Rachelle LeFevre Was Devastated Over Losing Her Role as Victoria in Eclipse

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In a new interview with Access Hollywood Rachelle LeFevre talked about how devastated she was when she found out about losing her role as Victoria in Eclipse to Bryce Dallas Howard. And the fact that she didn’t see it coming. She actually spoke to Access Hollywood originally when the news first broke.

No comment. I am still trying to get over this .. gracefully

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  • rpattzgirl


    Still talking about this? Need a new post…

    Rob, Kellen & Peter were out at a private party last night for onni-apparently Rob was on the dance floor-no photos though…it's nice to know pappz didn't catch them.


  • mschicklet

    “Scummit” — LOVE IT!!!

    We've got, Scummit, Summituri…. LOL :)

  • rpattzgirl
  • CF911 Robsten FKN RXS

    OMG … thank you so much. Rob has been sighted. He looks so cute in his toboggan, chucks. And he is kinda wet, too. *heavy sigh*

    On a side note, where is your avi from. He looks like he is signing autographs.

  • rpattzgirl

    It's from when they were in Italy-and he's signing autographs!

  • CF911 Robsten FKN RXS

    Why can't we get video of Rob dancing. And Peter and Kellan were doing it with him. How cute is that?

    I want him to do SNL so badly. Come on Rob … we want to see you dance.

  • rpattzgirl

    I freaking love the hobo velveteen pants-so Rob!

  • IsabellasLoveRob

    he looks soooooo sweet! :D
    that pout of his is just so incredibly adorable! I just totally melted here behind my pc..
    PLUS, he wears ALL STARS which makes him even more perfect than I always thought (I have a weak point for guys in Converse.. :P )

  • CF911 Robsten FKN RXS

    Hobo chic!!! Only Rob can make it hot … so HOT!!!! I love that man.

  • twigirl09

    good to see him!!

  • Twilightfans5

    I agree with you Jaypat. This was a scheduling issue and an issue of priorities. Either Rachelle or the people who work for her are responsible for what happened. She is a co-star and she needs to work around Summit's production schedule. Everyone has to remember that Summit is trying to get these movies out fast and yes 10 days could be a big deal.

    We can't be sure but perhaps Rachelle got to carried away in her new fame and thought she was unreplaceable. Maybe her performance wasnt up to the needs of Eclipse?

    I would leave it to the professionals to decide whoes best for the role. They have done a good job so far havent they?

  • rpattzgirl

    god, can you imagine the panties exploding all over the world if we got a vid of him dancing????????

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    I think we've beated the Rachelle vs. BDH thing to a pulp– isn't it time we ALL move on from this?

    It does no good to latch on to what can't ever be- and this recast certainly isn't going to deter from me watching Eclipse a gazillion times.

    Rachelle had 5 lines in Twilight- none of us have seen New Moon yet (obviously). I think people like her so much because she did a wonderful job promoting the first two movies, and yes, she was very generous to the fans.

    As far as her actual screen time, though, it is comparable to the time the first Sam Uley had in Twilight. He was nice to fans, too. No one's crying over him.

    I think it's bad PR for either party to keep talking about this. I'm over it.

    Yaaaaay for Eclipse! <3

  • CF911 Robsten FKN RXS

    I want him to do SNL so bad. He would be so good at that. I hope he gets over his shyness and nervousness and does it. Could you imagine the ratings?

  • URMylifenow(Amanda)

    All I know is they set the date for Aug 17 right after NM wrapped and even the fans knew when it started filming!!!

    Everyone else made it!!!

  • CF911 Robsten FKN RXS

    …. Sumsh*t … that one's my favorite.

  • IsabellasLoveRob

    I think they would establish a record breaking amount of people watching.. :P Of course they have to make him dance, then EVERYONE (including some guys) is going to scream!

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    Ha. I said something similar to this earlier.

    Now, now AAE- you know what happens if you argue on this site?


  • URMylifenow(Amanda)

    She just probably thought they couldn't fire her from the Saga and she could get away with making up her own schedule.

    I wasn't attached to her anyway. She had like two lines in Twilight and she's not even scary! lol

  • mschicklet

    Oooh I like that one too.

  • rpattzgirl

    I would love to see him do it, but I think he would be a wreck from his shyness-they could write so many funny skits though-the skank that grabbed him in NY-the pregnacny rumors-god it would be hysterical-
    and musical guests could be either Sam, Bobby or Marcus, or better yet, all 3!

  • rpattzgirl

    Converse? Yup, me too. I almost fell off my chair when he wore birkenstocks in NY-now that's my man!

  • mimi

    allaboutEdward: STOP the “RANTING”!!! GET A LIFE!!!! GET A BLOG!!!!!!!! Stop crying me a river over and over!!! We HEAR you! It's not about YOU! Calm down………and 'LET IT GO AND MOVE ON before you spontaneously COMBUST'!!!!!!!!!!! Geeeezzzz!!

  • CathyCullen (Team Leg Hitch)

    You have the right attitude RIMR!
    Theres nothing wrong with a healthy debate, thats why I love it here cause there are so many different opinions. But I hate it when people start being too megative, it seriously brings the mood down. Talking about the recast isn't going to change things, and people need to stop blaming BDH, she didn't fire Rachelle herself! Give the girl a chance.

    *joins RIMR*
    YAY for Eclipse!

  • marie_C – Team switz

    i am not saying disney, i mention fox, and wb not disney. let's see tay and jackson both were actors from disney.

    i didn't say to move the schedule, maybe they could do some other scenes first, like scenes with actors that were available, and i guess most of them were at that time, cause they were in vanco

  • lionslamb23(Team Shamanties!)
  • lionslamb23(Team Shamanties!)

    Maybe everyone is sick of hearing it but I dont care!!

    Rachelle will be missed greatly!!! She was an amazing Victoria and I'm glad that she was able to channel her negative energy in a postive way.
    I think she has handled the situation with poise and grace.

    As of tight now for me she will be the only Victoria in my mind! She's the best!!
    Maybe that will change after I see Eclipse and I have have nothing against BDH, she is an excellant actress.For now though I am just as devestated as you Rachelle, and I'll say it for the 1,000th time YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!

  • cullen_krispies

    I will miss her, but what is done………is done.

    BDH is Victoria now and that's not gonna change, so I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the movies as a whole.

  • dracodarling

    Gary is the BEST in everything he does!! And no part is too small for him. He just loves to act! ;-)

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    Aw, shuck, thanks!

    We are all huge fans and passionate about these issues, or else we wouldn't be on this site. I love that we are all fueled by our mutual likes (or dislikes) over certain Twilight topics. Naturally, not everyone is going to agree on everything. I have a massive dislike for Catherine Hardwicke (and also KStew's acting in the first movie)- but I don't HATE either of those two, nor do I hate Summit. Some things I've learned to accept, but a good debate is always nice. I can only complain about how crappy I think Catherine Hardwicke did before it's just time for me to let it go and move on.. as we should about this whole BDH/Rachelle Lefevre busines :)

  • dracodarling

    I didn't say that BDH said it.. I had stated “BDH was proposed of being Victoria in the first film”. And I clearly said that all sides look incompetent while it makes BDH seem to be jumping on the success of the franchise.

    I have nothing against BDH; just the way in which it all seems to be handled. But, all water under the bridge now. *shrugs*

  • dracodarling

    You know I am in complete agreement with you on this part. People have a right to an opinion and if you don't like it, then move on to the next one.

    I think some people have forgotten that Anna Kendrick was allowed to film another film while she was doing New Moon so I think this reason is why I question Summit's manuvers in this situation.

  • dracodarling

    You got what I was saying. The situation makes BDH seem to be tagging along due to the success of the franchise. She may not have intentionally accepted the part for this reason but it appears that way. The whole situation truly should be leaned toward Summit for being so amateur.

    Also, some actors do accept parts for less money because he or she have a desire to portray the character so I don't use the fact she would have to take less money to have portrayed Victoria in the first film. There is no excuse if she had refused the part due to the limitation of lines.

  • marie_C – Team switz

    i know right, we are in the same page completely

  • seriouslysoobsessed

    i'm pretty bummed about it, but it's her fault. she took a job that she knew would be overlapping with filming and didn't think it was going to be a big deal. she was lucky to be apart of filming and took it for granted.

  • Lali [T. Jacksper in Uniform!]


    I agree with you dear!

    Now we must to focus in Eclipse… and in Jacksper in uniform! *swoon*

  • http://newmoonmovie.org Rob'sMyLoveShhh_Ef ThePaps

    oh god…it's raining….curse those pants for hiding the promise land!!

  • RobismyRomeo (RIMR_)

    Lali!! I've missed you!

    I am ALL ABOUT Jacksper's tight buns in a nice civil war uniform. Ooh.. and battling new borns!

    I wonder if we'll se any scars. I'm a sucker for battlewounds (no pun intended)


  • CathyCullen (Team Leg Hitch)

    I think everyone here is united in their dislike for Catherine Hardwicke, just the thought of her….*shudders*. And I agree with you about KStew's acting in Twilight, she didn't portray Bella the way she should have for me. But I think she has definatley stepped up her game for New Moon. I think the word “hate” is thrown around here too often. Sometimes we just drag issues out for way too long, its like please just change the record and move on!

  • http://newmoonmovie.org Rob'sMyLoveShhh_Ef ThePaps

    i just noticed shes got a great smile :) nothing on our twi men of course, but pretty all the same :D hehe

  • My_dad_made_me_do_it

    Jon Favreau having Iron Man as a director on his record accept this small part on I love you man, I dont spend time looking but Im pretty sure I can find at least 20 really big actors or directors doing small parts on indie movies just because they love what they do, I totally respect your point of view but it is really sad that somebody that turn down the first offer now act like this part was made for her and somebody that believe on the proyect from the very beginning has being throw like a used napkin (working on my english sorry!! ;-)

  • Swjosdotschka

    I really like Victoria. Well, okay, she wants to kill Bella. But doesn't she have a good reason for it? She lost her partner, and I think she really loved James. And she is straight. Crazy, but straight and really knows what she wants, reaching for her aims. Thats a positive traid.

    Plus, I don't see the “bad vampire”, “good vampire” thing. In my opinion, vampires are “made” (in the fantasyworld) to kill. That's why I don't judge her or James or Laurent for living natural.
    I just don't see the characters in black and white, that's why I felt sorry for Victoria and would have cried, if I could still identify the actor (Rachelle) with Victoria.

    Bryce will seem like a stranger to me, and I don't bond with film strangers.

  • allaboutEdward – TEAM TWITTER

    Thats true. However those are amazing indie movies, Twilight is not. It has a script that belonged in the bin and a director who frankly would get up anyones nose and has nothing under her belt but an okay teen angst movie. I like CH but its not exactly work worth doing for nothing is it?

    Who knows why she turned it down? She'd just had a baby. CH was unprofessional by saying she did and that shows that BDH made the right choice by choosing not to work with her in the first place.

    Twilight is our favorite thing, but not everyone in the world is as into it as we are. BDH turned down a small part in a movie that didn't appeal to her. It wouldn't really have appealed to alot of people. Sure even the guy cast as Carlisle in the first place pulled out last minute…

    I really don't see your point about the indie movies, I mean a great script would always be a draw, or a great director. Twilight had neither.

  • Swjosdotschka

    If you're talking about me, I can NOT remember I said I HATE BDH. I said I HATE recasting. I said this thing with crying, though.

    If I ever said I hate BDH, I must be drunk or sleeping, because I rarely hate people I don't even know. If I said I don't like her that much, it's true. Still don't know her, but it's normal, that you have strangers that you feel comfortable with it right from the start, and strangers, you just like to avoid.

  • allaboutEdward – TEAM TWITTER

    Seriously? You don't see a difference between the Cullens and other vamps who kill people for blood? You would cry when V is killed by our hero Edward? Saving Bella? That seems like a paradox to me!

    But whatever!

  • Vampgirl(Team Robsten forever)

    If Summit had not gotten their hands on Twilight who knows how the movies would had turned out, we would had not gotten this great cast to begin with.

  • Vampgirl(Team Robsten forever)

    who would take on another role knowing the Eclipse was right around the corner?

  • http://twitter.com/emma_bailey Emma Bailey

    i know it isnt anything to do with rachelle- even though i love her to bits but;
    BooBoo stewart is transforming into Seth!! :D http://twitpic.com/ibah1

  • Swjosdotschka

    Edward is no hero for me. And I didn't say, that killing Victoria wasn't right,still it's sad.
    Yes, Victoria kills people for blood. This is, what the normal vampires in fantasy literature are meant for. I'm a reader of vampire literature, and killing is a completely normal behaviour for vampires in most literature.

    Who says, that the life Carlisle choose is a better choice? HE feels better with it, and most (not all) of his kids do. And that's fine.
    Victoria chooses her own way, being the ONLY natural enemy of the human kind (and to be honest, other species all have natural enemys, why shouldn't we?).

    I really don't see, where Victoria is not worth crying for, and Edward is. Edward has had a rather nice and happy life with friends and family. He has Bella. He has her love.
    Victoria had James, now she is lonesome with a broken heart. Why shouldn't she be worth some tears then?

  • Vampgirl(Team Robsten forever)

    if Rachel had truly cared about her role as Victoria, she shouldn't had accepted any other role until her stint was up.

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