!! She is so beautiful! Exactly like Rose!

  • OhMyCarlisleWhatTheHale

    Nikki and Elizabeth looks beautiful! Kellan seems really laid-back, and I love how he spoke of Kristen – it seems like the cast really knows her.

  • Mayflower3

    I love love love Rosalie's new look <3

  • Phantom_Genie

    This is so far the best look for Rosalie. I think the hair is perfect.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Everyone is so dedicated to their roles…. I love listening to Elizabeth talk about Esme. I am so excited to see her step up and defend her family. Kellan is just having the time of his life. His enthusiasm is infectious. Nikki looks so beautiful and her thoughts on this movie are very well thought out. Dakota is just adorable and so excited to be part of this. I heart our cast.

  • PVSNH_Furbol_(Team Alcide)

    I love your avi :D
    And yeah I think they finally got the perfect look for Rosalie, I loved her braids in the trailer, I think it was just before the fight scene.

  • TeamCarlislefangirlEmi

    Man, they have the best gosh dang cast for the Twilight Saga. i like these interviews, you get an insight from the actors. :-)
    –ugh, 18 more days. I have to last that long. have to. then, i will doe watching Eclipse. it will be a happy death.

  • Alexandria Evans

    Does anyone notice that Nikki is wearing a bracelet that (seems to me) is Esme's crest? Or am I just hallucinating or something?

  • mayra♥Robstendrivingmeinsane♥

    omg omg omg omg omg this movie is gonna be freaking epic… oh god is almost time.. is getting closer and closer and closer… god so excited

  • rosalie hale

    WOW!! nikki reed looks! breaktaking! as rosalie in this video but i have one odd thing about it y is her eyebrows look perfect in this video but in the moive there darker? O.O!

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