Xavier Samuel — “If You Want to Know What Happens in the Movie, Just Read the Book”

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Eclipse Xavier Samuel twilight series 7161790 1022 818 280x224 Xavier Samuel    If You Want to Know What Happens in the Movie, Just Read the Book xavier samuel New interview with Eclipse’s other stalker-like Vampire Xavier Samuel (aka Riley) done during his Christmas visit back home in Australia.

In the interview Xavier discusses how his life has changed since being cast in Eclipse, and says that the movie is just like the book -

“It’s a bizarre thing, the whole celebrity phenomenon,” Samuel told the Sunday Mail.

“But to see it in action is another thing. It’s a little strange having someone follow you to get a coffee.

“I wasn’t used to that sort of attention, so I just took it in my stride, I guess.

“I think Robert and Kristen do a really good job in dealing with fans.

“They seem to handle it really well, so if I can take a leaf out of their book I should be OK.”

Life in the US has also given Samuel a chance to catch up with fellow Adelaide actor Teresa Palmer, a former castmate from the local indy film 2:37.

“Teresa and I actually spent Halloween in LA together,” he said.

“It was my first Halloween and I went as a Canadian because I just came back from Vancouver. It just involved me putting on a cap, I didn’t really put a lot of effort in. It was either that or go as a Playboy bunny.”

Samuel may have a celebrity lifestyle, but he certainly doesn’t have a car to match – he bought his canary yellow Falcon with Benedict for just $500.

After the New Year, the two are planning to drive it to Sydney, where Benedict is studying at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

“The car only has a tape deck, so that’s what we’ve been asking everyone for Christmas – car tapes,” he laughed.

“We were listening to a fair bit of ’50s rock and roll on the way here.”

Meanwhile, Samuel has an obvious tip for Twilight fans wanting the inside scoop on the new film: “If you want to know what happens in the movie, just read the book.”

You can check out the rest of the interview over at Adelaide Now!


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  • stopdbreathn

    I so hope your wrong about a back story about Riley. Who gives a crap. I am sick to death of this chick taking over SMs story and turning it into what she wants it to be
    (HEY DAVID – CUT THE RILEY BACK STORY OUT OF THIS FILM PLS – Fill the space with something else like – oh I dunno – Leg Hitch?).

    The reason we are all so (psychotically) addicted is because it is BRILLIANT just the way it is written. Why can't they get that concept! If they'd just stick to the bl**dy books they would make a gazilliion more dollars. I didn't like NM(movie) very much cos B & Es re-union and the 1st proposal so missed the emotion that went with it in the book, BUT, I have seen it about 8 times already, so just imagine if I had of thought it was brilliant!!!!!!! I'd be at the theatre EVERY SESSION!
    Stress Stress Stress.

  • flounderthefish

    I dont want to see Rileys backstory or how Victoria hook up with him…..how they created newborns……Unless we have 4 or 5 hr movie….

    It will be interesting to see these stuffs if we have a lot of time…. for a 2hr or 2.5 hr movie I want to see more important stuffs….and there are plenty of them…
    The scenes I want see of V/R are the fight scene…. and how Riley visits Bella roon and steel things..

    I cant think of any scenes in Eclipse that worth compromising to include more scenes of V/R…..Sorry Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier

  • BellasLoveFlippy TeamEmotional

    It's playing until Wednesday.. I'm actually going on that very last day..
    Then it's gonna be waiting for an Eclipse trailer and the NM DVD to come out! :D

  • ishta

    because it is a good idea, Victoria is the bad guy and Riley is a fool in love.

  • ishta

    keep it, we have to know who the character is, that makes the fight better. Slade is good at what he dose

  • http://twitter.com/theverybest I♥TayDaniel(TeamELFitUpANotch)

    sorry, but if Xavier passed by me on the streets i wouldn't even recognize him.

    & MR making Ryan's part bigger means less time of the real events that happened in the book actually being in the movie. So it's BS!
    *throws darts at MR's head*


    LMAO !!!!!
    oh tua… good call.

    i must say.. i LOVE xavier samuel… fine peice of meat AND from australia (woo go australian actors making it big in hollywood)

    however.. im not really interested in this riley business.. who cares about him, his a minor character!

    but glad he is getting his shot.


    where the HECK is lina cullen !?!??!? been too long.
    miss you girl !

  • Team BritishInvasion&Emotional

    While you throw darts I'll shoot flaming arrows Lmao

  • http://twitter.com/theverybest I♥TayDaniel-TeamKissitUpANotch

    lmao that's right the witch is going to BURN!!!

  • Team BritishInvasion&Emotional

    Mind if I join you on your evil laugh


  • http://twitter.com/theverybest I♥TayDaniel-TeamKissitUpANotch

    lmao no, go right ahead.
    *continues evil laugh & BritishInvasion joins in*

  • Team BritishInvasion&Emotional

    Why is it that when you laugh you only feel great when its evil

  • http://twitter.com/theverybest I♥TayDaniel-TeamKissitUpANotch

    uh…maybe it's b/c being evil is fun? lol
    idk i feel great regardless when i laugh…but the evil laugh does feel better lol

  • juliet_bella

    NO, it wasn't mean…I TOTALLY AGREE! what a jackass to respond like that. even rob that is like…how should i put it…kinda lacks of words…gives a better description.
    stupid xavier! go back to australia and stay there.

  • tua_cantante

    Hey McVampy! I do think Xavier is hot–I just can't get over the fact that MR is going to show his “backstory”. Just think: all the time that's wasted when we could be seeing Bellward!


    Yeah I know I do agree with ya!
    Who needs a backstory of a minor character. We need a new screen writer for shizz!

    Sent from my BlackBerry® from Optus

  • mschicklet

    Well that's good news. I hope he's right.

  • mschicklet

    Jasper said “It's a pleasure to meet you” during the Cullen house tour scene.

  • britt366

    yea… well I think so…. I can't remember any other movie she was blonde in lol

  • http://fanfiction.net/u/1676148 Alice Whitlock 111

    Oh my God is he in Adelaide? I just came back from there last night! Damn, I could've seen him!

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