Reelz Channel’s The Help’s Hilly vs. Twilight’s Victoria: A Bryce Dallas Howard Showdown

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Eclipse Bryce vs blogimage 01 Reelz Channels The Helps Hilly vs. Twilights Victoria: A Bryce Dallas Howard Showdown victoria eclipse bryce dallas howard

Reelz Channel put together a Hilly vs. Victoria showdown of who’s more evil?  The Help‘s Hilly or Twilight Eclipse‘s Victoria?

Round 1: Hell Hath No Fury

So what do these ladies do when they are scorned in love? In Twilight, Victoria’s mate James is killed. She decides to exact revenge by killing the person responsible — in this case, Bella. When her first attempts don’t succeed, she starts a full-on battle.

In contrast, while Hilly is married and has a family, she still makes a point to punish her ex-boyfriend’s wife. As the president of the Junior League, she uses her power to exclude Celia Foote from as many social events as possible, in an obvious attempt to ostracize her completely. While she claims it’s because Celia is “white trash,” it’s pretty obvious the real reason for her exclusion is that Celia dared to marry a man that Hilly once thought she was going to marry her.

Winner: Hilly

Round 2 Wielding Their Power

Both of these ladies are powerful and seem to feel no particular compunction in using their power for good. Hilly leverages her Junior League power to prevent her mother’s former maid Minny from getting a job, all because Minny let Hilly have an earful on occasion. Hilly makes her Junior League minions do her dirty work by refusing Minny a job at any of their houses.

Victoria certainly has more physical strength and power. Yet, she still has others do her bidding. Victoria creates an army of newborn vampires just to fight the Cullens. She doesn’t care whether they live or die; they are merely the pawns in her game.

Winner: Victoria

More after the break and the EVIL VICTOR!

Round 3 Tolerance

Neither of these women has any time for people who are different from them. Victoria wants nothing to do with humans unless she’s feeding on their blood. Hilly Holbrook wants as little as possible to do with the black servants in Jackson. She goes so far as to want them to have to use separate toilets, even in private homes, and preferably ones located outside or in the garage.

Winner: Hilly

Evil Victor

While Victoria is undoubtedly the more violent of the two women, Hilly takes the lead with her malicious edge. Luckily both ladies get their comeuppance. Victoria, of course, is killed and Hilly… Well we won’t spoil that for you, if you haven’t read the book.

Howard agrees with us that Hilly is pretty awful, saying the character gets no sympathy from her. She told Reelz all about Hilly and how she feels about her in this recent interview.

Love it!  Great evil showdown of Bryce!

I want to see The Help, but I want to read the book first!

Thank you Jolene at Reelz Channel!



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  • jen

    I would say Hilly. I saw the movie the other week and w/in the first 10 minutes I already hated her character. Plus it’s sad to remember/realize the way the USA treated African Americans in the 1960′s (and I’m sure some still do.)  

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  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    You are so right she was so much scarier as Hilly bc like u said people like her back in those days were such monsters to blacks and i hope she gets nominated for her role in the supporting actress category

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