Peter Facinelli On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen) appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show Wednesday, June 30th promoting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Peter running on that treadmill did look scary!   Peter is so funny.  Just love him!

2nd part after the break!

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  • 5/09 LWNV – CHASKE felt my A$$


    I can see NO clips at work!

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)


  • teamCharlieB=)

    “No we're not gonna eat it”
    what a cute pig. lol

    HAHAHA!!! =)

  • Rizam

    ” I'd love your eggs ”


    <3 PFach !! =D

  • Lottie Scarlett

    I LOVE him (:

  • Angie

    OK, that was a phenomenal interview.

  • Maren

    i'm from queens… i know exactly what he was talking about the fireworks! great interview. peter's awesome!!

  • Britt

    Lol jimmy and Pfach were so funny! I hate pigs but that one was sooo cute!

  • Jessie-Scotland

    Aw how great is Peter I love him I wish he was my dad

  • TeamGrayFace-TempAviForEclipse

    “This is two seconds of the movie you risked your life for”
    Ahhh, our dedicated cast, how we love you. :)

  • carlisleluvr4eva

    I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH!!! <3 I must meet him he seems so nice and funny! <3

  • TATIANA_OME – Team Charlie

    good interview!

    He played Carlisle exactly as I imagined him in the books. Thanks PFach!!

  • James
  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    Rotf omg Peter is too funny i love him i love my father but i had to have a diff one i want him lol

  • TeamVampiresWearSkinnyTies

    I saw the movie! I'm in love with Edward again! Thank you, DS.

    (And the Cullens were great, although I must agree with one reviewer who called them the “family of hair dressers”, lol.

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    LOL – I wasn't sure who was leading that interview at first ☺

    Mia Hamm, the first little piggie as the ball in the World Cup series, hahaha, Oh Jimmy!

    That running scene in Eclipse was awesome! And when the vamps were heading for each other…”ahhhhhh”…super cool!! They had to run 6 hours, yikes!

    I'll take some eggs too, Peter. The, uh…unfertilized ones…♥

  • twifan4ever

    Hahaha, that's the movie I remember him too! He was such a jock in that movie and now he's like the father everyone wants ;)

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    I know! Just shows how versatile he is.

    Favorite line: “Yeah, Aman-DUUUUH!!!”

  • I'm Addicted. Get Over It.

    Aww… <3 PFach. He's great.

  • good-girl

    Don't we all want him as our dad.?

  • NYCullen

    Now I want to find out where this Upstate cottage is… only thing is when I find out I'll probably go, “thats not upstate,” since its probably suffern country or the catskills (and downstate in my head).

    I have to agree with him about the fireworks situation. For the fact they're technically illegal outside of personal shows, they're really easy to get and a major part of 4th of july festivities.

  • Twilight_a_drug_2_me

    Love these guys! You can always get a good laugh!

  • EdwardsBella<3

    i do. He is a great dad!

  • EdwardsBella<3

    what a cute little pig, my mother in law would go bezerk if i got her one, she loves tiny things :) Pfach is soo awesome, he has a beautiful family. I think he secretly plays the accordion, he should play it on lopez tonight special of twilights go talent :)

  • Robertsgirl – Team Robowski

    Great interview, I love Peter. Chickens are mean, they don't want to give their eggs up. LOL

    I would have hated to be on that treadmill… did look scary!!

  • QueenAnnie- Magic Hour Indeed

    I love him!!!!

    he seems like he would be the best dad on the planet although I wouldn't want him to be my dad because you can't thoughts like the ones I'm having right now, for your dad!

  • ImACullenFan

    I love that man! so cute and funny!

  • Jenntheteacher

    Peter seems to be one of the nucest and friendliest people on the cast. Anyone would be lucky to meet him!

  • edward.forever

    okay, there is nothing i would change about the cast! they are all so great (:

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    LMAO I love that line ahahaha I loved that movie!

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    “which was about 7 mins” hahaha I love him he's so friendly and just seems like the most genuine guy and OMG TEACUP PIG!!!! I want one soooo bad “errr probably the size of a chevy”

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    same here! LOL. Kind of showing our age now, right? ;-)

  • admitskstew

    “i'd love your eggs”

  • JasperAndJill

    'i would love your eggs' HAHAHAHAHA <333
    gotta love Papa C ;)
    adorable and funny!! and so down to earth!

  • Team_KristenLEGSLEGSLEGSMcStew

    hahaha I know ;) totally. I thought he was hot back then, I swear he's gotten better with age!!!

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