Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene On Moviefone’s Unscripted!

Nikki Reed (aka Rosalie Hale), Kellan Lutz (aka Emmett Cullen) & Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) interviewed each other on Moviefone’s Unscripted promoting the Twilight Saga Eclipse.   Nikki, Kellan and Ashley answered fan questions and each other questions.  FUN interview!

I LOVE Moviefone’s Unscripted!!  Nikki, Kellan and Ashley were hilarious!!  They really look like a family.   Kellan and that velour jumpsuit!! LOL!! 

Thanks Andi @ Moviefone!

Check out the outtakes after the break! Youtube videos too!

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  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew


  • JBCullen25

    Love them! They're so funny!

    “Kellan, can you just get it together?”

  • 5/09 LWNV – CHASKE felt my A$$

    I can't see any of this on my work computer! Grrrrr

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    awww no I hate that :( I can't when I'm at work and it kills me. I reckon all the jimmy kimmel stuff will be up when I'm at work and I'll have to wait for it all BOOO! right now it's 1am in aussieland I'm going to die tomorrow!

  • jazzline

    hahaaa Kellan is so funny! They are so awesome together. I love Ashley and her laugh. And she looks so gorgeous!

  • DrmrzCrzyWorld

    *giggle* and congrats to you for this post XD!!!!

  • Daddy_C_4ME

    That was hilarious!!

  • TeamMcSparkly<3

    I LOVE that there were so many induendos. haha. LOVE this interview, and Kellans “YES!!” And Ashley & Nikki Jumping.

  • DrmrzCrzyWorld

    Hahaha Kellan is HILARIOUS!! I love him <3
    When he said “YES” it was hilarious. even i
    SM do right a book abt him too <3 or take his copy =p hehe

    Kellan whispering sweet nothings into her ear. *faints thinking abt it*lol

    oooh and bubble baths and sea salts and rubber duckies <3 and lol Nikki is really good. ” all the incense sticks burning… too bad u were all alone” hahaha I love them <3

    Awww Nikki wasnt invited for the internation press tour T_T thats too bad.

    This was the most enjoyable interview. I was laughing all the way. Love the three of them <3

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    nawww thanx we are rockin' it tonight!! :)

  • alter eggo♥ ♫Sia My Love♫♥ X-R


    USA had me nervous, but they did it!!!!!!

    OT…Kellan is hilarious! XD

  • DrmrzCrzyWorld

    I know lol XD!! Today was a wonderful wonderful day..including the semester paper I had to give in the <3

  • GuiltyPleasure71

    Ever interview I see of this cast is better than the last! I always feel like Ashley and I would be great friends!!! Shes so down to earth! And i bet you really CAN wash clothes on Kellans abs… maybe he isnt trying hard enough. I am MORE than willing to join him in that bubble bath to experiment!

  • Cullens74

    Its sooo much fun watchin interviews from this cast!!! They r so relaxed n funny..=)

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    awww at least you've done it now :) and you're rewarded with all this twi goodness!!

  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    I love kellen – it really is a shame we really dont see his back story os Esme or Edward enither – but i love them their all so funny

  • DrmrzCrzyWorld

    I know XD! Perfect way to unwind.^_^

  • PhoenixMP3 [Since May 09]

    I really like these interviews. You get to see a bit more of these guys and they are funny and friendly and less guarded it's a real shame they don't get more air time or screen time in interviews

    They are not the trinity but they are central characters they should get more international travel and more interviews they are funny :)

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    Hahahaha, too funny! These guys are awesome together!! And when Nikki almost spits her water out…I busted up! ♥ I'd like to see some mixing it up though. Like Alice, Edward and Paul together…or Bella, Jasper and Leah. Maybe even Jacob, Carlisle and Charlie. Those would be so much fun as well!!!! ♥

    Please…somebody hear me…lol

  • jaybunzy0_wantsarob<3

    lmao i jumped too!! i say someone writes a fanfict about the Emmett Chronicles and we get that published!!! i love kellan and ashley theyre so adorable and funny

    “kellan have you ever tried to wash clothes off your abs”

    “i like panties theyre comfortable”


  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    haha yeah I totally wasn't expecting it either and then I just burst out laughing hahaha the whole interview had me giggling EPIC fun times :) I love them….the panties thing LMAO

  • MegO

    I love that Kellan doesn't want this to end!!! A funny or die skit where they all switch characters would be hilarious!

  • Team Jacksper

    Hahahahah, I love this. There should be more like this. Just messing around laughing with each other. If Jackson was there, I think that would have made it even better.

    When Kellan jumped up and shouted 'YES' I seriously laughed so loud. I love him, he's just funny. And I adore the way Nikki speaks! I love them all.

  • vampdazzled

    goooooooooal indeed!!! that was a nerve recking match, but yes the goal finally came, LOL! I thought I was the only one here going crazy with all the world cup!!!! and on subject I loved when he was like YES! and Ashley jumped!!! LOL!!!

  • CRAZY LADY ! :)Rileward<3

    ahah i love this ! omg my friend bought me the eclipse trading card set andthere was a marry me in 1 in every 104 packs and i got it ! YAY ! anyway … i totally love this ! :) HAHA ! <3 one more week left !!! HAHAHAAH !YAY !

  • Abbs11

    I love these guys! I can't get enough of the 3 of them!

    Kellan so adorable and hilarious

    Nikki and ashley so beautiful and i'm lovin ashly's shoes.

  • bbgirl

    That was really cute…..Kellan Playing Alice, lol

  • Kez_MLIT…100%switz&riley :)

    ahaha love this.
    especially when kellan's saying hi to his dog and the other two are like wtf?!

    should be seeing them next week when they come to london fingers crossed

  • alter eggo♥ ♫Sia My Love♫♥ X-R

    U weren't the only one :D
    I luv watching the WorldCup so I was glued to the tv…lol
    When the US scored I jumped on the sofa!
    Oh & when Kellan said “yes!” I totally lol

  • alter eggo♥ ♫Sia My Love♫♥ X-R

    Btw, I ♥ your avi!!
    Hoodie Rob… Luv :)

  • IWTV*Jenny*♥BringontheJawPorn♥

    I loved this.. you can tell how close they are… They should do this with Rob, Kristen and Taylor…

  • Twilight_a_drug_2_me

    I saw this yesterday and that it was a hoot! Kellan got so excited over a book on him. Love it! He jumped out of his seat. I thought that was hilarious!
    I love these, I wonder if Rob and Kristen will do another one?

  • Tatiana_OME

    This was a lot fun to watch :) It's nice to see them more relaxed and just hanging out and having fun. I feel a bit bad for Nikki though when she mentions that she has never been invited along on the international tours for the movies…that kind of suks :(

  • Tatiana_OME

    I loved when he said that he wants to play Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the re-make…ROFL. He would make an adorable Carlise

  • accv_LiKEOMGi<3TAYDL:D

    they are all actually very underrated… and because they rarely talk, you don't know that they are all actually quite intelligent and eloquent speakers. least, to me, that is.

  • Mayflower3

    The moviefone's unscripted are the best interviews ever! Kellan screaming at the beginning was priceless ^_^

  • accv_LiKEOMGi<3TAYDL:D

    HAHAHAHA… ahhh Kellan. “YES!!!!!” *jump* oh mannn. HAHAHAHA!

  • punkchica321-Team Rosalie!

    We need more Nikki interviews like this. Just sayin'. This interview actually made me sort of like Ashley. o.o

  • vampdazzled

    thank you so much!!!! I love yours!!!!

  • vampdazzled

    yupiiii!!!! world cup and twi buddies!!!!!

  • countrymusik99

    I love how Kellan was all like, ” I don't have the Taylor Lautner abs yet”.
    Um, Kel, you're body is much more appealing to me than Taylor's! You just aren't shirtless all the time.

  • Diana

    more, more, more
    I love moviefone…so cool…every interviews is amazing…
    u can feel the fun…wait…can u do that?:)) well…I did
    Nikki…U shouldn't have said that:)) no wonder it's an outtake…kidding…but seriously, can't believe they cut it just because she said she wasn't invited…
    can u believe it? who knows how many things we DON'T get to find out thanks to this stupid censor

  • Fagoose

    this interview was great!

    just out of curiosity, does anyone know if theres gonna be an unscripted with kristen, rob and taylor?

  • Fagoose

    this interview was great!

    just out of curiosity, does anyone know if theres gonna be an unscripted with kristen, rob and taylor?

  • twilightcherry

    This was like soooooo funny! I loved when Kellan yells yes about a book. I can't stop laughing. HeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHee!

  • My_ballet06

    No, she's a famewhore. Stick to your instict babe Team Rosalie all the way
    by the by I love you on ONTD

  • punkchica321-Team Rosalie!

    Whoops I hit like by accident but whatever. :P She kind of is, isn't she? :P I hate her acting… Is your sn the same on there as well?

  • ills

    I think they already did.. I know they did one with Rob Kristen and Steph

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