Peter Facinelli Auctions Off Lunch Date For Charity!

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Eclipse 1232125600620 f1 280x420 Peter Facinelli Auctions Off Lunch Date For Charity! peter facinelli Eclipse Vampire Peter Facinelli (aka Carlisle) is auctioning off a lunch date to support the Oynx and Breezy Foundation, an animal welfare group.

According to the Ebay auction -

Lunch with Actor Peter Facinelli
for two guests

Lunch to be held in New ork City between the months of October – December 2010.
The exact lunch date to be coordinated between the winner of this auction and the office of Ken Howard.

This auction does not include any transportation or accommodations.

Peter Facinelli recently starred as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the altruistic patriarch of the Cullen clan, in the blockbuster feature films, Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
Facinelli also stars opposite Edie Falco in Showtime’s critically acclaimed new comedy series “Nurse Jackie”.

This once in a lifetime experience was donated by Peter Facinelli to te Onyx & Breezy Foundation through our national spokesperson and executive board member,  Ken Howard

Ken Howard is the Emmy and Tony award winning actor and president of the Screen Actor’s Guild

Right now the auction is at $8,100.00 with 6 hours to go!!!!

Go here for more details and to bid!

[Thanks, 5ctBauble!]

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  • Chantal Meijer

    So. Forking. Hot. I’m. Melting. *-*


    Fack. Mouth. Oh. My. God.

    I’m. In. Love. With. This. Man…

  • Anonymous

    yes he looks very good in that pic! and yeah it would be interesting to see how they do the make up and transform into vampires I would LOVE to put Robs make up on *giggles* inculding the body make up as well *giggles* again

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Good. I need laughter today.

  • Anonymous

    oh I’d say both!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOL!! seriously though this is a great cause and what would be REALLY cool is if you could win a date with Rob, or Jackson, or Kellen, or Riley, or Taylor okay and Boo Boo Stewart too LOL!!

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Boo Boo? Uh….I guess. LOL He is an awesome Seth.

  • TATIANA_OME – Rob’s ‘O’ face!

    he’s not pissed…he’s either surprised or about to laugh. It’s from the thread of the OTR set pics

  • wannabeEsme

    while you’re at it, my baby nephew needs a liver. PFach would be right into it too because he has cancer and PFach is the champion of Alex’s Lemonade, the childhood cancer cause.
    Oh, poop, I didn’t mean to be depressing but I flipping love this guy. Id just be a dribbling mess in his company. I know it.

  • wannabeEsme

    He is just gorgeous. I know what you are saying about the make-up though. I think the hair and make-up people get so much wrong in our movies but ive just learned to accept it as a poor imitation of what Stephenie planted in our minds.

  • Love the Vamps

    on the radio, i heard that he’s coming to the sandusky ohio mall to sign autographs and all the money goes towards alex’s lemonade stand! its only one hour from where i live! i’m so excited!

  • SiempreCrepusculo

    Hahaha!!! You are so bad!!!
    LOVE it!!!

  • SiempreCrepusculo

    *goes to take savings out of the bank*

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