Photos Of Taylor Lautner At The Lakers Game!

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Eclipse 0510 560x960 Photos Of Taylor Lautner At The Lakers Game!  taylor lautner Eclipse 07 560x703 Photos Of Taylor Lautner At The Lakers Game!  taylor lautner Eclipse 0311 560x506 Photos Of Taylor Lautner At The Lakers Game!  taylor lautner

We previously posted Taylor Lautner arriving at the Lakes game yesterday.  Here are some photos of Taylor watching the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Los Angeles Lakers game seated right behind…. the Laker Girls.   

Great seats, eh, Taylor?  LOL!  

[Source: TaylorLautnerSource]

Eclipse 0116 560x625 Photos Of Taylor Lautner At The Lakers Game!  taylor lautner

 For IluvWolves!


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  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    TAY!?! He perfomed!?? SHUT.UP!?!? Ahhhh YOUTUBING NOW!!! I LOVE that song too… I tried to shake it like a polaroid picture=FAIL!!

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    yeah but he wasnt dancing, just kicking, punching, jumping in the air lol.

  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    I'm watching it right now!! His voice is all cute and squeaky LOL Awww too cute!!

    OMG I sent you the link to *cough* Hatter *cough* I”M WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW… ALMOST FNISHED!!!

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    he is! :D /le sigh


  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI

    I sent it on Twitter HOURS ago!!! Check it out!!

  • TheLionFellIn<3W/Ceci-ROBECI


  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    i know his smile was golden back then & he was so carefree. *long sigh* i miss it. :/

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    lmfao! well i'll just look the other way.

  • PKB_Dreaming of Robsten

    LOL. Maybe Taylor's allergic to booties like Rob is to vajayjays? :)

    Ooooh so many thoughts for that last picture….

  • abigailjune—->TEAM LEG HITCH

    THAT just made my forever TeamGrey…..

    WELL DONE **applauds** well done indeeeeeeed

  • ILoveWolves-TmsSwirl&Sure,Sure

    That sounds so pervy and delicious. LMAO

  • ILoveWolves-TmsSwirl&Sure,Sure

    *sigh* I could seriously just sit and stare at his smile ALL day long. LOL

  • TeamSwitzcob (TRotation/Meg)

    Ooo, Taylor… you packin' some heat in those pants??

  • PTD ~ Team Elevator

    Come on, Tay, my thighs are much more satisfying to look at than half of these girls'. ;) His expression on the last pic is similar to my brother's when I caught him reading a Playboy mag harhar :P

    Isn't Taylor such a cutie?

  • MCNutters [Team Nessie!]

    like you didn't think that. LOL

  • ILoveWolves-TmsSwirl&Sure,Sure

    HALE YES. I think and dream of it. LOL

  • TwilightVampiac

    xD In the first 2 pics hes all happy and laughing, and in the 3rd and 4th he looks like he's bout drooling!! LOL! Its like '-giggle- -giggle- -serious face- -drool-' O.O

  • good-girl

    Wo are you staring at?

  • good-girl

    OH SORRY who are you staring at Mr.Werwolf. . . .

  • dRE – WhatTheFudge

    LOL! these pictures crack me up!! i've never been this happy my whole life!:))٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶3

  • anabear2421

    Well too bad he's a Faker Laker fan. Go Magic!

  • Alice Whitlock 111

    Why does it bother me that he's staring at the cheerleaders? <<<<<<<<<

  • yourfragiledoll

    OMG. that polo shirt, he already wore it at Valentine's Day movie its just that its color was violet. haha :) )

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    *butts it*
    what? where?! i can't find it. :(

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    *sigh of relief*

  • TaycobWolfPackMember

    LMAO. He was so hot in those pictures. I just had to have a moment. *Joins along with sigh, lights cigarette (and I don't smoke)*

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    but i'm sighing of relief b/c that 'hand flick' had me worried; now after these pics everything's back to normal. *wipes forehead*

  • TaycobWolfPackMember

    LMAO. I get it now then. Like I said, I was sighing of relief cause I was coming down off one! Sexy, fine, irresistible Taylor just HAD to get hard at a Lakers game looking at some cheerleaders' asses and it gets ME bothered? I curse him! =P

    That hand flick was nothing for me. I saw him in motion when he did that. That picture was a over-dramatization of what really happened. It wasn't that deep. Plus, it gave a good laugh for the 'Wolf Girls' with the Haters to the Left movement that night! LOL.

  • I♥TayDaniel-TeamUpAnotherNotch

    aye yi yi!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    Is it me or do some of these pictures make Taylor seem like a pervert?

  • willow45

    Saw these sweetie. Think I commented too. Hope he had fun. *lifts eyebrow* But not too much fun.

  • limaatwelve

    i am going to put a cheerleading outifit just for tl to look at me !!

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