Tinsel Korey With Fans At ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ DVD Release

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Eclipse 202790760 560x420 Tinsel Korey With Fans At The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD Release  tinsel korey

Tinsel Korey (aka Emily) greeted fans at the Blockbuster for the midnight release of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD/Blu-Ray in Los Angeles, California on December 3rd!

Lucky fans!  

[Source: EyeBehold via Twilightish]

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  • TeamEC1918

    FIRST!!! how cool! they don’t do anything like this where I live!!!! I wish I had one of the cast members be here for the release

  • Anonymous

    Same here ^^”. Where do you live?

  • TeamEC1918

    no fair

  • TeamEC1918

    In a little city in Connecticut, I am about 45min to 1hr from NY, so its not like im in a deserted town but when i looked up eclipse release parties they didnt even have something in the new york city. Where do u live?

  • Anonymous

    YOU should be happy that you live in the US! I live in Sweden! Cold freaking Sweden. We have like nothing here! Charlie Bewley, Justin Chon and Kristen and Taylor has been here ( SO WE ARE WAITING FOR ROB TO COME!!) so that was really awesome but otherwise, it’s kind of empty with cast members and any release party o__O

  • Megzsodope

    There was nothing in New York this year I check and I was so sad first time I missed any of the midnight stuff :(

  • Unique Jenique

    I didn’t go to the midnight release because I have a small child and I don’t think my husband would have wanted me to drag them out there “just” for Eclipse *rolls eyes* but I did get my BlueRay addition today! I am so stoked!

  • Anonymous

    oh how nice when you live in a big city and have a chance to see a cast member at the release party’s.
    I left my work Christmas party early, drunk husband in tow, to blockbuster. There was a sad couple of dozen people and the lady behind the counter read out a question and gave away a t shirt.
    the actual highlight of the opening was my belligerent husband shouting team Jacob and almost getting his but kicked by a group of angry teenage girls.

  • TeamEC1918

    no more comments???

  • TeamEC1918

    Hahahahah Hilarious! your hubby is a good sport. Going with you to the release and drunk and although not on the right team (go team Edward lol) he shouted a team lol. I am cracking up here. I would love to see more fanatics where I live but we should be thankful that we don’t have to wait in long lines and fight teenagers for a copy of the dvd lol

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