SPOILER ALERT: Possible ‘Eclipse’ Spoilers From Oprah Screening

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Eclipse eclipse poster 280x416 SPOILER ALERT: Possible Eclipse Spoilers From Oprah Screening spoilers eclipse news Right so we have already posted a fan view of seeing the rough cut screening of Eclipse here is a more detailed account that was posted up on Rob’s IMDb page where the person who posted it states that her friend attended the Oprah Eclipse screening and share details about what she saw.

I join other sites in saying I don’t know if this is true or whether they have pulled information from another source *wiggles eyebrows* such as the early version of the leaked script with poor old Jackson Rathbone’s name plastered all over it.

**SPOILER** Click after the break if you want to read the full report or back away now and wait till June 30th!

My friend was able to attend the Oprah Eclipse screening and this is her experience!!!!! “They tell us that the movie is not complete so be warned that it is rough but they wanted us to be able to see what they have. It starts and there is no sound. And I think boy, they weren’t kidding when they said it was rough! But they rewind the movie and start it again. Ha! The music wasn’t complete so we don’t know what will be on the soundtrack. That will be a good thing for us once it’s added and we can watch it with everyone else on June 30. There was a scene when a wolf was animated and there was some scenes with subtitles, too. Also there was some really shaky camera scenes and lighting issues but for the most part it was done.

So I was very surprised that the balance between the Edward and Bella moments and the action was well done. They had ALL the MAJOR Edward and Bella moments but sadly not all the moments we loved from the books but at least they had the MAJOR ones. And of course those scenes were rushed and didn’t have exact dialogue like fans would like. BUT I was pleasantly surprised and can be happy with it. So some may say they got it all perfect and others may say they are very upset things were left out! They DID have the leg hitch scene! Oh it was good, hot and SEXY! Their conversation wasn’t really the way I remembered it and he doesn’t crumble the part of the wrought iron bed to demonstrate how strong he is. They had a LOT of good kissing in the movie which was really lacking in New Moon. Edward was cute and smiling except when Bella was snapping at him or breaking off the kiss for some reason.

Charlie is absolutely perfect! He just nails it everytime and has such spectacular comic relief! Love him! The scene with him and Bella discussing her virginity was AWESOMELY awkward! It could not have been more perfect. And the wolfpack meeting at the bonfire was very well done. Not too long and just enough information given. I like the Jasper backstory. I felt that was done really well and there are a couple of great Alice and Jasper moments! The Rosalie backstory was ALMOST perfect. The Alice kidnapping Bella scenes were left out and that’s when Rosalie tells Bella her story. The big problem is they also took out the part where Rosalie tells Bella about going to see her friend Vera and wanting a child like Vera’s new baby boy. She fell in love with the child and dreamed of being a mother someday. It’s the main reason why she was so upset she was changed into a vampire and that is why she’s upset with Bella for choosing to give that up. This is a crucial to undersstanding her actions in BD with Renesmee. It just seems like these movies are way more pro Jacob than Edward. They don’t seem to understand Jacob winds up with Edward and Bella’s daughter so they shouldn’t make him seem so much like a hero. SO the biggest thing that is wrong and unacceptable is that Alice never kidnaps Bella when Edward goes hunting. You never get the feeling Bella has to be kept safe from whatever is happening in Seattle. So all of a sudden Jacob is at school talking to Edward about the treaty being broken by Emmett and Jasper and then Bella is mad at Edward for not keeping her clued in. The next thing you know she’s on the back of Jacob’s motorcycle speeding away from Edward like na na na na na! It makes me so mad! Bella was a brat in the book sometimes but never like that! So it was in your face to Edward! I HATE that part and it was the worst part.

It definitely was not that way in the book! Then there is the tent scene and for the most part it was really good. They left out the “space heater” comment which seemed way wrong to me because they should use all those cute classic lines the fan loved from the books. The dialogue with Edward and Jacob is good but the scene ends abruptly without the standoff between them! I love that part of the book and I’m sad it wasn’t in the movie. The part where Jacob and Bella kiss was very upsetting but the really bad part is when Bella goes back to Edward afterwards. The whole conversation is just all wrong! Bella never sheds a tear and she never seems sad by her behavior…that’s all wrong!! It’s like ooops it just happened. Blech! The hair in this movie is SUPER bad! Everyone just looks so fake that it is comical and very distracting! I burst out laughing once when Peter was on the screen! His hair and makeup were just so poorly done! Edward was the only one that looks good!

Riley is a main character in the movie and definitely has more scenes than the Cullens. But I think they do that to establish him and create tension. I also thought the newborns seemed like zombies at times but it worked for the most part. The action stuff was really cool. I think there needs to be more editing at times because I can see the newborns flying away from the wolves before they even touch them! They need to touch up things like that but it was still really cool. The way they rip up the vampires is also really cool. I really dislike Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria…she’s BAD! Like super horrible acting! The faces she makes is amusing and not scary at all! I can’t stand her at all so I was glad she wasn’t in the movie that much. There was a kissing scene between her and Riley that made me want to puke. I guess it had to be there to show her fake/planned relationship with him.

So that may seem like a lot of negative stuff but really the Edward and Bella scenes are so good but just too short as usual. The scene when Edward reads Jacob’s mind and learns he tried to kiss Bella and she punches him…it is so so so schmexy!!!!! I have always loved angry Edward! No nose pinching but good car screeching and anger! I cried two times at sweet at just how sweet Edward is to Bella. I just love that stuff and that’s why I love the books! So all in all I think when this movie is completed it will be the best one so far. When it’s completed and the music is added it will even be better. I’m so glad I saw it!” So after hearing her account I feel a lot better about some things and still worried about others. I will reserve my final opinion once I see the movie. Thought I would share her story with all of you and I hope you enjoyed it!

*Shakes fist at Slade* I can’t believe he chopped out the spaceheater line!!!!! Eclipse icon sad SPOILER ALERT: Possible Eclipse Spoilers From Oprah Screening spoilers eclipse news Eclipse icon sad SPOILER ALERT: Possible Eclipse Spoilers From Oprah Screening spoilers eclipse news

And wolf girl or not Bella would never jump on the back on Jacob’ bike like that in front of Edward!

So what do you think of the detailed review- happy, disappointed?

[Source: PattinsonLife.  Thanks 5ctBauble you spoiler whore!]

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  • Med School Twi-Guy <MR=bad>

    Haha i love that now everyone from this site has started writing on her wall. I had no idea she had a facebook. I wrote her the two longest messages and well i basically told her to grow up and start acting like a professional. And well i bashed her alot but i tried to sound nicer in the end just telling her she needs to listen to criticism and that it is childish for people to be scared of criticism.

  • Med School Twi-Guy <MR=bad>

    saw your comment on facebook…loved it!

  • GabrielaG1985

    I think you did a great job recapping the movie. I seem to remember Bella jumping on Jacobs bike while Alice was babysitting her and they were at school. I just dont understand why they have to change so many things in the movie. The books are always so much better then the movies . There are still people on the internet stating none of this happened @ the Opera show, But, I honestly believe what you have written. Come on now people. How can someone make up such detailed information. It just bothers me that they leave out most of the best parts that are exciting to us.

  • The Popper

    i hope they redid nthem to make the scenes more intense.. more feeling w/ the B/J SCENES… so i hope..

  • The Popper

    i wish they would have thrown in the bike scene w/ edward, as he buys a bike to ride w/ her and she kinda indicates this is a jake/bella thing and she puts on the leather bikeriding jacket and edward tells her she's sexy.. i would have thought that would be funny.. but oh well..

  • Andrew'sAmy


    Ugh! I don't get it! They all say how great the movies are and how they stay true to the books, but they change pretty much everything except a few, key scenes, and people LOVE them and say how great they are. What a load of crap!!

    Know what though? I'm really disappointed in Stephenie. How can she support this junk? She says how important this story is to her, but she lets the movie people blind her and say that everything is different in the movie world, so that's just how it is. WRONG! Even though movies obviously have to change things, they don't have to change the way characters act and the whole tone of the original story, and from what it says above, they are DEFINITELY changing the whole tone of Eclipse. lame.

  • Mememento Mori

    Oh, indeed, I second your hopes, *fingers crossed* I hope as well that this is just a made-up review,,,,*deep sigh*

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Aaahhh I havent been able to get on in the past two days and totally missed everyone posting on this but I have to comment!CF you took the words right out of my F’n mouth!!!! It has always INFURIATED me the way they portray Edward and E/B’s relationship. In the movies Edward always look weak and like he has the personality of my living room wall. When that is not the case. He is clever and funny and will do anything it takes to protect Bella.Hell if you only watched the movies you would be surprised to see that E/B end up together. It is ludacris the way their characters have been butchered. Seems to me that MR thinks Bella and Jacob be together.I have never felt they adequately portray the intensity of E/B’s relationship and love they have for each other. IT.DRIVES.ME.CRAZY!!!Now to hear about this motorcycle scene OMFG. That is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard. We all know Bella can be a brat but she would NEVER do that to Edward, N.E.V.E.R! They are going to have to get a lot of other things right to make up for that sh*t.OK im done with my rant….thought it would make be feel but nope….just as pissed as I was when I read it. Spaceheater I’m with you…here’s to hoping it was someone that is repeating the script!!

  • Anonymous

    Twi-Guy Im glad you pointed that out about how it all feels so sudden when Bella says “oh yeah I love Jacob too.” For me it was so random bc when Jacob kissed Bella the first time she never even thought about it…not once.

    I agree with the rest of your comments as well. You are on point.

  • just-j

    OMG, you read my mind! You're absolutely right…MR is changing the essence of the story. It's so disappointing, but there's plenty of blame to go around beyond MR, like how could SM allow Summit and MR ruin her story? Also, I'm beginning to wonder if Rob, Kristen and Taylor truly understand the story and their characters. Yes, DS is the director, but I can't imagine that he wouldn't allow them to be involved in the interpretation of scenes or offer their opinions. And don't get me started on the missing scenes… Alice kidnapping Bella to keep her safe are some of my favorite parts in the book. And without the kidnapping part, I guess we won't see Edward coming back early from hunting, then following Bella from the La Push border to Angela's house huh??? Ugh, I'm trying to be optimistic, but they're not making it easy.

  • Shannon*TeamFireMR*

    Thanks! I hope she actually reads it. She obviously cannot be trusted to portray this story right.
    I dont want her to do BD!!! *stomps feet and crosses arms over chest*

  • kt1385 – Needs Twilight Rehab

    Mmmmm….donut! Someone needs to make a Creme Egg donut! Would that even work?!?!


    I don't know if i'm going to like Eclipse as much as i thought!
    Why is Riley in more than the CULLENS!?!?!?!
    And Bella hoping on a motorbike with Jacob in FRONT of EDWARD!?!?!?!
    Didn't the screenwriter read the books?
    I question her sanity.

  • lorajae

    There are a couple of people who post here regularly that saw the Oprah screening and they confirmed the bike thing.

  • Alexx

    i can not beleive the took out the space heater line!!! and i am extremeley raved at the fact that Bella jumps on Jacobs bike right in front of Edward!?!?!?!?!!?!? What is that!?!?!?!?!!?!? i think it will be sweet, but from this reveiew they have some work to do. Eclipse was my favorite because of the connections betweeen bella and jacob and bella and edward, but the fact that she jumps on jakes bike right in front of edward throws me off.

  • Kristen

    Oh, yeah.. You'd have to remove the rocks first.

  • DMS

    If the final movie is as told above, it seems Summit lets Melissa Rosenberg screw up another book. She doesn't seem to be able to connect events properly, and she doesn't have a clue about what the fans really want when it comes to the dialogue. How hard would it be to stick to the original dialogue. There is a reason so many books were sold and re=read so many times. WE WANT THE ORIGINAL DIALOGUE AND EVENTS THE WAY THEY HAPPENED IN THE BOOKS, NOT MR'S VISION! Eclipse is my favorite book, and if the movie is really screwed up, I will be the most disappointed Twilight fan. I will have to seriously consider if I want to see BD and be disappointed from it as well because it is clear MR does not have the right vision for adapting these books.

  • vancouver37

    WHAT IS THE LEG HITCH SCENE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • bashfulatbest

    geez i think i left enough posts on MR facebook page to last a lifetime. Fuckn' douche that she is.

  • bashfulatbest


    behind the scenes look of eclipse (leaked) you all know you want to see it. check out what was scene on oprah!

  • LauralieBlack

    i am completly team jacob but right now i am SO pissed! bella would never ride of right in front of edward! and she just has to be crying after she kisses Jacob! UUGGGHH
    *walks away pisssed*

  • dearygal

    Ecactly! It throws off the whole relationship between the ethree of them! Oh, Summit, what have you done?

  • DMS

    If MR is doing the script again, it will be screwed up for sure. She can't help herself, and Summit just lets her go at it. I guess they think we will spend the money to go see the movies no matter how they screw them up. And I'm appalled that SM would let this happen to her work. The only reason I went to see New Moon was to see if it got any closer to the book than Twilight was because I kept hearing that Chris stayed truer to the book. He may have but MR didn't! She's a joke as a screenwriter. If Eclipse is disappointing I will not be seeing it more than once or buying the DVD, and I will not even waste the cost of admission for BD.

  • DMS

    Bella isn't the BITCH – MR is for changing the scene so drastically!

  • cutesweetiezzz

    I'm just so glad that they did the leg hitch scene!

  • mandyd1986

    I agree, she has left out so much. I also cant believe tht they have Bella gettin on Jacobs bike right infront of Edward. Like the other girl said, i hope thts a reshoot along with the hole leavin out the kidnapping. To me tht is a really important part in the book. But i love how the love is so visable like it is in the books cause to me tht is the best part.

  • iRunWithJasper

    no i always thought she was a real bitch to edward for hurting his feelings all the time becuase of her ridiculous feelings for JAcob, shes a bitch to Jacob as well, for leading him on and everything.

    i really hope those re shoots in vANCOUVER changed this scene to how it is supposed to be :/

    and yeah i kno it mr huge fault. they should start a petition stating we dont want her to write breaking dawn!!!

  • southernclan25

    come on everyone this is not true!! weren't the people who went sworn to secrecy? This is from a leaked script, an early draft! You have to realize this is someone looking for attention, or just screwing with us.

  • southernclan25

    Come on whoever posted the spoiler on Eclipse pulling one on us. Wasn't everyone who saw the preview sworn to secrecy? He/She wanted to cause a stir and I guess they did. I for one don't believe the source.

  • sarmo

    Bellla would NEVER hit Paul too. But Melissa Rosenberg made her.

  • Worshipper of Robward

    How do you post comments on Melissa facebook page. I would like to add my opinion as well.

  • Worshipper of Robward

    Sorry, meant to post that in another place. Can someone tell me how to put a comment on her facebook page?

  • rbockus

    Everyone should write to Summit and complain about the changes Melissa Rosenberg (aka MORON) made to Eclipse. Since Melissa's page on facebook doesn't let us post negative comments (at least not that I could find), let's go straight to the source… Summit, before it's too late (they still have a little time to change it since they did some reshooting scenes just a few weeks ago):

    Here are 2 email addresses I found on the internet for Summit:
    [email protected] <[email protected]>; [email protected] <[email protected]>

    When Bella kissed Jacob and realized she loved him was PIVOTAL to the movie. The other part of her brain was shouting at her to stop because she was betraying Edward. She was DEVASTED AFTERWARD because of the pain it would cause Jacob and the pain it would cause Edward, not to mention herself. It can't be removed from the movie.

    The scene where she jumped on Jacob's bike was after Alice kidnapped Bella, … she would NEVER do that to Edward. What the helll is wrong with the MORON who scripted that???!!! I'm hugely disappointed. Of course, I'm still excited to see the movie, but am very afraid now.

  • rbockus

    We should all write to Summit and complain about the changes:

    [email protected] <[email protected]>

    Alice kidnapping Bella and THEN jumping on Jacob's bike is the only thing that makes sense, not being mean to Edward like that. She would never do that! She even said 'sorry Alice' as she pulled away in the book!

    Although I'm team Edward, I still love Jacob's character, and she has to be DEVASTED like she was in the book after the kiss when she realized she loved him, and it would just hurt Jacob & Edward. IT'S PIVOTAL to the story!!!

    Although I'm glad Summit/Slade got the action scenes right, I'm very worried about the changes Melissa frigin Moron made!!! Ugh

  • rbockus
  • yasjj

    OMG I HATER NM until alice came back too. someone who understands me xD I just hate the wolfes

  • lionandlamb6669
  • mazzz

    Hey i kind of knew it fr the start tht thy were going to show bella on the bike with jacob in front of edward.. remember whn the eclipse shooting pics come on the net you can see bella wearing same clothes while talking to edward and thn on the bike with jacob..

  • edwardisdevine

    I'm scared, if what she says is true then yeah MR messed up yet again! someone stop this airhead before she gets her hands on BD!!!!!!!!!

  • DMS

    I'm afraid that if too many scenes are so badly screwed up that it completely disrupts the flow ( as happened in both Twilight and New Moon), I will be so disappointed that I will not want to see BD for fear of the same thing happening. MR has no idea what she is doing. Fans have only gone back because we are dedicated to the actors now, and Chris did an amazing job with what he was given (he did try to follow the book closely and the wolves were amazing). I will see Eclipse but will not buy the DVD or go see it more than one time if it is ruined, and I will not reward Summit or MR by purchasing a ticket for BD. It's a crime the way MR has screwed up SM's work.

  • DMS

    The only way to stop her is for the fans to get to Summit, and I think the only way to make a believer out of them is to hit them in the checkbook. MR's probably already writing her screwed up version of BD.

  • Worshipper of Robward

    There is another fan encounter on spunk-ransom and if you want to go read it, word of caution, it's gets worse.

  • Worshipper of Robward

    You can tell she is team Jacob becuase she is ooooing and awing over their sloppery kiss at the end. Again, no offense to the team Jacob, but this is why team Edward fans are pissed.

  • Worshipper of Robward

    Let me clarify. Again, she is making more of love relationship out of the Jacob and Bella thing. I also heard that they reshot one of of Bella and Edwards kisses fr some reason, but they left one Jacob and Bellas in, which I hear was just a s steamy. Why? Because someone is favoring Jacob.

  • KL Eclipse☼Ami♥W4E♣BD♂Cptvs↑

    Hahahaha, I can see you tearing into your pillow in the theatre, then sending tons of feathers flying everywhere…I LOVE IT!!!!

  • mayra♥Robstendrivingmeinsane♥

    jajjajajaja.. me too.. that would be so funny LOL

  • rete

    I have said this about Melissa Rosenberg from the very beginning. I honestly don't think she is into the books as much as the fans of Twilight are. I wish Stephenie Meyer could have a real say in how the screenplays are written. I know that her hands are tied and the “flow” of the movie is not always perfect if some scenes are left in but Summit has this huge cash cow, why on earth would they bite the hands that feed them (and pay for their Mercedes payments)? Why not give the fans what they really want? I walked out of New Moon so upset and frustrated because what was in the book never materialized onto the screen. Lines that I could not wait to see come to life were left somewhere in a trash can along with the original manuscript. Why? I honestly think that MR has not read the series the way the fans have. Really, it only takes a weekend to read a book. Ingest it, mull over it, embrace it the way the fans have embraced it and then write the screenplay in the essence that Stephenie Meyer had intended it to be. If you leave lines out like “Why don't you go fetch a space heater” then you lose some of the animosity that exists between Edward and Jacob. The sarcasm and the little snipes as such mean something to the fans. It makes us grin and it reminds us that despite the fact that Edward is NOT human, he is very capable of human qualities. He feels passionately, worries about Bella with incredible ferosity, and is uncomfortably insecure about his relationship with Bella, especially with Jacob being such a key element in her life. So why ignore these lines? Why torture the viewer? (I detest the whispers in the theatre…'that didnt happen that way” or “oh man…he was supposed to say…”)
    Also, the set up. How do you leave out the things that set up the next movie? Why does Rosalie want to help pregnant Bella when she has been totally against the relationship between Edward and Bella from the very start? If you leave out Rosalie going to her friend's house, (the one with a baby)(also, the baby who reminded her of Emmitt, which is why she carried him over 100 miles back to Carlisle to save) then the viewer who has never read the books are lost. When I took my husband to see New Moon, he couldn't understand why certain things were going on, even though he had seen Twilight. I find the fact that Summitt still has MR as the screenplay writer after the first two movies to be a poor decision especially after all the controversy about having Breaking Dawn as one or two movies.
    I was really excited about Eclipse coming out, though admittedly not nearly as much as I was for New Moon but to be honest, it is not because I didn't care for Eclipse because I truly loved the book! I just feel as if Summitt is not listening to the fans with regards to MR. Bella getting onto a motorcycle IN FRONT OF EDWARD???? That would have never happened because Bella was so happy to be with Edward again at that point…why on earth would she give an “in your face” to Edward? She jumped on the bike AFTER being kidnapped by Alice while with Alice at school. It just does not make sense! Why deviate from the book? How would it have disturbed the flow of the movie if MR stuck to the manuscript?
    OK fans of the Twilight saga…my biggest fears about Eclipse was how badly could MR screw up the tent scene, (Fire and Ice, Chapter 22). Right after New Moon was released I wrote and wrote and wrote about how badly MR broke my heart. No plane scene on the way back from Italy not to mention totally destroying the reunion of Edward and Bella after she wakes up from Italy. And what about when Edward flipped out during the vote scene screaming into Bella's face “Are you insane?” “Have you utterly lost your mind?” Instead we get…”Why are you doing this?” (in a quiet whisper). When once asked what Edward destroyed after walking out of the vote scene, Stephenie Meyer said that it was the big screen tv in the living room. Yeah, ummmm, where did that go and how did we get from “roaring” to a whisper? Was this really Melissa Rosenberg's interpretation of what Stephenie Meyer had written and intended or was this what Melissa Rosenberg felt like writing at 2 in the morning? Very interesting. This is why my excitement level about the up and coming Eclipse movie is reserved. They had built up New Moon with such fervor only to leave me deflated. Twilight? Well, I just won't go there (can't really blame Hardwicke, she could only do so much with the ridiculous budget and screenplay handed to her) but do you see a common thread for both of these movies? Yeah, me too. Melissa Rosenberg.
    OK, so Summitt Entertainment, here is your chance to make things right. The movie is still not entirely in the can. You can add a few of those lines that the fans are ALREADY screaming about. Add a missing 2 minute scene here and there and you have it made. You have already spent some major time and money reshooting some of those ummmm messed up scenes, so why not please those who shell out the bucks on the movies, books, and merchandise? It kind of makes sense when you think about it. Would it help if I said…Pretty please?

  • rete

    Yes!!! I totally agree with you on throwing in the Edward and Bella bike scene! It reminds us of how unsure Bella is about her being good enough for Edward. She is humbled during this part! I would have loved to have seen that scene!

  • JessicaPattinsonForever

    U R so right girl! Seriously in front of EDWARD RLY?! and not just that she wraps her arms around his NECK!?:( WOW MELISSA!:(

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