Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer & Robert Pattinson On The Set Of ‘Eclipse’

Eclipse k66T3 Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer & Robert Pattinson On The Set Of Eclipse taylor lautner stephenie meyer kristen stewart eclipse behind the scenes eclipse

Check out this photo of Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer and Robert Pattinson on the set of Eclipse from the November issue of Glamour magazine’s feature cover story with Kristen Stewart!

I love this photo!

[Source: @Uchiland via Pattinsonlife]

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  • Anonymous

    Loved the tent scene.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto that TEB4

  • Anonymous

    besides, i am hotter than you are!!!! that was great!!

  • Ash

    edwaed looks sooooooo English!!!! love it!!!

  • Ash


  • Allenjones2

    Some great photos from Breaking Dawn!!! What do you think?!?!?!?!


  • Volleyball_lover_xo

    I want to know the back story of Leah and sam ect. and what she dose after everything with edward and bella…thats all i want …PLEASE Id run out in a heart beat and pay anything.! I want u to write a book about her…them ect

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  • Kelsey Starr

    yea same for me. I want to know about Lea and the situation between Edward and Bella. And how she reacts to them getting married. So please do all of us a favor and write another book. Because i am really interested in it.

  • Shon16

    i love you guys

  • EliteYaRite

    I finally watch Twilight and have to say it was very good not many movies intrested me so now I going to buy Eclipse I already listen to the books and was impress with the story, you guys as actors and actresses Done amazing… I am very picky about what I watch, more good luck to all of you.

  • Catz912

    Love it!



  • yeziika..♥


  • Nesha-2

    that is the best movie ever

  • Nesha-2

    i love this movie and it is very good movie no er movie ever intrest mebt this one it the best mov

  • sexygirl

    you are shame you don’t look like him i love the way he look and i am more beautiful

  • Marlene


  • Didusaylisa

    Omg i just accidently watched Twilight so then i went out and bought new moon and i am leaving now to get eclipse that they r holding for me and tomorrow i am going to get breaking dawn. I am totally in love with Edward. I will take him off your hand.

  • Ichilove121

    His so hot

  • mari

    this  byutifol

  • TeamEdward an TeamJacob 4ever

    i love the moves eclipse i own all the moves and im a guy and im not gay.

  • Janice Smith

    i Love You Taylor!

  • http://twitter.com/Radhiberry *…Radhiyyah…*

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, someone (hint taylor hint) is tooooooooooooooo awesome ;)

  • Tayssa Abraao

    eu queria beijar o edward

  • Anonymous

    Two years ago we were all goin out to see eclipse’s midnight release. Ah the memories :’)

  • Anonymous

    Great memories.

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