Red Carpet Fashion Awards Dishes Out Deets On Kristen’s People’s Choice Dress!

Eclipse kristen stewart reem acra peoples choice awardxx 280x216 Red Carpet Fashion Awards Dishes Out Deets On Kristens Peoples Choice Dress! peoples choice awards kristen stewart Red Carpet Fashion Awards has all the deets on the studding Reem Acra dress that Kristen Stewart wore to the People’s Choice Awards last night (January 5) -

Golden Girl Award
I was really excited to see what Kristen Stewart would wear at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards and she didn’t let me down.

She also skipped the red carpet, but dazzled on-stage wearing a Reem Acra Spring 2011 dress when she collected her ‘Favorite Movie Actress’ award.

Her gold sequined dress was typically shortened from the runway, which tells us that Kristen knows her best feature are her legs.

The back of the dress has an interesting twist as it’s peach satin and not gold sequined like the front.

A thick brown belt and black Jimmy Choo peep-toes completed her look.

Kristen looked amazing! I love her longer locks. And her legs seem never ending! What a knock out!


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  • Snowy-

    Kristen looked bloody fabulous, rocking the dress & the shoes… and I love that her hair is long again… will this mean no wig?! *crosses fingers*


  • kerbear585

    the girl looked stunning! she has legs for dayssssss

  • LegHitchThis

    “Her gold sequined dress was typically shortened from the runway, which tells us that Kristen knows her best feature are her legs.”

    We know it, she knows it. Lol

    She looked amazing! I loved her dress.

  • Britt

    I swear I only watch these award shows to see not Rob, not Taylor, not even Kristen… Just her legs haha <3

    lol jk Kristen looked amazing :)

  • HHIMC<ParagonSchnizophonic

    No wig, only extensions. U can uncross your fingers :)

  • HHIMC<ParagonSchnizophonic

    cute avi, hehe

  • Snowy-

    I hate that I didn’t already know this! Stoopid RL getting in the way of my addictions! grrrr… :(
    Thanks for updating me… LOL

  • LegHitchThis

    Aw thank you! Baby Bella and Edward give their thanks.♥

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    legs for weeksssssss is more like it!

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    ahaha youre not the only one! damn they are incredible! and i love how white they are too, it shows how different she is from the rest of hollywood that she doesnt care about being albino: because most others with her skin tone would probably go get a fake tan. oh and she makes white legs cool for the unlucky people like me….. and thats one of the many reasons we love her :)

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    its adorable! love me some bella and edward in the meadow <3

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    the dress was gorgeous and the legs were ah-mazing! i dont understand how someone so short can have such LOOOOOOOONG legs!

    she has such good taste in fashion. i love her style. casual and relaxed in everyday life, and them super glam (with awesome dresses and shoes) on the red carpet. its just a given now that she will wear a mini,, everyone knows it. except at the oscars, but she totally rocked that black one too :D

  • .TF09.

    She has some of the best legs ever. Oh, Stewy. They’re not too skinny, not too toned. They’re like, perfect. AMAZEBALLS. I think this look is my favorite so far. Wish I could rock minis like that. DAYUM. XD

    PS, How tall is Kristen? I’ve googled it and people’s answers have been between 5’4 and 5’6… She looks so much taller than that! Maybe because of her legs.. XD

  • Anonymous

    you know, I’ve never understood why everyone is talking that she’s soo tiny. I’ve never met her face to face but she’s 1,68! she’s not esp. short.

  • Anonymous

    His gold sequined dress was generally short of the runway, which tells us that Kristen knows her best features are her legs.

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  • Britt

    Her legs kinda remind me of Barbies legs because they are so perfect lol. Its wonderful that she’s not the typical hollywood chick that would just get a tan like you said, and how she was awkard about the speech and all. I love that about her. She is perfect as is..

  • KL☼ W4E♥Ami♣BD1♂BD2♀Cptvs↑

    Oh yes, her best feature by far…are her legs!!! ♥

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    She always looks stunning on the red carpet. But it was her best look ever! She was shining.

  • LegHitchThis

    :D Thanks.
    Don’t we all? ♥

  • LegHitchThis

    legs for months! lol!

  • HHIMC<ParagonSchnizophonic

    NP. Anytime :)

  • HHIMC<ParagonSchnizophonic

    hehe “baby belward”

  • accv_LiKEOMG*RobLorElica!*<3

    Funny how many people said she looked like a trying hard hoe, saying it was too short and that she still looks like a boy. Jealous because she’s got better legs than you and was in-between two of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs right now? Plus she’s dating one in real life AND has a special relationship with the other? Yah. I think so.

  • Mullet Mofowski (CF)

    She should insure them dang things. LOL They are the money makers.

    Like Rob’s hair. LOL

  • Mullet Mofowski (CF)

    She’s just the bane of my damn existence. *heavy sigh*

  • Anonymous

    LOOOOOOVED that dress and shoes! Wish my legs were that long, i’d be showin them off like that all the time

  • Robsten Lover

    I read that she is 5’6…which makes sense….Rob is 6’1 and she doesn’t look too much shorter than him even with heels.

  • ME

    I believe her dress at the Oscar’s was very dark blue…don’t ya think?

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