Peter Facinelli Wants Breaking Dawn To Be Rated PG-13

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According to Hollywood Life, Peter Facinelli wants Breaking Dawn to be rated PG-13.

We’ve been waiting for soooo long to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart FINALLY make sweet, sweet love in the fourth and final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, that it didn’t even occur to us that some people (re: parents) might not be so happy at the seductive content.

However, Peter Facinelli—who plays hot vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen—has made us see the error of our ways.

“I have a 12-year-old daughter [Luca Bella, whose mom is Jennie Garth]. She’s a fan and I’d want her not to feel left out or awkward,” Peter, 37, explained to HollywoodLife.comexclusively Jan. 16 at Lionsgate’s pre-Golden Globes party.

“Hopefully it’s a PG-13 type of situation,” he added. “I’m sure the producers and directors know what they want—and especially what they are doing—but I’m sure they don’t want to alienate fans.”

We like how Peter sees both sides here: he doesn’t want to destroy his daughter’s innocence, yet he wants the flick to remain pure for die-hard fans. His primary loyalty is to his family though, after all—family always comes first to this #1 Dad.

Yes, Peter is a great father.  I can understand his point.  

I’m okay with the PG-13 rating as long as nothing is left out.   I’m sure certain scenes can be done tastefully.   However, I really don’t need to see Edward ‘performing’ the cesarean on Bella.  Ew. 

What do you guys think?

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  • vampiremum

    I really agree with you. I think they can find a way to make the scene work in the movie.It is a big part of when edward changes Bella.I don't want them to leave out anything.Stay true to the book Please Simmit and Directors.

  • VAMPLOVER CarolinaCullenCoven

    Hey there! There HAS to be a way. Summit just Can't leave out these scenes. They need to stay true to at least one of the books———–especially this one. MR is the big problem. If they had a good script writer, we'd see more of 'the book'. She doesn't have a romantic bone in her body, I tell ya. OOOH! Makes me ill. If they don't pull off the intensity of the E&B relationship—it's over. They will have ruined the saga. I haven't seen Eclipse yet, of course,but except for a few scenes in Twilight , they haven't captured the intense love here. Don't make sense. THAT'S the story. How can they miss that? They're too busy putting in stuff that's not even in the books. ??????? VERY disturbing. Well, I'll step off my soapbox,now. LOL I just get so disgusted with the whole Summit bunch. Sorry.
    If we were a football team,we'd all be in a huddle,now, waiting to plow through Summit. LOL

  • Jenny

    That is so true! AFter three movies of anticipation, the fourth has to be amazing to top it off. I don't want to be wanting more by the time the movie's over. That being said, though, you have to realize that there are a lot of fans who are too young to see those kinds of things and they wouldn't want to wait five or six years to see it. Summit is just going to have to make it amazing without scarring girls for life.

  • northernlights

    Why stop at 2 films? How about 4?
    A version for the younger fans who are devoted to the books but for whom explicit love scenes, traumatic birth and violence would surely be inappropriate, and then the full version with those extra scenes the rest of us are really looking forward to! Simple!

  • Anonymous

    i completely agree the hole point of the book is the expanding and building on belle and edwards realationship so that means the UP’S AND DOWNS if you were to dumb it down so that children can still watch it well then you might as well just not make it. becuase you would be leaving out the out story its all about new experience and the steps to getting there so the love the passion the pain to leave any of this out would commpletely distroy the storyline. Dose summit really want to let down all the twilight fans

  • Anonymous

    O.k I think that if parents don’t want their children to see any s*x scenes then just don’t take them to see the movie. If they’re so sensitive about s*x then they shouldn’t even have let their kids read the books. Now I know that there are many kids that are like 10 and 12 and they don’t act all immature when they hear the word s*x. My sister is a good example she is like 9 or 10, i’m not sure, but she didn’t freak when she read breaking dawn. My mom says we’re mature and that the sooner we learn the smarter we will be in making choices regarding it. But my personal opinion is that they should stick to the book. That’s just my opinion, though. I know that other people may think differently, and I completely respect their opinion. For example none of my family members, except my sister, like the twilight saga, but I respect their opinion and they respect mine. My mom doesn’t like it either, but she says that if i like then that that’s my business. Just to not annoy her telling her stuff about it and that we’re cool. I told her about breaking dawn, and that eclipse would be out soon, but she told me she didn’t care. But I told her what happens, then i told her that they might make BD R rated and I asked if she would take me and she said “sure why not, maybe I might go see eclpise just to see what makes you like it so much.” Then I said “thanks mom, I know you’ll love it.”

  • vampireprincess

    ok first off for the scenes where edward and bella “do it” they dont have to show their whole bodies if you know what i mean. for when they’re in the water they could show it from far away kinda like you see silouhettes(cant spell it) of them. and when in the bed they could either make it so you just hear their voices or start to hear edward’s voice as bella’s drifting off into sleep then the noises stop, screen goes black, then the sun rises or whatever and she wakes up to see the bruises on her. that’s what i’m thinking they should do. and the c-section she doesn’t have to be naked like in the book. she could have her bottom half have a big white cloth or blanket covering it and have a shirt on the top half(obviously) and then Edward will just rip open the shirt so you just see her stomach and not anything people normally wouldn’t wanna see. and when edward is ripping her shirt open it could slowly back out and come back in when it’s sort of over meaning her baby is out and she’s panting & wanting to see Renesmee. or she could have her whole body covered in a big white blanket and edward just rips open that maybe. just thoughts so do whatever. make it non explicit while having all these important scenes in it.

  • Anonymous

    HE diSapPoINt mE ReAllY!!!!! CAuSe FiRsT:tHiS Is nOT a dIsNeY FiLm ThIs iS A StRoNg moViE sO I dOn’t cArE If HeR dAuGhTeR iS LeSs tHaN 12 year AnD I WaNt tHAt rOb aNd BeLL… dO YoU KnOW iN THiS MovIe bEcAuSe i dO NoT If ReAd tHe bOoK oF EcLiPsE BuT ThEre aRe sTrOnG ScEnEs aNd i dOn nOt ThInK ThIs wIlL RaTeD PG-13 lIkE CoM’ON!!!!!!!!!! SIKE!!!!!!SIKE!!!!!

  • lovetwilight09

    i'm agree with u… its not our fault that kids read the books or watch the movies…

    c'mon parents! kids know about sex since they're ten!!! for them is not secret where they came from…

    and about the sex scene… the fans want to see the passion between edward and bella they're in love and they're married so they're not doing anything wrong….

    and imagine edward destroying a pillow with his teeth (damn sexy!)

  • SwitzerlandHappens

    I know! I had Sex Ed is 5th grade! It's really not that big of a deal!

    Ahhh the pillow biting! They BETTER leave that in! And the headboard. And the torn up lingerie.

  • flightless bird

    I could not agree with you more, I'm 42 and watched the movie Twilight first as a goof and fell madly in love…not because Edward is portrayed by an admittedly Hot young actor, but because Edward the old fashioned gentleman was so amazing. To feel that scared and safe at the same time, to have a man just appear when the bad guys were about to pounce, to have any one tell you that they just Can't be away from you. I began reading the books and they were so much more than the movie (the blood typing scene in Twilight…perfect) even better in Midnight Sun (when Edward is ready to kill Mike Newton) Young girls don't understand that yet because if they've had a crush or started dating it sort of feels all wonderful like that in the blur of first love. The story is deeper than that , he would give her Jacob to make her happy,that feeling of giving everything away for someone…is life altering. They need to keep all the romance and violence in the movie for us more worldly women. I remember an old man who bought flowers for his wife every week at my flower shop…she died, and we didn't see him for awhile. When he came to visit the shop he purchased the same bouquet for her grave. He came every week after that to purchase those same flowers, until he came no more…he had joined his beloved. True love is ageless.

  • Amanda Bledsoe

    Now i have to say i am a huge fan of the saga! Breaking Dawn was my most favorite out of the 4 books. I was all ready PISSED because the rummor of them splitting the movie in 2 because of the length of it. They need to do what they did with Lord of Rings, put an intermission. Now all the Twi hard fans are expecting Breaking Dawn to be the best and for it to be done the way the story was wrote. I think if parents can't trust they're kids to be mature enough to watch a movie then they shouldn't have let them even read the story in the first place. I'm 24 years old and I am one of the biggest twi freaks there is. I want to see Bella and Edward on the beach and in the bed i want to see her give birth i want to see edward change her and i want to see it all in one movie. Summite is really pissing me off!!

  • Katelyn Nelson

    I think that they can make these scenes without making it Rated R. I wouldn't mind if it were rated R but again you have to think of all the younger fans. I would love to see bruises, feathers, broken headboards (oh the broken headboard!), and of course the transformation scene, but I have seen plenty of PG 13 movies that should have been R movies before, so it is possible.
    Also if they split the movies into two, which I kind wish they would do, then it could be Bella's Wedding, Honeymoon, Pregnancy and also include Jacob's Book 2. Then the first movie could end where Bella is in danger ( suspense kills you know), and the movie two will pick up where the transformation happens and then the rest of the movie is her as a vampire with Reneesme and of course the epic not-do much battle with the Volturi. All the while squeezing in tasteful sex scenes (even though some of us, myself included, wish they weren't so tasteful).

  • Carolyn

    There will always be fans left out, even at PG 13 – although my 12 year old niece has read the entire series and millions more like her. Breaking Dawn is not a kids book – let's not make it a Kids Movie!!!!! These kids will grow up!!!! The Notebook is PG-13 – and I am betting they'll make Breaking Dawn more tame than that – and they shouldn't – because it simply wouldn't reflect the book. I think they can do some things tastefully, but they shouldn't sanitize it the way they did New Moon – Edward and Bella couldn't have seemed more distant – they'd kiss for 5 seconds and move on for fear they'd create some heat – and for some reason Jacob with his shirt off forever 2 inches away from Bella was OK. Let's try to make some realization of the book – without being Gory – If we get a director who cares about the HEART of the book – Edward and Bella – and their beautiful relationship – and works with it a little bit – esp. if Melissa Rosenberg writes it because she obviously isn't emotionally invested in it at all (i.e. remember Catherine Hardwicke working and re-working lines in Twilight…. and then Chris Weitz says “It felt like it was all on Auto-pilot, everything was already there, ready to go”….big mistake Chris – you left the best dialogue, best connections for E & B out!!!….because the connection between Edward and Bella was barely shown, so much great footage, esp. of Bella saving Edward, must be on the cutting room floor…to make more room for Jacob's chest…

  • lucy13

    I agree with carolyn breaking dawn is not a kids book. So it shouldn't be made into a kids movie. And I also believe that it would be a good idea to make it into 2 movies because if they cram it all into just 1then they would have to leave alot of parts out. And I am guessing that if the movie ruins the book or if the movie isn't good that alot of people will be very mad and irritated. That's just my opinion though. I know that other people don't want it to be 2 movies, so i respect their opinion. And if they make it into just 1 I would still go watch it.:)

  • IloveyouEdward

    Lmao nah he wasnt wet but his body was hot! I wish he had a buff body.Have you ever watched fight club?Anyways im watching it in english classssss holymolly brad pitt looks really hot, but it was back wen he was young :) HIS BODY IS SEXY! lmao.Yeye i know now hes ugly and wierd :p.Aww well i hope you did welll on your test hah i didnt have school monday and dont have school friday either ;)
    Rob est le plus beau garcons que j'ai vue dans ma vie!

  • NiCole Ritchey

    i agree that they should include all the scenes that made breaking dawn what it is.
    Even if its R, kids will still see it. It wouldn't be anything worse than what they are already watching and not everyone shelters their children and leaves them live under a rock. Maybe they will come out with two versions…on the DVD….maybe rated and unrated.
    hey, if you let your kids read the book, then you might as well let them see the movie.

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    Too bad he wasn't wet, that would've made that dream a heck of a lot better.. haha
    Nope, haven't watched it.. Some people told me about it, but I actually have no idea what it's about.. LOL

    Why, why, why?!?! I wanna go to your school! Can I?? I have tests coming up these next few weeks and it just sucks, because it isn't testweek, so I also have looooaaads of homework.. It's like they want us to die!

    That, my friend, is so true! Il est très, très, HOT! (there is no other word.. LOL)

  • meli777

    Sadly i am sure Breaking Dawn will be PG13……..but i still pray that it is Rated R. I know Twilight has a lot of young fans but that doesnt mean it should. My little brother who is 11….has read the first 3 books. I am 17 and i have not allowed him to read breaking dawn….i feel that he is too young and that even though it seems to cruel to stop him, the truth is Breaking Dawn involves sexual tension and a graphic birth of a child. It is not for children. Therefore, for those who are above of age should be able to see what we have all been waiting for. A nice love scene….and a great intense birth scene. I do not want to see Bella's stomach all ripped up and all BUT there are important scenes like when Renesme bites Bella on the breast that seem pretty nessasiry. Im not going to lie..i read breaking Dawn when i was in my early 15's……but if you are over 13 and want to see the movie..just bring an adult….But the movie should not be changed from the book just because of the precaution of children. I believe it is meant to be that way. Peter has goo intentions but…his charecter does belong to a series where there is sex and things like that.

    If you disagree with my opinion ….its okay..because ur probably going to get ur way. Summit will probably leave it at Pg 13…cutting some great footage….and then i'll be disappointed yet again with the movies not being as accurate as the books. I mean if Avatar can be 3 hours long…..why cant the Twilight movies be a little more detailed…
    Like in New Moon. There was no hidden cds and photos of the cullens beneathe Bellas floor boards….and ect.


  • IloveyouEdward

    Ah i know lol but mem the jet ski dream i told you about ;)
    actually a pritty good Movie we read the book so yea
    but he is hot hot in that movie :) Lol aww hah but i get tests after every 2 weeks and now we Get a dictee evry fridays yea same loads of hw the 3rd term started i have to work harder !you see my avi its so hot i kept starring at it in the bus i have it as my wallpaper ;)

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    Wait, jet ski dream? Was that the weird one you had the other day? LOL
    I love this new avi of yours! He is looking HAWT!!
    I just changed mine and he is pouting! I was looking for a pout avi for a while and now I've found it! :D
    Work harder? Does that mean you have more homework? Or just more tests and stuff? ;)

  • lucy13

    I believe, and this is simply my opinion o.k. But I believe that quite a number of people will be very upset if the movie doesn't stick to the book. And like I said before, breaking dawn is not a kids book so it shouldn't be made into a kids movie. I personally don't want it to be PG-13 but if it is, then oh well. I will still go watch it. I'm barely 15 and I really like the books and my mom doesn't think i'm weird or she doesn't object when I read them. My sister's 9 and she has already read them. I'm mean she didn't freak or act all immature when she read it. So my mom said we would go watch it, eventhough she doesn't like it. But this is simply my opinion and I completely understand and respect anyone who thinks differently.

  • SeleneSteph

    ehh whatever….I know there wont be any sex scenes in BD but I am looking forward to seeing Rob in Bel Ami. If i cant see him “bumpin uglies” in BD, there's always Bel Ami…yum=]

  • IloveyouEdward

    Nono the one were he's wet riddng on a jet ski in slow mo while his hand is in his hair he's wearing the Ray bans and someone splashes water on him lmao that one !the best dream ever had and ever will :)
    ou he looks hot ;) I was slowly getting over rob until I saw these pics I'm back to my senses phreew ;)

    I mean I slacked off as in didn't do all my hw and put much effort lol 3rd term ima work harder and put 100% effort :)

  • Alicia Rose

    Ok well im 14. I have seen loads of rated R. I have seen loads of pg13. Now the parents may not want there kids watching R content. BUT. I say if those parents don't like it… so what. If there kids were able to read the book and they KNOW whats going to happen. So I don't really see the issue.

    No ME personally have been watching rated R sense i was like 7 or 8. I have seen shows like south park when I was little and I STILL turned out a good kid(teen).

    WE NEED to stay true to the story. The people who have not read the books (like younger kids) just need to suck it up and watch it. If they have parents with them than there parents can just cover there eyes or something.. NOT ruin it for the older fans who are TRUE fans and have been waiting 4EVER for this.

    Lastly Pfatch, i have to say you opinion is a great one. Your kid wont feel awkward… well ok maybe if she is with a parent it may be a bit awkward but if you dont make a big deal out of it than everything will be cool.

    I feel like ive been going on for ever now so bye bye!

  • Alicia Rose

    wow, im 14 and i have know sense i was 11. O.o odd….

  • DariaFan

    I'm not sure if any of yoou are aware of the fact that Breaking Dawn will NOT be rated R because it is in Summit's contract with Stephanie Meyer that ALL of the movies have to be rated PG-13 or lower. You may think well that's weird, but anyone who's done any research on Stephenie Meyer would know that she is Mormon and Mormon's are not allowed to see rated R movies, and Stephenie herself has never seen a rated R movie.

    Also they could make Breaking Dawn with all of the romantic, and bloody scenes if filmed fairly discreetly. I know that for the birth scene as long as they don't show Renesmee being ripped out of Bella stomach it would be easy to keep it PG-13. The lovemaking would be more difficult, but you should remember that it is not graphically described in the book either.

  • Spectra

    Yeah, most of us are aware of that. I think the big thing now is we want to make sure it's PG 13 and not PG, like the other two were. I agree, they can show lots actually with a PG 13 movie. Titanic for example.

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    You did NOT tell me about that dream!! :O
    OMG, OMG! He had his hand in his hair AND HE WAS WEARING HIS RAY-BANS?!?! That is most definitely the best dream I have ever heard!

    You go girl! I know you can do it! :)

    Don't laugh at me.. I had gym today and guess what happened, AGAIN?! LOL

  • IloveyouEdward

    I didnt? and he was wearing a black V neck shirt with black skinny jeans *faint* Lmao i swear it was the best i ever had !

    and thanks love :)

    Awww lmaoo is your nose okai?

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    OMG, black V-neck and skinny jeans AND RAY-BANS?!?! *faints*
    Why,oh why, do the dream people hate me and don't give me THOSE kinds of dreams?!

    It's really weird because when the ball hit my nose last week my nose didn't hurt afterwards and the ball hit my nose pretty hard.. Now, it didn't really hit my nose that hard and it's hurting!! A few years ago a chair fell on my nose (I was trying to multitask.. LOL) and whenever I pinched on the bridge of it it kinda hurt and then the ball hit it last week and it stopped hurting, now the ball hit it again and it started hurting again! WTH? lmao
    Nope, it was a soccerball being used as a hockey ball.. Funny thing was that I litteraly saw the ball coming but I just couldn't bring myself to move away in time.. LOL

  • IloveyouEdward

    This was like last month but stilll, it was hawt!
    Lol aw sorry sweetie i guess your just not thinking about Rob enough.
    Your dreams are based on your thoughts

    Oh then its not funny, a chair? Ouch Ive gotten balls in the face too, i know it hurts but hopefully it will go away in a week or so :) .
    A soccer ball used as a hockey ball XD?Whats wrong with your teacher lmao.Haha Happens Once i was sitting on the couch my brother was across the room and he had a Cantaloupe in his hands it was pretty small hes like Catch but i thought he was joking he through it and i literally saw it coming right at me but i couldn't believe it was happening that he would actually throw a cantaloupe for me to catch! and it fell right at my jaw lmao.

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    I knew it! I knew school was ruining everything! :(

    I was lifting a chair on a high table and I was also holding my bag so you can imagine what happened next.. LOL
    Yeah, it was this small ball and some people just opened some cupboard and got it out.. They were supposed to use the normal hockeyball, but they weren't in the mood, I guess.. LOL

    You got a CANTALOUPE in your face?! OMG, that must've hurt a LOT! :O

    I got maybe a stupid question.. But we've been talking to each other for like, two months? And I have no idea what your real name is.. I always refer to you as ILE (or in my head as Ellie, because when you say ILE it looks like Ellie, LOL).. Your name isn't Ellie, huh? LOL

  • lucy13

    I didn't know that Hallies. Wow! Thanks for the information, I think it will be definitely PG-13 then. Oh well that's ok though, I really like the book, it's my favorite book. I'll still go see the movie though. I think they did a good job with new moon and twilight, and I think that eclipse will be good as well. And I'm sure that they will do their best with breaking dawn. I'm sure they will try to stick to the book as much as they can. If what you said was is true, then I think that quite a number of people will be very upset and dissapointed. Not me though, i will be glad if they make the movie, and they stick to the book as much as they can.

  • IloveyouEdward

    Aww , that sucks!
    You know its so weird i didnt have school today but I playes broom Hockey on ice yesterday in gym class :) The stick is so small and my back hurts now
    Haha i was so pissed but I laughed it off with him.
    Lmaoo.No my name is not Ellie XD but its a cute Name
    I bet you , you wont be able to pronounce it,
    My names Javeria .
    Ja – ve- ria.
    Most of my friends call me Ria ;) If its to hard for you xD i think you just keep it as my name is “ellie ” in your head ! LOL

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    Oh, that sounds llike fun! I have absolutely no coordination on ice so that should not be a very good idea for me.. LOL
    Yeah, laughing is the best way.. I also LOL when the ball hit me (both times ;) )

    Javeria! Wow, that is a really cool name! :)
    I'll call you Ria, is that ok? ;)

  • IloveyouEdward

    It was not fun im sore people kept accidentally hitting my leg instead of the ball gah i got bruises.And we were on the ice with our boots.It was scary , kept getting semi heart attacks when my foot slipped but thank god I didn't fall :p
    Yup laughing is the best.If i saw you get hit , i would most probably laugh my ass off, but not if you started crying.
    Lmao thanks . Yes sure its much easier ;) .

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    Ouch!! Oh that with the slipping is really stressing! When I went skating with gym class I didn't have skates so I went in my boots and I also kept slipping!!
    I think you would be laughing because I was laughing my a$$ off.. Haha

  • IloveyouEdward

    Lol yup it's scary.
    Haha lmao dude your like Bella ;)
    Always getting hurt ,ey.
    But dindt your noise kill like a b*tch?
    The nose is the worst spot to get hit i've blanked out once when the door slammed on my nose when I was in grade 3 xd

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    This week I'm like Bella.. Normally I have some sense of coordination, but this week: it was lost on me! LOL
    When I told it yesterday to my parents my mom was all like: you have to be careful not to break your nose and blah blah blah.. my dad: he was laughing his ass off.. LOL

    I've had worse.. I mean, I have had 7 deep scrapes on my knee on the exact same spot! The 7th time hurt like hale! LOL

  • IloveyouEdward

    Lol aw I see your prone to accident's shit 7 scrapes on your knee I bet you it's cuz of your bike , ey?I hate falling off bikes.The last time I owned a bike was when I was from 5-11 lmao let's just say the teens here arnt that active ;)
    well yes you need to watch out we don't want yur nose to break.:o
    Are we human ? Or are we dancers
    lol I'm random have the song human from the killers stuck in my head lol

  • Bellas<3SpiderFlippy -TeamJune

    No, it wasn't.. I was living in Brazil when I got them and I didn't ride very much on my bike back then.. No I just ran around a lot and just, well, fell down or tripped or something like that.. LOL

    It would seriously suck if I would break my nose..

    I have that song on my iPod but I haven't listened to it in forever! I've been listening to Halfway Gone by Lifehouse the last few days non stop! “Cause you're halfway gone and I'm on way And I'm feeling, feelin' feelin' this way” lol

  • DariaFan

    Both Twilight and New Moon were rated PG-13 by the MPAA; not PG.

  • Spectra

    I was going by the ratings in the actual movie theatre when they came out. Twilight was PG 13, but New Moon was PG. So definitely don't want it to be PG like New Moon was. We want them to push the limit as far as they can without going to R. :)

  • emmie1480

    The books go into detail without going into detail. It leads you up to the point, and then the morning after for the first one. If it stays true to the book, there won't be any love making scenes, only the implications of them. It was written leaving the scenes up to the imagination of the reader about what actually happens. Those who want more than that should go read a trashy romance novel.

  • Anonymous

    In Canada we don’t have rated R, AA (adult accompaniment) is the highest rating we have, so any movie that is rated R in the US, is AA in Canada, we also have Canadian HBO, every explicit lol. I don’t want very explicit but I do want it to be true to the book! I was disappointed in the lack of Meadow Scene in Twilight also.

  • vampirefan

    That is a great idea! As people have said it's in the book, so what the hell is the difference if it's on screen, trust me my imagination is better than any picture they can show, so bring it on! I want to see the beach scene, and the feathers, headboard, and most importantly the c-section, I mean REALLY, come on!!!! The book was written that way for a reason, so how can anyone say nope we aren't doing it that way!?!?!?! Then what was the point?

  • cullenmom/Twisters

    Here Here, I agree with you totally. I think they can squeeze it all in if they will and it can still be PG-13. I want to see it all as well especially the headboard scene.

  • isla

    i think all the twilight movies should be rated m that way parents have the choice to take children or not i have read all the bks and they are resonably mild for what they are

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