Nikki Reed & Jackson Rathbone On The Red Carpet At The MTV Awards!

Eclipse NJ 560x310 Nikki Reed & Jackson Rathbone On The Red Carpet At The MTV Awards! rosalie hale nikki reed jasper hale jackson rathbone featured eclipse


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    I’m a movie lover as I’ve been since I was a little girl. I have a large collection at home and some have books to go along with so I can see if I feel the movie did justice to the mentality behind the book. Jackson Rathborne plays a very sad character in the film and the book, his story is not played out enough in the movies as it might have been nice to see where most of the vampires came from in Stephanie’s world. Yet I’m anxious to see how this wraps up especially after reading Breaking Dawn which I could not put down. Recently the company I work for, Dish Network acquired Blockbuster which is going to make getting movies both online, or renting or however much easier and cheaper and that will make my life much easier. We all know there will be a video game coming out over this, come on folks; it’s fantasy.

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