The Hollywood Reporter Asks — Would An ‘Eclipse’ Trailer Boost Oscar Ratings?

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Eclipse twilight eclipse poster 2 280x414 The Hollywood Reporter Asks    Would An Eclipse Trailer Boost Oscar Ratings? eclipse trailer LMC responds — DUH!

The Hollywood Reporter has a new article suggesting that the Academy Award Producers might want to consider obtaining the Twilight Saga – Eclipse trailer for the 2010 Oscars to boost ratings -

Can you imagine what kind of interest there would be if Summit revealed the first glimpse of June’s “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” during the telecast? Actually, we don’t have to speculate. Exclusive footage of “New Moon” — including the first shots of the film’s shirtless werewolves — aired during the MTV Movie Awards in June, and the show’s ratings shot up 92% in the target demo, its best performance in five years.

I agree THR and I’m sure all of the readers agree, wholeheartedly. Personally — *sings to the tune of All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth* All I want for Christmas is an Eclipse Trailer .. an Eclipse Trailer .. an Eclipse Trailer..

I’m not asking much!

You can view the rest of the article here!

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  • ♥LoveThemCullenBoys ♥s Edward♥

    Ya it's the first step.. Just feeling used.. The Oscars usually suck but we're all gonna tune in if this happens..

  • BellasLoveFlippy TeamEmotional

    Aw man! I can't watch the Oscars here in Holland!
    If they really showed a trailer at the Oscars… uuuugggh! Stupid Holland! :)

  • Obssesivecullengirl

    Agree with LMC! DUH!!! They should show the trailer on CHRISTMAS!! It would get better ratings!! Cud if the other movies coming out!!! And more pol would see the trailer then see a movie!!!

  • ~TeAm EdWaRd~

    i totaly agree with ya .. they need to give us one like next month or maybe rite after Christmas :D …who knows?? ..they mite even show it at the people's choice awards;) ..i mean its great timing and everything

  • Jaypat

    Me too PLS!! I would love to see Boo Boo even for a split sec in the trailer. :)

    Come on Santa!!! PLEASE!

  • Jaypat

    *gasp* I will fall out of my seat if they show an Eclipse trailer teaser before Sherlock.

    Yeah, I can definitely see the Oscars turning their nose up to the trailer. However, they did ask Rob to present last year ….wondering….wishing.

  • Jaypat

    Yeah, I was not happy about MTV's stupid list. Especially after Rob, Kristen and Taylor saved their a$$. Pfft!!

    Oh, BTW….hey you! *hugs*

  • My_brand_of_Leg_Hitch

    I completely agree. Where was the love for the actors and the Saga Movies with the critics? If they are hoping to boost ratings with a clip then what is wrong with a nomination? If we're good enough to save the sorry-@$$ ratings of an awards show for the best movies of the year, then where is the recognition?

    These movies are NOT just about eye-candy and shirtless men. We already know that, but I feel as though their desire to play a trailer during the Oscars would be for this very purpose (oh it's the latest teen/female craze so we'll get them to watch by putting a trailer for this fluff on and then continue to disrespect the talent and beauty in this Saga and it's movies).

    I think the “academy” should re-think what their idea of an award-winning film/actor is first. This is mildy insulting.

  • My_brand_of_Leg_Hitch


  • ♥LoveThemCullenBoys ♥s Edward♥

    No need to worry.. The Trailer will be on YouTube for sure.. ;0)

  • BellasLoveFlippy TeamEmotional

    Gotta love Youtube.. ;)

  • Miami Coven Cherry Bomb

    I rather wait for it to debut on line. That will show these award morons, once upon a time, they even nominated STAR WARS for crying out loud, now they are not even worth mentioning.

  • Ashley

    Yeah, I can't wait until then. I want an Eclipse trailer yesterday. Dear Santa….won't you let us open the trailer early for Christmas!

  • TheHoneyBear

    You know I'd love to see the Eclipse trailer…
    But come on… it's THE OSCAR AWARDS.
    Just those three words is enough for me think that they won't show it.

    The OSCAR Awards.
    It's the Oscars. Be realistic, people.
    The Academy could care less about Twilight. And YES, I do realize they had Rob as a presenter the last time around.
    But I just doubt they would show it. HIGHLY DOUBT IT.

  • LMCullen

    Benjamin Button was a lot like Forrest Gump, I do agree with you there. However, I do disagree w/ you when it comes to Benjamin Button not being a good movie. I loved that movie. As much as I loved Forrest Gump. I just HATED the ending for Benjamin Button, seriously. It did end oddly. Other than that, I enjoyed it. But not everyone likes the same movies : )

  • ICB *Sethward Saves the Day*

    plus nobody would watch it for more than the 1 minute trailer…these are the same crowd that call us teenybopper brainless cult followers…dont even give them the satisfaction summit…lol

  • LMCullen

    Wow. You are seriously over the top.

  • Miss_Heather

    i know that i would watch if there was a trailor but want aleast 3 to 5 mins not this 1 min crap

  • paigy19

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's just what I was thinking. They rely on us!!!

  • CuteChica16

    Check out the cool pic I made in honour of an eclipse teaser trailer airing on Oscar night!


  • I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    hmm..twihards and oscars don't go…but if you insist on showing the trailer i'll never say the oscars are a snoozefest again.

    Wait when are the Oscars?
    Oh Hell NO!!! forget them, summit give us the JANUARY!!!!

  • paigy19

    I was just thinking. They gave us a teaser of new moon what 6 months before it came in theaters???

    Well, right NOW it's 6 months away, so why noy, eh???

    C'mon! Make it a good one! Make me feel how I felt when I first saw the new moon one! I seriously was screaming at Edward through my television almost crying. i got a little nuts. I like paced around my house trying to figure out how to get through the next months. And it's weird to think now that I actually SAW new moon now. It's surreal. Like I was waitintg for new moon for so long before it never left my mind. Waiting for new moon became like a normal everyday thing. Like breathing. Is that weird??? Hope not. But oh well.

    The only yhing that held me over was this very website (and newmoonmovieorg of course) . . .

    Now, for keeping me partially sane for all of those terrible suspencful months of waiting, I would like to thank all the people who post things on it! You saved me!!! And It's funny I pratically brag to my friends about how great you guys are!!!


    Did I miss anyone??? There are so many now, it's hard to keep track. It's great!

    And Thanks to all the funny comments. Before I made comments I use to feel like an eavesdropper reading all them!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    I'm a very happy person. :)

  • Ashley

    I think they should hurry up and release a trailer next month cuz they released the first trailer of newmoon 6 months before it released and next month it will be six months. Soooooo HURRY SUMIT WE NEED THE ECLIPSE TRAILER!!!!!

  • Flowers_and_Cookies (Patzy)

    *hugs back!*

  • TellMeNoLies(ShiftHappens)

    Haha you pull up a good point. I think just a little over 600 Million, apparently not enough for Scummit yet.. ;)

  • deen29

    i only watched it last yr to see rob so of course i would watch it again for an eclipse trailer.. also i hadnt watched the mtv movie awards since i was a senior in high school and i am now 28 and i watched it this yr to see new moon trailer.. i would love to see it!

  • Team_Robward_Kristella

    haha, i used to feel like i was eavesdropping on everyone as well :)

    i read comments a long time before i actually started writing them

  • Team_Robward_Kristella

    my first response after reading the title of the post was

    “uhhh – YEAH!”

    come on, summit… please? with a cherry on top? just one, tiny, little teaser?

  • paigy19

    Oh my, I would just read them and laugh. They were so funny! I was always so scared to make my own comments! Plus I didn't really know how to do it. But I finally found out. :) I've been going on here since like almost a year ago now I guess. Like only last month I started commenting. :)

  • FANGirl_for_Edward

    Thanks Meg! Wanna have real friends with Twihards too. Hate the time difference – just woke up now.

  • FANGirl_for_Edward

    Thanks!! I LOVE THE LEG HITCH.

  • FANGirl_for_Edward

    Yummy. I know.:)

  • warrioRR


  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    and then everyone hates on us…. after we come to their rescue. ugh. hate the haters

  • Shannonsparkles-Teambreakrecs!

    grrrr….. I get very angry with people that disrespect TWilight. Critics and awards panelists put it down, but they do need a trailer or a twi cast appearance to get any viewers, cuz otherwise these shows are horribly long and boring. But….. I'm also getting sick of people calling Kristen Rob and Taycob the “holy trinity”….. I know I don't want to cause drama cuz i love ya'll on here but the holy trinity is God, Jesus and the HOly Spirit. Kristen Rob and Taycob are great, but they've got nothing on the actual HOly Trinity. It's a rather blasphemous nickname……

  • Lu :)WeNeedSomeLuuurve

    Prepare to become an addict. We all are :)

  • Lu :)WeNeedSomeLuuurve

    Wouldn't the trailer be released in March anyway?
    The proper one would come out a couple of months before.
    I don't think I have ever watched the that bad?
    I want an eclipse trailer. REALLY bad.. :(

  • Sunflower1008

    I love the Cover!! Hurry up June 30th!!!!

  • My_brand_of_Leg_Hitch

    You're Welcome (again teehee) and may I offer you a Team Leg Hitch flag? I don't think CJean (our fearless leader) would mind a new team member for Christmas at all! (The more the merrier right CJean?) *holds out unicorn cupcakes for FANGirl and CJean* Snack anyone?

  • The Popper

    OMj!! i MISS YOU!!

  • Flowers_and_Cookies (Patzy)

    I miss you too hon!

  • Eclipse

    It's sad how we are being used!!! :x dam them lol! But whatever it takes to get some eclipse footage we'll do it!

  • Flowers_and_Cookies (Patzy)

    We will do anything – watch anything – go anywhere.
    They know it – We know it
    We're whores.
    *hangs head in shame and grins*

  • maatje51

    I too want a trailer for christmas…
    it would be such a nice christmas present….

    but I forgot the ask santa… I asked for rob under my christmas tree

  • PhoenixMP3 ~ Mrs. Cudmore

    I second LMC – well duh!!!

  • gabriellafox

    I really very badly want to watch some REAL clips of Eclipse for my Xmas present…is wishing for that too bad? The trailer should have Taylor shirtless well…I don't know…maybe 9/10 of the time he's in there? That would be really great. I really want to see the TENT scene in the movie (has to be a little awkward) and the proposing scene after Bella tries to well *Ahem* you guys know…


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