Robert and Kristen side by side

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
NON-EXCLUSIVE August 17, 2010
Job: 100817NB1 Los Angeles, California

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Robert and Kristen side by side
  • peace<3&virtue stealin’villian

    awwhh,….i love them but im still sick when i see pap shots.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else notice how HUGE of steps RPatz takes?! hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else notice how HUGE of steps RPatz takes?! hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Their mouths are in the same shape :P

  • Ilze94

    beardward is making it’s return!!!

  • Guest

    Did they take a private plane? I always wonder who sits next to them or in the same plane because I NEVER hear plane stories, are people that oblivious?!

  • dirtyCrime^_^isTeam Switzy

    lol,true :) They are amazing,aren’t thet?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder to. All those times i’ve been on planes not once did i see a celeb :( they always show them at airports tho, obviously they’d sit in first class.

  • Anonymous

    lots of lip-porn again…… does he just see the camera and pout his lip, or does he walk around like that all the time???

    I guess it does not matter……. just wondered?

    Beautiful either way!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i have wondered that myself from time to time…….

    must be private! anyone that would be in that close quarters with them for any amount of time would either pass out, stroke out, heart attack…… etc.

    Thant would be bad for business, if they kept killing off their fans :)

  • amber

    I saw Ben Afflec on a flight to NY a couple of years ago. He looked good and very handsome. I was not a fan of his work but I recognized him. He was sitting in first class and I did not see anyone bothering him but a lot of people staring.

  • Anonymous

    That’s cool no one bothered him. Wish I would see a celeb at the airport so i can trip me a papp. We should make that a game! “Go down to your local airport and ‘Trip a Papp!’ ” lol

  • AlteredbyaVampire

    bb,they’ve both got lips to die for……Kristen has just as much of a top lip as Rob…..

  • AlteredbyaVampire

    They just do alot of things at the same time without realising…it’s so uncanny sometimes….I mean,I’ve seen vids when they wave at the same time or sit a certain way….they’re like mirror images of one another.

  • Anonymous

    WHOA! Kristen’s wearing Rob’s shirt again! :D

  • Anonymous

    YAY! I’ve missed him!

  • kit_EclipseIsMyLOVER!!!!

    aww look at their cute little mouths….

    love how they have so many of the same mannerisms

  • Sandy

    I am truly loving Kristen’s hair!! Softens her up a bit wait a whole lot!

  • *RobsStrumminOnMyGuitar*

    she’s not wearing her necklace!!! uh oh!?

  • Andre

    ” you move..he move” remeber that?;)) almost the same thing in real life:D

  • Anonymous

    i love kristen’s new hair.
    and rob’s whole feature. :D

  • YummyRobwardowski

    LOLOL!!! Kinda like cow tippin – the city version is Papp Trippin’! LMAO!!! XD *clears throat* But in all seriousness, it is for a good cause… :P

  • Anonymous

    lol Cow Tippin! How mean/funny!

  • Anonymous

    wow, this one pic got more comments than some posts, lol

  • BECullen

    I want her hair color!!! It looks especially nice in this pic… ;)

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